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A Closer Look at The Doxa Sub 600T Professional

Doxa Sub 600T Professional

The iconic brand Doxa has been manufacturing timepieces for more than 130 years. The brand became a household watch manufacturing company in the 1960s with the launch of the Sub. This timepiece was designed in partnership with the SCUBA diving legend Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Doxa has been famously known for manufacturing some of the most unique and colorful timepieces available on the market. As for 2021, Doxa plans to continue its impressive trend by releasing the Sub 600T Professional. After the incredible success of the SUB 6000T Pacific Blue limited titanium edition this summer, the brand is planning to release the SUB 600T Professional non-limited edition to complete the Doxa SUB-watch category. The Doxa Sub 600T Professional is an angular and blocky diver watch that is a clear representation of the late "80s overlooked era of watchmaking. In addition to harkening to a chapter written long ago, the reborn Doxa Sub 600T Professional is presented in standard stainless steel, and an optional choice of a black or steel ceramic bezel insert. As for the watch's straps, there is an optional FKM rubber strap that matches the dial color – available in all 24 color combinations or a stainless steel bracelet. Here, we will take a closer look at the Doxa Sub 600T Professional.


While much of Doxa's recent success is attributed to their various new vintage treatment on their original Sub 300 models, the brand became known worldwide after announcing the Doxa Sub 600T Pacific. This was a titanium limited edition diver watch designed in collaboration with an Australian watch blog. The Sub 600T Pacific Limited Edition was initially introduced in the early 1980s. Forty years later, in 2021, this limited titanium timepiece comes with a brushed titanium case, a blue shade dial that matches the color of the Pacific Ocean, and a ceramic inlay bezel. One notable feature of the reborn Doxa Sub 600T Professional is its brutalist and angular appearance paired with an optional bracelet or FKM rubber straps available in all 24 Doxa's beloved signature colors. The Doxa Sub 600T Professional watch is the perfect timepiece for you if you are a fan of bright, funky, retro-styled watches. With an impressive Cousteau-adjacent history, the Sub 600T ushers in a golden era of modern-day scuba diving. Moreover, the iconic watch manufacturing Brand Doxa is known for its vibrant colors, exceptional dive-specific watch functionality, and quirky designs. According to Doxawatches, the Doxa Sub 600T Professional will be limited to only 200 pieces.

Dial and Case

The Doxa Sub 600T edition was initially introduced during the Aubry era when the iconic brand Doxa was owned by the Aubry Frères watch company. The Sub 600T is a clear representation of the 1980s watch manufacturing era, where many experimentations were done, resulting in forward-thinking designs, particularly in purpose-built timepieces. That said, the Doxa Sub 600T is fitted with a unique dial and case design that immediately makes the watch stand out. For instance, it comes with a 600m water-resistant case that is defined by sharp transitions, blocky, absence or curves, and flat surfaces. Measuring 40mm in diameter and a lug-to-lug distance of 47.6mm, the Sub 600T Professional is a classic diver watch. In addition to the moderate-sized case with a height of 14.5mm, the Doxa Sub 600T comes with a screw-in crown. The bulky case and the chunky caseback make the timepiece very heavy on the wrist, even with the optional substantial stainless steel bracelet. Rounding off the Doxa Sub 600T Professional is a flat sapphire crystal on the case, a screw-down crown, and a solid caseback exclusive with the Doxa's signature fish logo.


The Sub 600T features a nice and thin bezel that is well-positioned on top of the blocky stainless steel case. There is the Super-LumiNova coating compound used for each dial and is based according to the color match for the dial. These color-coded accents for both bezel inserts include Aquamarine (light blue), Sharkhunter (black), Caribbean (dark blue), Divingstar (yellow), Searambler (silver), and Professional (orange). With the reborn Doxa Sub 600T Professional, the brand maintains its signature no-deco bezel, a bezel design based on the United States Navy's no-decompression dive table comprising an inner minute ring and outer depth ring. Doxa's bright-colored numerals are available in both bezel options, that is, the classic stainless-steel bezel and the black ceramic bezel with color themes matched to the dial and numerals on the outer ring. Both bezel options are great, but the black ceramic one is the ideal bezel option for a more contemporary appearance.

Bracelet and Strap

With its lug-to-lug width of 47 mm, the Sub 600T Professional is one of the smallest diver watches that the iconic watch manufacturing brand designs. This timepiece is available on a solid steel bracelet attached by folding clasps with dive suit extension or an FKM rubber strap exclusive with the Doxa's signature fish logo. Despite its angular and chunky watch design, the Doxa Sub 600T Professional relatively wears comfortably on the wrist.

Bottom Line

Over the decades, the brand Doxa has earned an impressive reputation for creating some of the most immediately recognizable and vibrant-colored timepieces available on the market. This unique trend is further enhanced with the release of the Sub 600T Professional. This angular and blocky diver watch is an accurate representation of the experimental 1980s era. According to Monochrome Watches, the Doxa Sub 600T Professional is sold at a retail price of $1,450 with rubber bracelet and stainless steel bezel. The one with a black ceramic bezel and rubber strap starts at $1,550 and $1,590 for one with a stainless steel bracelet.

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