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10 Things You Didn't Know About Dmitry Shklovsky

Dmitry Shklovsky

Dmitry Shklovsky is the chief executive officer of the tech company QuikNode. He and a partner developed the platform for building blockchain assets more easily with a complete suite of tools and solutions that makes it easy for developers to start their new ventures at record speed. Shklovsky is young yet successful and he stands as a good example of how having a good idea and following your dreams can lead to your ultimate success. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about him that might inspire you to put your plans into action.

1. Dmitry Shklovsky is also QuikNode's co-founder

According to Crunchbase, Dmitry Shklovsky is the chief operating officer of the company that he co-founded called QuikNode. He and his partner Alexander Nabutovsky wanted to create a platform that would make setting up new blockchain applications an easier and less expensive process. It's an emerging market that is becoming an international trend. The two partners designed QuikNode as a tool for building nodes and maintaining them and it's becoming a popular tool for those who deal in Ethereum cryptocurrency.

2. Shklovsky speaks three languages

Dmitry Shklovsky is an accomplished young entrepreneur who is also a man of many talents. His native language is English. He also lists Russian as his native language and shares that he is bilingual with a high level of proficiency in both Russian and English. He is also working on mastering the Spanish language and he currently has limited working proficiency. This makes Dmitry trilingual, according to his LinkedIn page.

3. Dmitry is an entrepreneur

QuikNode is not the first business that Dmitry Shklovsky launched. Before founding his current technology business, he co-founded a company titled Beluga CDN. He launched the business in Miami, Florida, where he currently lives and works at QuikNode. The business began operation in 2015. It was a platform that helped customers to accelerate their websites with fast and inexpensive content through the Beluga delivery network. Beluga CDN is n impressive business that was run by a group of developers and network engineers with fees of just $5 per month for the services. The company expanded from Miami into New York City, San Jose, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, and even into London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

4. He spent 3 years with Beluga CDN

Dmitry worked at his company Beluga CDN from 2015 through 2018. He decided after three years to leave the business to pursue other interests.

5. He worked for ISPrime and was promoted

Shklovsky joined the team at ISPrime in August of 2008 as a Corporate Account Manager. He was in the position for 3 years and 6 months before being promoted to the title of Director in January of 2012. Mr. Schklovsky is still listed as the Director of the company and has been in the role for 9 years and 3 months.

6. He is a seasoned professional

Dmitry Shklovsky has been in the business of providing managed hosting and content delivery industries for over ten years. He has co-founded several web companies along with content delivery networks and most recently blockchain/web 3 infrastructure services. He also provided game server hosting. He is skilled in various aspects of the industry which is part of the reason for his incredible success in such businesses. He has taken an active interest in being a part of creating, building, selling, and growing the businesses that he helped to establish and manage.

7. He is a problem solver

Most new businesses run into their share of obstacles and roadblocks in the early years. Shklovsky is an innovator and he is also a problem solver, both good skills for an entrepreneur to have. According to Medium, he has already run into his she of issues with QuikNode. The platform operates on 8 locations throughout the world for launching nodes. The big problem was overcoming ISPs that blocked and blacklisted them. Instead of seeing it as a problem he contacted the necessary providers and worked out a deal to allow the locations to operate, thus enhancing the success of the QuikNode platform.

8. Dmitry is forward-looking

When asked what his plans for the future of QuikNode are, he shared with Medium that he and the team are working on the creation of yet more blockchain node hosting choices for their customers. They are Web3 developer-centric and aim to provide tools that make their jobs easier. The company is also looking at increasing the power of the tooling and expanding the global distribution of the platform. He is just getting started in his quest to fully develop the new startup. The overarching goal is to gain a greater degree of decentralization for the blockchain ecosystem.

9. You can follow him on Twitter

Dmitry Shklovsky is a fascinating young entrepreneur who has a couple of different successes under his belt. You can follow him on social media through his Twitter account to learn more about what he is up to and how his business is doing. He keeps the page updated with the exciting things that are going on in QuikNode. He also provides some useful links.

10. Dmitry Shklovsky is one to keep your eye on

Shklovsky is a brilliant young entrepreneur who is just beginning to make his mark in the world. He has a brilliant mind and he knows how to create solutions to the problems web developers face. He is currently on his second very successful business in the internet industry and it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see him move from one successful venture to another. For now, he is in the process of building QuikNode into a giant in the Ethereum niche of the industry, but once the company reaches its apex, he is likely to go out and do something new. He may in fact become one of the greatest serial entrepreneurs of our time.

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