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20 Things You Didn't Know About Capchase

Capchase is an American company based in New York, New York, that helps Software-as-a-Service companies secure financing for growing their operations with a unique business model. The business is making impressive waves in the Fintech industry and is emerging as a leader in a unique niche within the broader scope of finance. Here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Capchase that you might find interesting.

1. Capchase serves a distinct group

According to Crunchbase, Capchase is a technology and financial company that provides financial services for a distinct group of clients. They serve the Software-as-a-Service industry with financial options for accessing funds to grow their operations. Its unique business model helps them to get ahead through cash that is tied up in future monthly payments.

2. Capchase is a diversity spotlighted company

Capchase is highlighted as a company that falls under two diversity spotlight categories. It is Hispanic/LatinX founded and Hispanic/LatinX led, in the United States only. The founders are Ignacio Moreno, Luis Basagoiti, Miguel Fernandez, and Przemek Gotfryd.

3. Capchase is a versatile company

Capchase offers a broad scope of service for SaaS companies. It is classified on the world wide web under four industry categories. It is listed as a Payments company as well as a Financial Services provider because it helps businesses to secure financing for growing their operations. It falls under the category of SaaS because these are the types of clients it serves. It is also classified as a Fintech company due to its technology platform.

4. Capchase is still in its infancy

Capchase is still a new company that hasn't been in operation for long. The founders launched the business officially in 2020. With only a year under their belts, they are making progress in becoming an essential provider of financial services and technology for businesses in the SaaS industry. The mission of the enterprise is to provide necessary services for this niche of the tech industry that is largely underserved with nontraditional financial options. The uniqueness of Capchase makes it stand out in the crowd of FinTech operations although it's only been in business for a short time.

5. Capchase is running on a lean executive leadership team

Capchase hasn't had much time to grow its infrastructure but it's making a good show so far. It is led by an executive leadership team that is comprised of the four founding members. Luis Basagoiti and Ignacio Moreno are co-founders. Przemek Gotryd is a co-founder and chief operating officer. Miguel Fernandez is a co-founder and chief executive officer. They are a team of skilled professionals who are doing an exceptional job of thing their company forward through its first year of business with impressive results. What is even more impressive is that this is the first entrepreneurial experience for each of the co-founders. Capchase is their first business venture. Nobody in the group has had previous experience launching or running their own companies, yet they're doing it with precision.

6. The Capchase website uses complex technologies

The Capchase website runs smoothly and seamlessly, but there are a lot of complicated technologies at work behind the scenes to make that possible. The website actively uses thirty-eight technologies that are distributed across seventeen technology products and services. Technologies used are jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, Viewport Meta, and several others. The annual cost of running these technologies and services is not cheap. It runs into the tens of thousands of dollars in service charges, in addition to the IT expenses to keep them working properly.

7. Capchase's monthly visitor count is growing

The statistics show that Capchase has an average of 16,032 monthly visits to its website. This isn't bad when you consider the fact that it's only been in operation since 2020. The number of visits has resulted in Capchase being ranked as number 918,625 on the worldwide web. This isn't bad when you consider the fact that there are millions of websites register.

8. Capchase is the most popular in Japan

Capchase receives the highest percentage of visitors to its website from the country of Japan. Ninety-two percent of web traffic originates from this country with a recent decline in visitors of 13.36 percent. Eighteen percent of the web traffic comes from people in Canada. Eight percent come from visitors from The Netherlands, two percent from Indonesia, and two percent from Egypt. These are important statistics that provide the decision-makers of Capchase with useful information about how many visitors browse through the website, where they're from if there is an increase or decrease in visits, and where the greatest interest is in the products and services is coming from concerning the region.

9. Capchase is a venture capital-backed business

Capchase has participated in more than five rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round closed on July 20, 2021. So far the fundraising efforts have resulted in a total of $469.6 million raised from investors. The latest round was a Series Unknown round that was funded by twelve investors and it raised $100 million in a single venture fund titled Capchase fund, announced on April 29, 2021.

10. Capchase has twelve investors

Investor confidence is high in Capchase. The startup has attracted at attention and support of a total of twelve investors, five of which are lead. The financial supporters of the business include QED Investors, i80 Group, both lead investors, Bling Capital, ONEVC, Caffeinated Capital, SciFi VC, and See Round investor Ben Orthlieb, ONEVC, an Amara VC. Remarkably, the leadership of Capchase was successful in attracting so many investors considering the short time that it has been in business. Often one of the most difficult parts of starting a new company is making a successful pitch to venture capital firms. Capchase has had no problem securing investor confidence.

11. Capchase is a Spanish-American company

According to Techcrunch, Capchase has its headquarters for American operations in New York, New York, but it is a Spanish-American startup with its roots in both the USA and in Spain. We learned that Capchase is fundraising in both countries and it has secured an additional $280 million from European investors in debt and equity funding.

12. Capchase serves Europe and the United States with its services

Capchase offers SaaS companies in Spain and America a service that is called Capchase Expense financing. It's providing these services simultaneously in both countries. So far, the FinTech startup that is a mere one year old has offered over fifty companies over €100 million worth of financing.

13. Capchase helps companies manage large expenses

The Capchase platform provides services that help companies to manage the largest line items in their regular expense budgets. The funding helps them pay for items such as recruitment fees, bonus payments, payroll, cloud hosting services, legal bills, and similar expenses, to prevent depleting their cash reserves. They may make the payments in the increments that work the best with a semi-tailored payment structure with options for 3, 6, 9, or twelve-month increments.

14. Capchase has reached unicorn status

We also learned that Capchase has achieved a major milestone for any company, but the kind of success that this company has achieved is almost unheard of. It has a post-funding valuation of an astronomical $2 billion. This comes after it has raised $150 million in June of 2021 followed by an additional $250 million in July from its investors. Capchase recently joined the elite group of companies with a valuation of at least $1 billion with double the required amount.

15. Capchase is planning for further expansion

Capchase is providing its services for clients in the United Kingdom and Spain, but this is just the beginning of the startup. The CEO of Capchase, Miguel Fernandez shared that his company offers the very first solution for expense financing. Nobody else in the industry is offering this type of service. It's no small wonder that the company is growing and expanding so quickly. Capchase is meeting a huge need within the industry that had not yet been addressed by any other financial institutions, at least not with this particular model. The leadership of Capchase has plans to further penetrate the European market into new regions with its one-of-a-kind platform.

16. Capchase has something for everyone

Fernandez also shared another aspect of Capchase that makes them unique, and essential for business. They're willing to work with their customers and they work on monthly or quarterly subscriptions, but they don't limit the scope of their offerings to these parameters. They are committed to serving clients with useful solutions and can work with any revenue through the application of intelligence and a joint effort. They help clients to achieve their business goals.

17. Capchase has a small workforce

According to LinkedIn, even though Capchase is an international company, it is working with a lean crew. There are sixty-eight people employed at the firm. From what we've observed, they are all top-notch professionals who get a lot accomplished with a small team of members. It takes a lot of cooperative effort and teamwork to accomplish the great things that this group has achieved so far.

18. Capchase is a privately held company

So far, Capchase is a privately owned company. The owners have accepted funding from twelve investors, and there has no doubt been some type of agreement made to compensate them with a stake in the profits of the enterprise. However, the leadership of Capchase has not yet disclosed the terms of the agreements for funding, so it is assumed that as a group, the four still maintain a majority percentage of ownership in the startup. This is why as of right now, you won't find Capchase shares available on any of the public stock market exchanges because the company is not listed with any of them. They're still privately held and rely on equity, debt, and venture capital funding from investors to fund their growth and expansion. So far, they've reached out to more than fifty companies with their unique platform.

19. Capchase is hiring

According to the official Capchase website, there are many open positions available with the company. This tells us that they're getting ready for another wave of growth and expansion. The openings appear to be fairly evenly split between the United States and the European locations. Capchase is advertising for a variety of different technicians and engineers, as well as underwriters, risk management personnel, product managers, Revops managers, head of people for their human resources department, product marketing leads, and jobs across all segments from entry-level to higher-level management positions. This is an exciting time for Capchase as it's gearing up to enter a new phase in its development. It's also encouraging for its investors to see that the funding is going towards building the infrastructure and adding to the current workforce.

20. Capchase is a company to keep your eye on

Capchase is one of the most remarkable new startups of 2021. The FinTech company impressively offers financial management to help SaaS companies to fund their largest operational expenses. It's a versatile company that works with businesses with all revenue levels to help them achieve their business goals. It customizes its services to meet client's needs and works with them individually. Capchase is the only business in FinTech that offers such a flexible platform. There are no other FinTechs that provide this kind of financial service. It's good news for companies in the US and Europe. Capchase is off to a good start, having already achieved unicorn status. It's an infant company that has many of the characteristics of a business that has been around for decades. We're looking forward to hearing more about its successes in the months to come.

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