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10 Things You Didn't Know About Eversource Energy CEO James J. Judge

James J Judge

James J. Judge is a respected executive of Eversource Energy. He holds the position of chief executive officer as well as president of the company which was previously known as Northeast Utillities/Northeast Utilities System. He accepted the post in May of 2016. He's gained tremendous success in the energy sector of the business world and we wondered how he accomplished so much in his career. We learned some interesting facts about him that we'd like to share with 10 things that you probably didn't know about Eversource Energy's leader.

1. He has a long history in the energy sector

We were reviewing Mr. Judge's career history and were impressed with the important leadership positions that he has occupied throughout the years He was the CFO of BEC Funding II LLC, prior to working at Eversource. He also served as athe Senior Vice President and CFO of NStar LLC aswell as the CFO and EVP of the Western Massachusetts Electric Company. He was also a high ranking exec at Public Service Company of New Hampshire and the Connecticut Light and Power Company.

2. He has a philanthropical spirit

Mr. Judge leads Eversource and under his leadership, the company is involved in the support of a range of community events. They sponsor a 5K run for Easter Seals in New Hampshire, as well as a WAlk for Boston Children's Hospital and the Walk with Me run as well for Easter Seals in Manchester. Mr. Judge still doesn't think that the company is doing as much as it should, according to the Boston Globe.

3. Eversource was formed from multiple utilities

Jim Judge has had a successful history of 20 years working with his mentor, Mr. May prior to his retirement. He learned a lot and when he was appointed to succeed Mr. May as CEO, the timing for Eversource was critical. The company which was formerly known as NStar, merged with Northeast Utilities in 2012, and that company was previously called Boston Edison, but the name changed after it merged with Commonwealth Edison in 1995. Eversource is the umbrella under which all of these companies mentioned are now joined together.

4. James Judge owns millions in stock

We learned that Mr. Judge has been awarded a large number of shares in Everesource stock. He recently sold nearly 80,000 units of the stock early in 2019, with an estimated value of $5,525,806. He had also sold 90,000 Eversource stock units in 2017, valued at $5,040,000, which shows how much the value of the stock has increased in a two year period. He still regularly trades stock, according to Wallmine.

5. He's a family man and a man of faith

Mr. Judge is a devoted husband and father and he has raised his family with the belief that it is important to do good works for others. The entire family has a philanthropical nature. He's a very sincere man who gives his best in every situation and he's been honored for his kindness and thoughtfulness by the Boston community.

6. He was an excellent student

James Judge attended Babson College. He first enrolled in the Business Administration program, where he earned his bachelor of science in the discipline. He continued on with his education at the same institution and he earned his master of business administration. He graduated Magna Cum Laude.

7. Jim Judge believes in clean energy

Jim Judge is in a tough position with his current role in the energy industry. He believes that there is the need for natural gas to play a role in the energy industry, but he also has a concern over providing clean energy. One of the goals that he has for the company is to develop solar projects as well as hydropower.

8. He's a multi-millionaire

Mr. James Judge has worked hard throughout his life and all of his education, and years of giving his all to the job have paid off. He has an estimated net worth of $33.7 million as of February of 2019. His annual salary as President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Eversource is $15,915,500 and on top of that he's awarded other benefits such as stocks in the company in his compensation package.

9. He's the son of a cop

James was not born into a wealthy family. His father was a police officer in Boston who worked 30 years on the night shift until his retirement at age 65. His father is also named Jim Judge. He is proud of where he comes from and very happy that both of his parents are still alive. He shared that he hasn't gotten away from his roots and he remembers where he came from in the Dorchester area.

10. He credits his start in business to the Sisters of Charity Grammar School

We were impressed with Mr. Judge's humility. He credits much of his success to his upbringing by his parents as well as growing up in an amazing neighborhood near Ronan Park, where he spent a lot of time as a youth. He also gives credit to the staff at the Sisters of Charity at St. Peter's Grammar School for the "tremendous educational foundation" that he received while in attendance at the school. Now at the age of 60 years old, he looks back over his past and is thankful for all of the things that helped him to get where he is today and he believes in giving credit where it is due.

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