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The Five Best Beta Motorcycle Models of All time

Beta is an Italian motorcycle that has been produced since the 1940s. It's a leader in trail bikes and the manufacturer has been diligent in offering new and more innovative bikes with each new generation. They offer a range of supermoto, dual sport and enduro motorcycles. The company began in 1905 in the bicycle manufacture business and by 1946, was producing motorcycles as an inexpensive means of transportation in Italy. Their first sport bikes hit the market in the 1950s with Beta motorcycles winning championships in the 1970s as the company turned its focus on motocross and enduro machines. They've only improved and now offer world class competitive bikes. Here are the top 5 Beta motorcycle models of all time.

 Beta RR Enduro 4T 125cc

This popular off-road model is one of Beta's best selling models with a "rosso fluo" design that carries an aggressive aesthetic, or the choice of an all white sporty edition. This bike was first introduced in 1980 as a trail model that turned out to be a big competitor on and off track. This is Beta's top pick for beginners in off-road riding because of its excellent balance and ease of handling. The low end power of the engine is just right for establishing confidence when building up for greater things. Building a skill foundation is a part of preparation for competition and racing safety, and these are factors that make this model so popular in the market today.

The adjustable rear suspension offers two upper fixing points with regard to the shock, for adjusting the height of the seat. This model is an excellent choice when a bike that can grow with the owner is needed. The newer editions of this model come equipped with new digital instrumentation which is now standard in the entire Enduro range, with a large display and background illumination for ease of reading. Later models feature double seats and footrests for passengers. The engine is a four stroke single cylinder with a 5 speed.


The 2018 RR Racing 4T models just came out in June and they're selling like hotcakes. These new editions are the racing versions that have been beefed up by the racing division of Beta. What makes them so spectacular is that they've received several upgrades for weight reduction, improved handling and a more streamlined and higher performing machine when compared with their predecessors. You can procure these models in the 250 and 300cc in a 2 stroke with the others available in 4 stroke engine sizes.

The RR Racing 4T is set apart from standard models with a quick release front wheel pin that makes pit stops and tire changes go faster and easier with less time lost in competition in Enduro racing. The rear sprockets are built with more durable materials that hold up under extreme riding, but don't add to the overall weight of the bike. Steel teeth and an anodised aluminum core were the perfect design and engineering solution to accomplish this. Steel pegs and a wider contact patch give the footrests a better grip ability under extreme conditions. On top of all this, special rim decals and racing graphics give it an aggressive and competitive aesthetic.

 Beta Evo 300 4

This is Beta's 4 stroke engine model that has been tweaked to the ultimate in throttle response with a recent boost in performance with improved combustion. The later editions have received a spark plug that features a newly developed electrode that delves deeply into the combustion chcamber for high performance in ignition with a cleaner carburetion. It solves the problem of low rev on-off effect with a bigger oil pump that lowers engine braking. The 300 4 stroke offers a sharper engine performance for more consistency in the handling range of the bike. The wheel hubs are reinforced at the disc and sprocket areas, as well as improved calibration of the front fork and rear shock for better impact absorption and improved efficiency in all riding conditions. This model features the tightest turning radius of all motorcycles in its class and it's revisions have boosted the popularity of the 300 EVO 4.

 Beta 350 RR-S

The Beta 350RR-S model is in the running for the most loved and desired of all Beta motorcycles. It's regarded for its dual purpose feature. This bike will tear up the racing track in competition, but it also meets the requirements for being street legal. Technically, you could take it on a road trip to an event and drive it up to the track to throw your helmet in the ring for the prize money. This model is a trail bike at heart, and it's among the easiest builds to handle in all riding conditions. There is a competition among riders that claim the ease of handling and speed performance of the 350 at high rev make it the best ever dual purpose Beta, but there are those that beg to differ. This bike comes in second place to its biggest competitor in the brand family, the more powerful 390.

 Beta 390-RR-S

The 390 RR-S has a definite power advantage over the 350. Like its lower powered sibling, this bike runs cleanly off the bottom, and with more mid-range and torque, it surprisingly provides consistent high performance with no greater hit harshness and no increase in stalls. Whether the Beta 390 is actually the first or second, depends on who you talk to. We tossed a coin and decided that the additional boost of power gives this street legal trail bike the advantage that broke the tie.

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