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Check Out Mangusta's New Oceano 44 Superyacht

Yachting and water go hand in hand together, so it is not surprising that many people who enjoy yachting also get pleasure from taking a dip. While some people love to dive off the boat and cool off in the ocean, others prefer to swim or relax in the water in a safer and more hygienic setting, such as a pool. It is probably for this reason that Mangusta Yachts has decided to include two infinity pools over two decks on their new superyacht. However, the pools are not the only impressive features of the vessels. So, let's check out Mangusta's New Oceano 44 Superyacht and see what potential buyers can expect.

An Overview of the Mangusta Oceano 44 Superyacht

Mangusta has become a leading name in the world of luxury superyachts. Royal United Yachts says all the yachts are built in Italy to the highest standard, and the company has gained a reputation for its ultra-fast maxi open sports yachts that demonstrate pioneering engineering and craftsmanship. The company, which is part of the Overmarine Group, was established in 1985 and currently builds three models. The Mangusta Maxi Open series offers both speed and comfort. Similarly, the Mangusta GranSport was developed by naval architect Pierluigi Ausonio to reach high speeds with the added stability of a displacement hull. Mangusta's third model is the Mangusta Oceano, which feature full displacement hulls for the ultimate navigation.

According to Robb Report, Mangusta created their new superyacht in partnership with designer Alberto Mancini. Overmarine's in-house design team also contributed to the design of this yacht. It is the successor to the Oceano 43, of which the yacht designers sold six units. Although it shares many features with its predecessors, there has been a greater focus on connecting the outdoor environment to the interior space on the yacht. The 144-foot superyacht is built from aluminum and steel. It has been designed with a streamlined profile that enhances its performance. Sources from the shipyard claim the boat has a cruising speed of 11 knots, a maximum speed of 16 knots, and a range of 4,500 nautical miles.

Inside the Luxurious Superyacht

Mangusta Yachts describes the vessel as having a three-deck structure and says the interior design style is that of an ultra-modern loft. Glass is one of the most important materials in the yacht's interior design. This material has been used to give the yacht a modern and luxurious feel while also allowing in light and connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. Glass was the clear choice for the floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors. However, the designers also used glass as part of many other features inside the yacht, including bulwarks, handrails, and various surfaces throughout. Other materials used throughout the interior include wood, leather, and marble, all of which add to the luxurious theme of the vessel. The master cabin is probably the most impressive room on the yacht, and it is on the main deck. In this spacious room, there is a skylight that is part of the base of the infinity pool on the upper deck. The skylight allows natural light to flow into the bedroom, while the water above creates mesmerizing patterns that move across the walls.

An interesting feature of the main cabin is the mechanically driven balcony. There are incredible views across the water from the balcony, and the stunning views change according to the weather and the yacht's location. The aim when designing this yacht was to replicate the environment of a luxury villa that also floats on water. Mangusta Yachts want those who buy or travel on one of these vessels to enjoy the unique experience of enjoying natural settings without forfeiting high-end accommodation. There is a large lounge at one end and a dining area at the other in the main living space. A neutral color scheme runs throughout the room, and there are wooden floors. L-shaped sofas are running along both sides of the room in the living room section, and a large, beige rug sits between them to create a homely feel. At the opposite end of the room, the 10-seat dining suite is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows on three walls. A second sitting area is on the tier above, and this is a smaller, cozier space.

Features of the Mangusta Oceano 44 Superyacht

The main leisure features of the yacht are its two infinity pools. According to Boat International, the first of the infinity pools is on the sun deck, while the larger of the two pools is on the foredeck. The former offers panoramic views, while the latter is surrounded by a lounging area that is reached via a stainless steel bridge, and this area has been named 'The Island.' Another interesting leisure feature of the yacht is a beach club, which houses the rearmost vertical structure on the boat called a transom. The beach club has unfolding balconies to both port and starboard. When these are unfolded, the area of the boat is increased by 70-square-meters. This area of the ship is intended as the main focal point for socializing and entertaining.

However, it is not the only outdoor space on the superyacht that potential owners can use for entertaining and socializing. All three decks have outdoor areas set up for lounging and al fresco dining, while the lower deck has balconies on three sides. The exterior of the superyacht is sleek and sophisticated in appearance. The main color is white, which is broken up with black and metal trim and the wooden floors of the decks. From bottom to top, the decks decrease in size, and this creates a streamlined shape. Tinted windows around the yacht's exterior add to the overall aesthetics. They also serve the practical purpose of allowing light into the boat, offering amazing views to those on the yacht, and also offering privacy to prevent others on passing boats from seeing into the vessel.

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