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Five Beautiful Dress Watches Perfect for Christmas


Whether you're looking to treat yourself to a new timepiece for the holiday season or you're searching for a great gift, dress watches should be your top pick. The elevated look of a dress watch is incomparable to any other, and it's the best thing to wear with a suit. While some dress watch models are very expensive, there are plenty that are accessible, stylish, and elegant. If you have someone on your gift list who is always seen wearing a dive watch, think of the holidays as your chance to get him to expand his horizons a bit and add to his watch collection. Here are five beautiful dress watches that are ideal for gift giving.

1. Smith & Bradley Draper - $900


Smith & Bradley is a US based company that assembles all of their watches within the country. The brand's first attempt at releasing a dress watch is the Draper, and it's quite impressive. It would perfectly complement a suit or dress shirt, but this watch can also look good with more casual wear on the weekend. It has a modern style and many striking elements, including recessed numbering and stencil markings on the dial.

Highlights of the watch include a see-through case back, date window and Superluminova hands on the dial, and a stainless steel case. The movement is automatic, and the Draper is water resistant to 10 ATM. The Draper has three bracelet options: stainless steel, brown leather, and black leather. For a classic look either leather strap would be perfect, but the stainless steel is still dressy enough to wear to the office or a semi-formal event.

2. Bulova Classic Ultra Slim - $225


If you're looking for dress watches that are easy on the budget, full of great style, and have a touch of gold, the Bulova Classic Ultra Slim is a good pick. Not only is it quite affordable, this watch is also filled with practical features that make it a joy to wear. There are a number of design details included in this watch that make it notable, including rose gold-toned indexes, a subtle circle texture on the dial, and hands with a vintage look.

Those who prefer classic looking watches will appreciate the details and aesthetics of this one, as it's a nice blend of affordability, practicality, and versatility. It could easily be paired with any type of formal or business attire, and the slim brown leather bracelet on the Bulova Classic Ultra Slim looks quite elegant. This model has a quartz movement, is water resistant to 30 meters, and features a rose gold toned 40 mm case.

3. Movado Defio - $468


Movado is well regarded for the unique style of its watches, and its dress watch collection is no different. If the person you're buying a gift for prefers very modern looking designs, the Movado Defio will be sure to impress. Its design inspiration comes from the brand's museum dial watch, and the Defio is a simpler and more classic looking version.

It has a deep black dial with silver toned hands and a single accent at 12 o'clock. The combination of brushed and polished features makes the watch even more handsome, and the 39 mm case is just the right size. The Defio has a hidden double folding clasp, stainless steel bracelet and bezel, and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Having a Swiss quartz movement means the watch won't have to be wound and set each time that it's worn, which is ideal for those who don't frequently wear dress watches but would like one for special occasions. This watch would also be well received by those who gravitate towards watches with sleek black dials.

4. Citizen Eco-Drive (AU1040-08E) - $175


You can't go wrong giving the Citizen Eco-Drive as a gift for Christmas, as it's one of the most affordable dress watches around that also looks great. The thin black leather strap of this model makes it especially suitable for wearing with semi-formal, formal, and office attire. Its price is so affordable that you may find yourself getting one to put in your own collection in addition to those that you buy as gifts.

The Citizen Eco-Drive doesn't run on a battery and instead runs on converted energy from natural and artificial light sources. Its handsome black dial has silver toned markers, a small date window, and luminous hands. The 40 mm stainless steel case is a nice contrast to the black on the bracelet and dial, and this is definitely one of the more sophisticated watches in the Eco-Drive line.

This would be an excellent gift for someone who could use a dress watch, but either doesn't have one or hasn't been able to splurge on a nice one yet. It's not only attractive on its own, it truly would look good on anyone that puts it on.

5. Mido Belluna II - $890


There are tons of dress watches that cost a bundle, such as those from Rolex, Jaquet Droz, and the like -- they look gorgeous, but are far from most people's holiday budget range. If you want to give a watch that's high end yet not super expensive, Mido's Belluna II is a nice option. It's available in a number of styles but one of the most attractive is model M0244071106100, which has a stainless steel case and textured black dial. This particular version of the Belluna II also has a see-through case back that's a nice touch.

The 40 mm stainless steel case has a unique look that's stylish and perfectly suitable for wearing on formal occasions. The black dial has silver toned hands and indices, as well as a date display at 3 o'clock. The crystal on the display is scratch resistant, which adds even more functionality to this model.

The movement inside the Belluna II is automatic with an 80 hour power reserve, and it's also water resistant to 50 meters. The look of this model makes it a great dress watch for young men and those who want a watch that can easily transition from the office to a party and on to the weekend. It sports a look that has understated sophistication, yet contains plenty of details to keep it interesting.

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