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10 Things You Didn't Know About Douglas Campbell

Doug Campbell is the chief executive officer of the Colorado-based startup company called Solid Power. The company specializes in the production of rechargeable batteries. Doug is an interesting leader who has built a solid career in the renewable energy sector of business, but how did he manage to become so high up and so successful in a competitive industry? He knows his craft and has honed his skills. Campbell is a good example of how to build a strong and successful career. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Doug Campbell that you might find inspiring if you're just getting started in your own business endeavors.

1. Doug Campbell is a self-proclaimed nerd

According to Leaders in Tech, Doug Campbell describes himself as a "battery nerd." While this may be humorous and make us all smile, it's part of the secret to his success in the battery production business. Doug is passionate about what he does and he takes a genuine interest in the products that the company he leads. He's concerned with producing high-quality batteries and with developing an edge in the market by producing unique and durable products that consumers will be pleased with.

2. He is an expert in a specific battery type

Campbell has become an expert in the science behind the development of rechargeable batteries. Solid Power produces solid-state batteries, which is a type that shows how the technology used to create better and stronger batteries has evolved. His company not only manufactures and distributes batteries but also does research and conducts development processes to continually improve upon their existing products.

3. Doug Campbell is the co-founder of Solid Power

Mr. Campbell not only serves as the executive leader in charge of Solid Power, but he is also the co-founder and part-owner of the company. Solid Power is a spin-off enterprise of the University of Colorado Boulder. The business was established in 2012 when it started the development phase which took a few years to get to the stage of physically producing rechargeable batteries that are available for sale commercially.

4. Doug Campbell is customer-centric

One of the most valuable traits that Mr. Campbell possesses is his commitment to maintaining a customer-centric operation. He has done his research to fully understand the requirements of his target customer base to provide them with products that will be useful and meaningful. He stands at the helm of Solid Power, pushing the team in the direction of rapid product development while monitoring the changing needs of consumers and building these features into the products that his company produces. By giving people what they want and need, they gravitate towards Solid Power's products which in turn makes him successful as a leader and helps Solid Power to establish a solid reputation.

5. Doug Campbell is a serial entrepreneur

According to Innosphere Ventures, Solid Power is not the first company that Mr. Campbell established. Before he launched the energy startup, he was the co-founder and executive leader of a company called Roccor. The business was involved with the production of components for small satellite components which included the production of thermal management systems boom systems antennas, sand solar arrays. Although he stepped down to tend to the business of his latest venture, Campbell is still on the board of directors for Roccor.

6. He is brilliant at raising capital

Another skill that helps to make Doug successful in all his business endeavors is his ability to build a profitable company from concept to success, and his ability to secure funding. He is skillful at pointing out the merits of his ventures to potential investors, and he has secured some of the major investors such as Solvay and Sanoh, Samsung, BMW the Hyundai Motor Corporation, and others. In an interview with Innosphere, he shared that he knows how to securing funding from the Federal government. This is one of the ways that he was able to get startup funding for his companies.

7. Doug Campbell is a humble person

Mr. Campbell discussed his early years. He became an engineer out of college, but he admitted that he was mediocre. At least in his opinion, this was the case. He then went on to say that his strengths are in the development of products and securing the funding to finance new startups. He discovered that there was a strong market for batteries and satellite components. This is why he chose to co-found both Solid State and Roccor. It was based on practicality and common sense. He is very straightforward in discussing his strengths and also areas where he doesn't consider himself to be an expert. He is a humble person.

8. He is a native of New Mexico

According to his LinkedIn page, Doug is a native of the state of New Mexico. He attended the University of New Mexico after graduating from high school. He earned his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, Magna Cum Laude in 2001. While at the school he was a member of Chil Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi.

9. He earned his master's in civil engineering

Campbell entered the graduate program in civil engineering at the University of New Mexico in 2001. He earned a master of science degree in the program with an emphasis on structural mechanics in 2002. While at the University he performed research on composite material mechanics and worked with the Space Vehicles Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory of Kirtland Airforce Base in New Mexico.

10. Doug Campbell founded three businesses

The third company that Doug Campbell founded was a business called i2C Solutions. He launched the company in January of 2012. The for-profit business was a new technology incubator that emphasized pairing the latest technologies developed through national laboratories and universities with needs that were identified in emerging markets. The business merged with his other venture, Roccor LLC in 2016. Doug served as the president and chief executive officer of the venture until the merger was completed.

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