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Five Celebrities Who Have a Love For Motorcycles

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Since the time motorcycles hit the streets, there has been something about them that men can’t resist. Motorcycles represent many things to men. First and foremost, there is an element of danger associated with motorcycles. Men crave speed, noise, solitude and the open road where they can cut loose from the rest of the world; just them and their machine where they can express their manly, physical skill and control.

Many celebrities are known for their passion for one thing or another, whether it’s art, music, cars or motorcycles. When it comes to their passion, celebrities tend to live big, and for a guy, what’s bigger than a passion for motorcycles? You may associate certain celebrities with motorcycles while others you may not have guessed they had a passion for bikes. The following is a list of five celebrities who own a motorcycle or have a collection

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus of the Walking Dead, picked up his love of motorcycles back in his twenties in LA before he landed the role of a vigilante in Boondock Saints. In Ride, Reedus found a home with the biking community and his passion for bikes grew. He explains how today, riding is his passion for all the reasons you would imagine. For Reedus, it offers him the quiet and solitude he craves, in the middle of his busy career. He knew at a young age that it was just something he was interested in and the more he did it, the more he loved it.

Reedus describes riding motorcycles as his yoga. He explains how he does his best thinking with a helmet on, and goes on to compare it time spent on an airplane; it’s just you and your thoughts and you can get your best thinking done while riding, coming up with creative ideas. He loves his time spent on a bike and keeps going back to it. One dream Reedus admits to, is to cruise Vietnam on a bike with a friend. He says, “I think that’d be awesome.”

Norman was 19 or 20 when he was finally able to afford his first bike, which was a Buell X1 Lightning, which he referred to as Harley-esque with more of a sporty street bike flair. You can tell there is a deep passion for bikes with Norman. In Ride, he loves showing off the different bike cultures and describes all the types of bikes and bikers being so different; Harley riders in for the thrill of it while doctors and lawyers love the aesthetics, and yet this culture is all connected in some way.

Reedus’ bike collection includes a Harley, two Triumphs a Honda and Tiger 800. When asked if he has a dream bike he’d love to own, his reply was, “an Indian Larry bike.” He describes it as a beautiful bike, and there is probably a good chance that one day we’ll be hearing that he has added one to his building collection.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a typical celebrity when it comes to wanting to protect his privacy which isn’t always easy when you’re running around town in a car. Of course the excitement and love of riding is always a driving force behind many men and their motorcycles, but for someone like Brad Pitt who are constantly targeted for photo ops, motorcycles give him the added benefit of being able to strap on a helmet and hide behind the shield to blend in with the other average Joes out on the road. He says that he loves that his bikes give him anonymity. As a matter-of-fact, he names the Paparazzi specifically when it comes to obscurity. On his bikes, he can keep a low profile and hide from the incessant photo chases.

Brad has quite a collection of high-quality bikes. He doesn’t stick to any one particular brand or type but has a diversified collection.Some of his favorites include a Ducati Desmosedici RR, a Monster 696, as well as a selection of Harley-Davidson choppers. His collection also includes two Triumphs, classic British bikes that have been restricted for modern riding, a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 and a few off-roading bikes, such as the BMW R11GS Adventure and his Japanese superbike, the Yamaha R1. One of the rarest in his collection is the Ducati, with only 500 owners, Brad made sure to be one of them.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise needs no introduction. His is a household name that most people associate with some of the biggest movie names. His name is synonymous with action-packed thrillers and movies where his character is inevitably living on the edge. In most of Tom’s movies, you’ll see Cruise speed off on a bike at least once, but when it comes to motorcycles, movies aren’t the only place you’ll catch Tom on one.

Motorcycles are a big part of Tom’s real life too, a passion he says he developed when he was ten years old. He loves powerful bikes that have the capability of reaching high speeds, such as the Vyrus 987 C3 4V, which he owns and rides and has been dubbed the World’s Most-Powerful Road Motorcycle with its top speed reaching 211 and came with a hefty price tag too, of just over a $100,000.

Tom has always loved the thrill of living on the edge, which he can get every time he hops on one of his bikes. Some of the bikes you’ll find in Tom’s collection include a Confederate, a Ducati Desmosedici, Hinckley Triumphs, a Speed Triple and a T595 Daytona, which was notoriously featured in his movie, Mission Impossible II. Because of his riding skills, Tom has no reason to use a stunt man when it comes to motorcycle moves. He can certainly hold his own.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno’s love of automobiles and motorcycles has become iconic over the years. His collection is so enormous, in fact, that he needed an entire airport hangar in California to hold his collection. Jay has close to 100 motorcycles that are all unique and exhibit their own type of excitement. Jay has never been one to hide his collection; he will gladly open his garage and show off his passion. He’s been interviewed many times over the years, boasting about his two-wheeled toys, every one of them his pride and joy. His passion for bikes has been years in the making. He loves the mix of science and technology and the power that the two form when they come together.

A few of his bikes in his vast collection includes a 1931 Henderson Four, a 1967 Munch Mammoth, a 903-horsepower hybrid P1, a 1976 Hercules Wankel and a variety of Vincents and Brough Superiors, which Jay holds a special attachment to. One bike that is in a class all its own is the Y2K jet-powered bike; so special that it is one that only a true motorcycle enthusiast would own. Whatever Jay wants, when it comes to motorcycles, Jay will get and he does. His collection will surely continue to grow through the years.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor of Black Hawk Down and Star Wars, has been riding bikes since he was a little kid. As much as he loved bikes, dirt bikes weren’t really his thing. He said he just never really went dirt bike riding on weekends it wasn’t his thing. The first bike he ever owned was an old Motto Guzzi that he loved to ride around town on. He thought it was a Le Mans, but turned out to be a T3 dressed up to look like a Le Mans. He loved it anyway. He used to do track, not for racing, but just to run the tracks with his buddies but he soon gave up speed bikes and developed his passion for old bikes. Vintage bikes.

Some of the bikes you’ll find in Ewan’s collection include some early 70’s bikes. He owns a Norge, a 1974 Eldorado police bike with a siren and a 1956 Sunbeam S7 Deluxe donned with fat tires and an upright gentleman’s touring seat. He also owns a Rex Hackney built in 1929 with a brass tank and holes drilled all over it. His collection is definitely a unique one and his true passion. Ewan has stated and he guesses he is just ta two-wheeled kind of guy.

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