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Remembering the 1976 Jawa 350

1976 Jawa 350

People think of American and European machines when we talk of girder fork motorcycles. In many motorcycle rallies, it is usually a race between American and European machines. European motorcycles are the most common machines, especially in the first forty years of the last century. The only challenge is that they are only marketable in the Western world. The conversation cannot go beyond the MZ, Ural, Cossack, and Jawa regarding the German machines. Most of us have owned Eastern motorcycles, and in this article, we want to remember the 1976 Jawa 350.

General Information

The history of Jawa dates back to 1929, when the first motorcycle with the name Jawa hit the market. The motorcycle had a 500 cc engine, and it was an OHV single with robust construction. The initial process of producing the motorcycles was not easy. The manufacturers did not have any prior experience in this industry or designing motorcycles. The timing of production was also not convenient. The world was in an economic crisis and battling the Great Depression between 1929 and 1939. It was the worst economic downturn ever witnessed in history, and it had a ripple effect on the Czechoslovak market, which at that time had only foreign models. During this time, few indigenous motorcycles fought to survive, making little progress. The initial stages of Jawa production were not that spectacular and impressive. Many years later, after a lot of hard work, the name Jawa is still in our mouths as a standard quality measure.

The motorcycle's design and outline still rank as the most progressive in the world. The experience they have gained in the years of production is a reflection of resilience in the face of adversity. It also talks about their success, but it is a journey of mistakes, errors, and failures. The 1976 JAWA 350 is one of the major productions of the JAWA 350 series that is manufactured by the company Jawa. The motorcycle falls under the classical category, with the first model of its kind being produced and sold to the general public in 1970. The 1976 model is described as a motorcycle that has been in existence for the last fifty-two years. The features of this bike are precise and capture everything in detail. The engine has a displacement of 343.00 ccs (20.93 ci) and power consumption of 23.00 hp (16.8 kW) @ 5,000 rpm. The engine is endowed with a two-cylinder and two-stroke engine. We are going to discuss the specifications in detail.

Engine and Transmission

The engine has a displacement of 343.00 ccs (20.93 ci). The engine type is a two-cylinder with a two-stroke engine and a power emission of 23.00 hp (16.8 kW) @ 5000 rpm. The engine compression is 9:2:1 with a Bore x stroke 58.0 x 65.0 mm (2.3 x 2.6 inches). The fuel control is that of port control fixed with an air cooler. The transmission has four gears with a final drive chain.

Chassis, Suspension, brakes, and wheels

According to Ultimatespecs, the front tire is a 3.25- 18 and the rear tire a 3.50- 18. Both the front and rear brakes are expanding brakes. An expanding brake is a flexible brake with a series of circular segments or bands that spring outwards against the wheel or the hub inside the rim. These brakes operate by the cyclist pulling the mechanical bike brake. The lever responds by pulling a cable which causes the caliper to be adjusted and tightened.

Physical measures and capacities

This bike's total weight, including oil and gas and other things, is 168.0 kgs, approximately 370.4 pounds. The motorcycle has a fuel capacity of 15 liters, approximately 3.96 US gallons.

Other specification

According to Bikez, the 1976 Jawa 350 has the following specifications:

  • Factory name: JAWA 350 – 634 – 4
  • Description Motorcycle, driver + passenger
  • Year of construction: 1976
  • Colors: Red and white
  • Weight: 167kgs
  • Maximum weight: 347kgs
  • Engine: twin, two-stroke
  • Hub and Bohrung: 65mm/58,75mm
  • Cubic Capacity: 352 ccm / 21,48 cui
  • Power: 26 hp at 5250 pm
  • Exhaust pipe manufacturer: Motokov, Praha
  • Noise: 85 dB (A)
  • Number of gears: four
  • Brakes: two drum brakes (front and rear)
  • Tire pressure front: 2,0 b rear 2,7 b
  • Length: 2080 mm
  • Width: 710 mm
  • Height: 1120mm
  • Top speed 130 km/h
  • Acceleration: average
  • Fuel super 95
  • Motor oil Castrol R2 Racingbike 2T
  • Mix Oil: Fuel 1:50
  • Tank capacity: 16-19 l
  • Fuel consumption: 6l/100km
  • Tires: Michelin 3,25 front / 3,50 rear

Further Information

According to Fichasmotor, the 1976 Jawa 350 has an overall rating of 70%. Several people who own this motorcycle were given a questionnaire with detailed rating questions, and the possible answers range from very bad, average to excellent. The results of the survey established that the engine performance is efficient, with a rating of 74.1. When it comes to reliability and ease of driving, the study shows that this is a highly reliable motorcycle with a rating of 81.2. If you want to invest in a motorcycle that will give you value for money, this is the motorcycle to invest in with an 84.7% value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about JAWA 350

  • When was the first model of this motorcycle manufactured?
  • The first model of Jawa 350 was manufactured in 1970
  • How much power does this motorcycle emit?
  • Jawa 350 power capacity is 23.00 hp (16.8 kW) @5000
  • What is the maximum speed of this motorcycle?
  • The Jawa 350 has a maximum speed of 132.0 kilometers per hour.


The 1976 JAWA 350 is a classical Eastern machine. Everything about this motorcycle is precise and up to date. It is a reliable motorcycle that is problem-free to drive. The motorcycle is fun to drive with low accident risk. The downside of this bike is it has a high repair and maintenance cost, possibly because it is an old model and the spare parts are not readily available. The engine performance is very efficient with above-average performance, and the motorcycle will give you value for money.

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