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10 Things You Didn't Know About Vivek Ranadive

 Vivek Ranadive

Some people best know Vivek Ranadive as a businessman while others are only aware that he is the owner of the Sacramento Kings. We were interested in knowing more about this interesting Indian-American businessman who is also a powerful speaker and wealthy enough to be the owner of an NBA team. We learned a lot about him that we didn't know and he's such a fascinating individual, we wanted to share 10 things about him that most people probably don't know.

1. He was born and raised in India

Mr. Ranadive was born in Bombay, India. He was raised in the Juhu region. He had two older siblings. Many people do not know that his uncles were Balkrishna Trimbak Ranadive and Ahilya Rangnekar, who were both Indian Communist leaders. He had a difficult time leaving India as the government refused to release any foreign currency when their citizens wanted to study abroad and this made it difficult for him to leave India to pursue an education in the United States.

2. He's a humble, brilliant person with a giving soul

Mr. Ranadive was asked a series of questions and we were impressed with his answers, which gives us all a look into the kind of person that he is outside of business. When asked who would be his dram dinner party guest, he answered Leonardo da Vinci. He also shared that the thing that brings him the most joy is "improving people's live." The third question was what kind of superpower do you possess. His answer to the query was simply, that it was convincing people who are smarter than he to join him. This gives us a few hints that he's a brainy, he knows which kinds of people to surround himself with and that he truly cares about his fellow humans in the world .

3. He's a good dad

We also discovered that Vivek Ranadive was a good father and he actively participated in events that kept him close to the kids and allowed him to make contributions to his local community. He even coached the middle school basketball team that his daughter played on. He was totally unfamiliar with basketball having never played the game himself, but he agreed because he didn't want his daughter to feel let down. This is a great dad that goes the extra mile or his kids and he pushed the girls on the team to perform to the best of their potential.

4. He also owns another basketball team

In addition to being a part owner of the Sacramento Kings, he invested in a second professional ball team as well. Mr. Ranadive bought enough shares in the Golden State Warriors to make him a co-owner of the team. He made the investment in 2013 but sold his shares in 2013.

5. His Net Worth is $700 million

We were curious to know how much Mr. Vivek Ranadiv is worth with regard to his personal net worth. We learned from that he has managed to amass a fortune of $700 million. This is his estimated net worth as of 2019.

6. He attended college at MIT

Ranadive left India at the age of 16 to work on his secondary education. He was a very intelligent young man and he enrolled in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he earned a bachelor's degree from the institution. He earned a master's degree from MIT as well. He still wasn't satisfied with this level of education so he enrolled at Harvard University where he earned his MBA in 1983.

7. He founded the Unix company

Right after Ranadive completed his master's in business administration at Harvard University, he was ready to start his own business. The very first company that he launched was Unix Consulting company. He was a busy professional and a hard worker who worked his way up into executive management and leadership positions. He also worked with M/A-Com Linkbait and Fortune Systems as well as various engineering and management positions with the Ford Motor Company.

8. He also founded the Bow Company

The second company that Mr. Vivek Ranadive launched was the Bow Company which is a technology company. It would appear that he was on the way to becoming a very successful person in the business world. Bow was a company that was formed in 2015, when the University of California consented to a partnership with him to form a company that would aid in linking business and technology professionals from both fields to positively influence both industries. The result was Bow Capital.

9. Mr. Ranadive is the founder of Teknekron Software Systems

Vivek Ranadive had a very special talent for starting up businesses which became successful. It seemed to just come naturally to him and his Teknekron Software Systems company is responsible for automating Wall Street. He established this company in 1986 with the intention of making a difference in the world around him and his technology is now the engine that powers most of the capital markets in the world. He wasn't done with Teknekron. He also went on to establish the TIBCO Software, Inc company in 1997, which powers the major industries around the world with real time computing for governments, manufacturers, communications providers, utilities, airlines and even the web.

10. He was poor when he left India

Vivek Ranadive only had $50 to his name when he left India to move to Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was very determined young man who knew what he wanted to do with his life and he worked very hard to earn his education, and make a place for himself in the business world. He's known for his creativity and for thinking outside of the box. In addition to founding several major companies, he is also the author of three publications which became New York Times' best sellers.

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