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A Closer Look at The Land Cruiser-Inspired EV Concept

Land Cruiser-Inspired EV Concept

Toyota Motor Corporation is a world-renown car manufacturer famous for its top-quality, high-valued cars, trucks, and vans that set the standard for long-term durability and resale value. The company produces capable off-road SUVs, including the 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, and the luxurious Land Cruiser. Toyota intends to remain competitive in the off-road sector by transitioning to electric cars. The company unveiled an absolute onslaught of new electric vehicle concepts in December 2021, dubbed the Compact Cruiser EV. But what do we know about this new compact car? Would you buy it? What makes it stand out? This article takes a closer look at the Toyota Landcruiser-inspired concept car to help you answer these questions.

Toyota's Compact Cruiser has an attractive design

Revealed in December 2021 at Mega Web park in Tokyo, the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV Concept represents the kind of technology that the company intends to implement in its compact cars to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Essentially, this car is a design study with scanty details available to the general public. Toyota delivers a new, contemporary model that is quite appealing. The Land Cruiser-Inspired EV Concept car provides a glimpse into the car producer's vision for its future. This car design gives us insight into what to expect from future hybrid vehicles. According to HiConsumption, this electric pickup has much resemblance to the Tacoma EV. When it launches, the Compact Cruiser EV will be an all-new model for Toyota and will probably have a more creative name. We can expect this company to release this electric off-roader in the 2024 model year. Additionally, the Land Cruiser-inspired EV Concept could share some powertrain and suspension components with several upcoming electric Toyotas. However, we do not have many details on the mechanical components of the Compact Cruiser EV yet.

The compact cruiser EV concept's most notable styling aspect is its sleek bodywork, which (much like the 2016 Scion iM) comprises a relatively small front and rear overhang. The lack of an added sheet metal out in front and behind the body makes sense in terms of aerodynamics, making it an added benefit of going electric. Additionally, the Landcruiser EV concept features a large black panel below the flush-mounted headlights with unique fog lights placed above each corner, replacing the traditional grille. Its visuals clearly draw inspiration from the retro FJ-generation Toyota Land Cruisers but feature a modern digital edge. The bodywork comprises rubberized features to provide off-road hardiness. This Compact Cruiser comprises stylish LED lighting and features a ladder and a roof providing Defender-like lifestyle utility.

The Compact Cruiser could be a crossover

The Toyota Landcruiser-inspired concept car is big, odd-looking, and packed with high-tech features. One thing common with its traditional gas-guzzling counterparts is being a four-wheeled vehicle that seats five passengers. However, instead of using a gasoline engine to get around, this car runs on electricity. Like many new electric cars, it is an all-electric vehicle (EV) that does not rely on plugging into an outlet to charge its battery. The Land Cruiser-inspired EV concept adopts its styling cues from the first-generation cruiser but appears as if it operates on a car platform. The Compact Cruiser captures the spirit of the iconic Land Cruiser, with its boxy body, its retro grille, and its Land Cruiser nameplate on the rear end. It appears like it is ready to conquer the Rubicon Trail or venture into the Sahara Desert without getting stuck. The Landcruiser-inspired EV concept is a brilliant idea with the potential to be profitable. The Toyota Land Cruiser-inspired Concept recently won the Car Design Award in the Concept Automobiles category at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. According to Auto123, Toyota implies that the idea targets young individuals who live in the city and have an adventurous style. The corporation believes that consumers looking for electric vehicle models want them to reflect their lifestyles and personalities.

What makes the Landcruiser-inspired concept car special?

The EV in its name denotes an electric vehicle. Eco-friendly concept cars provide the best overview of the future of compact automobiles. Electric automobiles come with several issues that make them less popular than gas-powered vehicles. First, these autos are slower. While this may not be a substantial problem for most people, it is undoubtedly a significant challenge for consumers in large cities with frequent congestion. Secondly, it could take you more time to charge an electric vehicle's battery than you sit at a gas station. This particular issue is not likely to change overnight. The 2021 Compact Cruiser shows us how companies like Toyota are looking to overcome what were once thought to be design flaws in electric cars by changing the way we perceive them instead. Using advanced battery technology and an electric motor, Toyota estimates that its new Compact Cruiser EV Concept will be able to travel up to 300 miles between charges. In addition to being a green vehicle that produces no emissions and gets an estimated average of 85 miles per gallon, the EV concept car also functions as an electric scooter. Also, the Land Cruiser-inspired EV Concept features two wheels on either side of the car, one facing forward and the other facing backward. This alignment allows for better maneuverability when parking in tight spaces or driving in reverse. According to Gear Patrol, this concept car actually seems to lack true off-road capability. Toyota does not intend to bring this vehicle to market unless regulations make it necessary.


Toyota has neither shown anything of an interior nor clarified whether it has been designed. We know that the company intends to offer other car models under the Beyond Zero (BZ) umbrella. Additionally, the car manufacturer has not shared any information regarding the Compact Cruiser EV's power. If this concept goes through, it will likely adopt several components similar to those of the new bZ4X. It is evident that if Toyota produces this model in the specified form, it will generate massive sales.

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