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How Jason Sudeikis Achieved a Net Worth of $20 Million

Jason Sudeikis

If you enjoy watching television and movies, you're probably at least relatively familiar with the name Jason Sudeikis. After all, he's been in the acting business since about 1995. During that time, he has been featured in a wide range of different types of acting jobs. In fact, he's been in so many different things that he now has a net worth of approximately $20 million.

That's certainly nothing to ignore, as a lot of relatively successful actors never make it to that particular benchmark. That probably makes you wonder how he has managed to accomplish such a feat. Fortunately, you can find out here.

Staying Busy

You might think there is some magic formula for his ability to make so much money, but the fact of the matter is that he has done it by working for years. Even more importantly, he has worked a lot. As previously mentioned, he's been doing this since the mid-90s.

That has given him plenty of time to make a considerable amount of money. Currently, he is busy with one of Apple TV's most successful television shows, "Ted Lasso." Some people might even say that his career has seen something of a resurgence since this show began. In reality, he has been a mainstay in Hollywood for some time.

However, there hasn't been as much buzz about him in recent years as there is now, largely due to the overwhelming success of that particular show. While there is no doubt that "Ted Lasso" has certainly contributed in a big way to his overall net worth, it definitely isn't the only reason that he enjoys having a rather large amount of money in his bank account.

Consistent Work

When you consider the fact that most major films pay actors somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 thousand, it becomes easier to understand how he has ended up with a net worth of approximately $20 million after all. Having worked for almost the last 30 years of his life, there has been plenty of time for him to be involved in a number of different projects.

That is especially true when you consider the industry standard of being involved in at least one project every year. However, it's not just his on-screen acting that has helped him add to his net worth. While almost all of his activities involve show business on one level or another, he has always been active in a number of different things, constantly looking to expand his horizons.

Voiceover Work

It might surprise a lot of people to know that he's also been heavily involved in voiceover work for a number of years. As a matter of fact, he has spent a considerable amount of time working on these types of projects for the Nickelodeon Network, offering to lend his voice to all kinds of animated characters in the process.

He has said himself that voiceover work is something that he rather enjoys because it gives him an opportunity to challenge himself in ways that are different from on-camera work. While many of these jobs don't pay as much and the work he does on camera, they do provide a considerable sum of money, one that helps add to his net worth over the course of the several years that he has been involved with these types of projects.

Other Off-Camera Work

In addition to his efforts as a voiceover artist, he also does a lot of other work off camera. It might surprise you to learn that he's also a rather accomplished screenwriter as well as a producer. Every time he writes something or produces a project, he receives compensation for those efforts and that also contributes to his net worth.

Someone who likes to stay busy, he also does a considerable amount of work as a comedian. That's right, when you're not listening to his voice in a Nickelodeon program or watching him in a movie like "Horrible Bosses," you can sometimes catch one of his comedy acts.

This is something that he's done for a number of years in addition to all of his acting jobs. As you can see, he doesn't have a lot of down time. If he's not busy with one project, he's either directly involved with another or is producing a new project behind the scenes. In short, he has largely made his money the same way that almost everyone else does who makes a considerable sum of money. He has put in the time and the effort over the course of several years in order to achieve his current status.

Still Going Strong

At 45 years of age, Sudeikis says that he is nowhere near ready to retire from any of the aforementioned activities. As previously mentioned, he prefers to stay busy. As far as he is concerned, the best way to do that is to remain engaged in all of the activities that he has participated in for a number of years.

To him, it simply wouldn't make sense to start slowing down now. As a result, there is no reason to believe that he won't continue to add to his net worth for the next several years with one project after another. By the time he is ready to retire, there is no telling how much money he might actually be worth.

Up until "Ted Lasso," Jason Sudeikis was one of those names that almost everyone was familiar with, yet not everyone could immediately identify which projects he had been involved with over the years.

That certainly hasn't precluded him from getting plenty of work, but it does mean that one of Apple's most recent television series has elevated him to an entirely different level of stardom, one in which practically everyone is trying to get him involved with their own projects in one way or another. It will be interesting to see how he decides to move forward with some of these additional projects in the future.

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