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10 Things You Didn't Know About Martin Krantz

Martin Krantz is a Sweden citizen and the founder and CEO of Smart Eye. He is well known in the technology industry for his smart high-tech innovations. Read on to find out several things you didn't know about him.

1. Martin is Swedish

Martin was born in 1971 in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he grew up with his family. He is a Sweden citizen. He went to school in Sweden. After high school, he studied at the Chalmers University of Technology. He pursued his degree in Engineering Physics and later did his masters in the same university and graduated in 1997.

2. Martin's dad as a source of his inspiration

His dad inspired Martin. His mom could not operate on a computer. According to an interview, Martin explains how his father inspired him with the dream that he had. Even he told him how the mother used her eyes to navigate and operate the computer; however, the bar was on him to think of how this could be made possible and work. He started working and doing his calculations, and amazingly he found out it was possible to make it happen. His family was supportive, and they walked with him through the journey of starting up. After several confirmations that he was not breaking the rule of physics, one evening while relaxing, they decided to write an application for funding at the Swedish innovation center. They received a reply from the center on time.

3. His Partnership with BMW

In 2018 after the launch of a new and smaller smart Eye Pro dx, the company saw a breakthrough where their design won the China largest car manufacturers. In 2019, they received an email to partner with the BMW company. This gave them their biggest breakthrough, as working for them meant a big deal.

4. Founder of Smart Eye

Martin Krantz founded Smart Eye in 1999 whereby his goal was to give real-time and fully non-invasive eye-tracking to the world. The company has grown since its opening through hard work and has made remarkable records making profits, creating employment, and not forgetting its impact in the tech world. Though the initial idea behind Smart Eye was to control the computer, Martin opted to venture into cars because he resided in an area where car manufacturing was more developed than other industries. According to Wikipedia, the company develops and sells eye-tracking products that are used with digital cameras to track gazes and eye movements in real-time this is done through the hardware and software developments that works together to provide data needed. The smart eye has had the privilege of working with general motors and BMW in the automotive industry.

5. His Innovations

Martin has proven to be among a few people globally who have innovated smart applications that have helped the world tech industry grow and develop. He has nonetheless grown his company and for 21 years being the CEO and leading his team in keeping coming up with modern ways of improving their products as a company to fit the industry and evolve with it at the same time in the automotive industry.

6. His leadership skills

Over the years, Martin Krantz has acquired his highly recommendable leadership skills. It all began when he was an employee at Samba Sensors for two years and five months, from September of 1997 to January of 2000. He has been the CEO of Smart Eye for an outstanding twenty-one years, an approximate twenty-two years. He founded Smart eye in July of 1999. He has shown perseverance and tolerance, most especially he is a patient man.

7. An engineer at Silicon Fibers

Apart from being the CEO of Smart Eye, Martin is a Member of the board of directors at 1928 diagnostic from 2017 till date, in 1997 to 2000, he worked with R&D for 2 years 5 months where he got his first employment in working with silicon fibers in pressure measurement whereby he was the development Engineer, this prepared him and sharpened his mind in being an entrepreneur and work in his own business, he was also a Board member of Smart Eye from 1999 to 2016.

8. Martin's net worth

His net worth is yet to be estimated; however, from calculations and measuring his wealth and influence in the modern world, we can estimate he is worth millions of dollars. Martin holds the biggest shares in Smart Eye as the founder; his public assets are estimated to be $23 million according to

9. His achievements

The journey to success was not easy, with the world-changing every day and innovations coming up. Martin had to pull up his socks and push his product to the market. Nothing was served in a silver platter for him despite how helpful his application was as he had to secure a good deal. He has so far secured a development project with BMW that made a huge difference for the company. This was a new milestone that assisted them in growing to another level.

10. Martin's hit backs

In 2018 after the launch of a new and smaller smart Eye Pro dx, the company saw a breakthrough where their design won the China largest car manufacturers, and in 2019 they received an email to partner with BMW company this gave them their biggest breakthrough as working for them meant a big deal. The journey of his success has not been a smooth one. His company has undergone various challenges and difficulties. In 1999, they were hit hard by a bubble crisis that affected the company barely a year after establishment. The second hit was in 2008 when the Kenma crashed, and they had to keep on moving despite the storm, and they eventually came out victorious. The third one is the Coronavirus pandemic that has hit the world, and many companies had to shut down due to its effects and even suspended their workers. All this has not stopped him from aiming high and staying positive that this pandemic will pass and the company will come out victorious and stronger.

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