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The 10 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Dallas


If you are on the lookout for some fantastic Chinese food restaurants, then Dallas happens to have very welcoming Chinese restaurants. Dallas has a growing Asian population, and as a result, it has become a hub for the best Chinese food. From hand-pulled noodles to dumpling soup, all this is available in Dallas. Let’s explore some of the best Chinese restaurants and their best Chinese food Dallas.

10. P.F Chang’s

At P.F Chang’s, they believe in wholesome food that is cooked from scratch. They chop and slice all their vegetables by hand, hand-roll dim sum, and cook all their sauces from scratch. Their dishes are Asian-inspired. The customer service is top-notch and their staff very professional. Their signature dish is crunchy honey shrimp gently battered with tangy honey sauce and green onion. In addition, their dishes are very affordable.

9. Monkey King Noodle Company

For traditional Chinese street food, Monkey king noodle company is the place to go to. They help relive the memory of street food in Taiwan and China. They offer a nice variety of Chinese food, and they make everything to order. They have a huge variety, from hand-pulled noodles to decadent long bao, that is; soup dumplings. The best part is that customers can even request their spice levels.

8. Jeng Chi Restaurant

Jeng Chi is a top destination for Mainland China and Taiwan dishes. According to, their wide menu selection meets the needs of people of any age and meets many dietary needs as well. Their dumplings are also in a wide variety, from boiled steamed to juicy dumplings. And the desserts, you just need to try them. We are talking about cakes, pastries, and Taiwanese snow ice. And then top it up with their wide selection of domestic, local, or imported beers.

7. Ming Place China Bistro

Number seven on our list is Ming Place China Bistro which offers a wide selection of high-quality foods. It is located on Lemmon Avenue, Dallas. They offer special dishes that are fit for both kids and adults, and their dishes are rich in Chinese cuisine flavor. They believe that fresh ingredients are essential to delicious meals. Once you visit this place, you will always walk out with a smile.

6. Wu Wei Din Chinese Cuisine

Wu Wei Din is a buzzy little eatery that serves the best Twainese specialties. Servings here are pretty large for a reasonable amount of money. It is one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Dallas. We are talking kung pao shrimp, Mongolian beef, Mongolian chicken, Mongolian shrimp, spicy chicken with black bean, shredded pork with dry bean curd, and so much more. Come with your friends or family for an out-of-this-world Twainese experience. The staff here is amiable.

5. Fortune house Chinese cuisine

Fortune house Chinese cuisine offers quality shanghai cuisine and dumplings. It is located in Las Calinas. Their extensive menu has something for everyone and features food like pork xiao long bao, steamed pork & blue crab xiao long bao, pan-fried pork bans, pork pastry puffs, pan-fried beef potstickers, and scallion pancakes. They offer a lunch special every Monday to Friday, which comes with 1 soup, rice, and eggroll. You can also order takeaway.

4. First Chinese Barbeque

Do you have a craving for Chinese barbeque? First Chinese barbeque serves Cantonese dishes from southern and coastal parts of China. According to, they roast their BBQ in walk in ovens for long hours to ensure well-made food full of flavor. If you are an adventurous eater, you can try their duck feet in black bean sauce or marinated pig intestines, tongues, and ears. Their prices are very friendly.

3. Mah-jong Chinese Kitchen

Mah-jong offers modern Cantonese cuisine. It is located at a suburban shopping strip, but it is a gem. It offers outdoor dining that creates an inviting ambiance as well as a full bar. The noodle and rice dishes are relishingly good. You can get yourself a platter of pan-fried crispy noodles, work-fried beef flat noodles, Singapore rice noodles, traditional fried rice, all in fried rice, and seared duck meat fried rice. Their waiters are also very sweet.

2. Howard Wang

Howard Wang has four locations across Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. According to hwrestaurants, it had its first opening in 2005 in Texas. The Preston Hollow restaurant has a unique contemporary atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed with your family or friends. It is also an exciting place for a date. Their menu is the same across their four restaurants. They use family recipes and hence offer high-quality food. Their staff is professional yet friendly, and they are also knowledgeable about the methods and ingredients used in making the food.

1. Royal China

It is a family restaurant that is especially known for hand-pulled noodles and soup dumplings. It was started in 1974 by Buck Shu-Chang Kao, and his contagious personality made royal China popular.  The dumpling station is at the center of the restaurant, where dumplings are made once you have ordered, and you might have to wait a little while. But the wait is worthwhile because they are mouth-watering. From there, get hot steaming soup dumplings, and it is best eaten at the restaurant. There are other options, such as pan-fried dumplings, steamed beef buns, and Chinese-style crepes. They are also known for their delicious handmade noodles. At Royal China, you will have a pleasant experience, you will be well-fed, and you will definitely want to come back.


There are many Chinese food restaurants in Dallas, and there must be one choice that will satisfy that Chinese food craving. Visit any of the restaurants in this guide, and be sure to bring an empty stomach. You will leave with a smile on your face.

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