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What is Lyft Pink and Is it Worth It?

Pink Lyft

Lyft, along with Uber, has changed the personal transportation scene forever. Instead of relying on uncertain taxi service, you can hire someone whenever you need it. Thankfully, Lyft has recently upgraded its transportation options to include things like Lyft Pink.

Is this service worth your money or are you better off with Lyft's traditional options? That all depends on many different factors. The right person is likely to benefit heavily from Lyft Pink while others may not. Here's what you need to know about this option and whether it benefits you or not.

What is Lyft Pink?

Lyft Pink is a subscription service that differs from the pay-as-you-need-it services typically available on Lyft. You pay $19.99 per month to get premium ride options. It lets you do things like set up daily pickups and drop offs and even gives you access to a specialized Lyft transportation van.

You can set up this service directly through your Lyft application and start getting picked up regularly by Lyft Pink professionals. This service lets you pick specific drivers that you enjoy, giving you the chance to get consistent and expert service from people who you can trust to handle these steps right.

What is particularly nice about this service is that you can pause it whenever you need when giving the company a 30-day notice. For instance, let's say you're heading out of town for a month and don't need to use Lyft Pink. Let them know a month before you leave and you can cancel for that month.

It's also easy to simply cancel this subscription if you decide it isn't for you. Simply select “cancel service” from your payment menu and you can go back to your normal delivery options. Thankfully, there are many perks that make Lyft Pink a great option for the right person.

Perks of Lyft Pink

Like all premium subscription services, Lyft Pink provides multiple perks and benefits. These advantages include things like discounted ride options and much more. These perks are available to all Lyft Pink members, regardless of whether you pay for monthly or yearly memberships.

Taking a deep look at these benefits will give you an idea of why people would pay extra money on top of their delivery costs when purchasing a Lyft Pink membership. When signing up for this service, make sure that you read through the contract options to ensure that you fully understand how to earn these benefits.

Free Priority Pickup

If you want a priority pickup or to get picked up as soon as possible, Lyft Pink is a great option. You automatically get this upgrade applied to all of your rides, which is worth $3-4 in itself. If you're regularly getting rides on Lyft, that's a huge money-saving deal.

Discount on All Rides

When you sign up for this service, you automatically get a 15% discount on all of your rides. That can be a major benefit for many people. For example, if your work ride costs $30 per day, you save $4.5 every day or $22.5 per week, $90 per month, and $4,680 per year.

Preferred, XL, and Lux Discounts

You can also get a 5% discount on all preferred, lux, and XL rides when you sign up for this service. That should help you save money on these higher-quality, but costlier, purchases. While it's not quite as good as the 15% discount, it's still a great choice for those who get these services often.

GrubHub Deliveries

When you sign up for Lyft Pink, you get one-year of free GrubHub food deliveries. That's a great benefit if you regularly get food delivered to your home. That can include things like groceries from specific stores, as well as various restaurant delivery options.

Ride Cancellation Options

Typically, you will have to pay when canceling your Lyft rides unexpectedly. However, if you have Lyft Pink, you can cancel three rides per month without getting penalized. That's good for 36 rides a month or over one month of rides without paying.

Roadside Assistance

Lyft Pink offers a roadside assistance option for people who need help. This assistance includes towing, gas delivering, and jumpstarting your vehicles. This service comes with your membership and includes all other parks, including discounted deliveries.

Other Perks With This Service

The benefits above are just a few of the reasons why Lyft Pink may be a good option for some people. There are many other perks that may make it worth the extra $19.99 you pay on top of your Lyft ride purchases. Just a few of these perks include:

  • Priority pickup at and to airports when needed
  • Three monthly free scooter and bike rides (if available near you)
  • Free belongings recovery if you leave something behind in a car
  • Frequent deals throughout the year, such as discounts on airport deliveries during the holiday
  • Credit card bonuses from specific credit vendors

Vendors like Chase, Hilton, and Delta let you book rides on Lyft using their credit cards and can provide points and other benefits that make this a great option. For instance, Chase Sapphire credit card holders can get a free year membership in Lyft Pink simply by applying.

Is Lyft Pink Worth It? Who It Works With Best

Do these perks make this service worth it? For many people, absolutely. The money that some individuals save with Lyft Pink can be substantial. However, others may find that this service simply isn't right for their needs or costs more than they save.

Let's breakdown the two main types of people who use Lyft: people who need frequent rides and those who need occasional pickup. We'll breakdown whether Lyft Pink is right for each of these groups and provide suggestions for people who may be interested in trying it out for the first time.

Frequent Riders: People Who Benefit the Most From This Service

Are you someone who doesn't have a car or a license? Do you get Lyft service every day or multiple times per week? You are probably a good fit for this service. People who frequently use Lyft will save the most money, as most estimates claim that you need to spend at least $135 per month to get benefits.

For example, let's say that you get a $20 ride to and from work five days a week. That's $40 off of your paycheck every week. For those who can't afford cars or insurance, that $400 is still a great deal. However, let's say that you sign up for Lyft Pink and get several discounts.

These can include the $3-4 off priority pickups (to get to work and home faster) and the general 15% applied to all purchases. That would give you $4 off on the priority pickup and a further $3 off with the 15% discount for $7 off your normally $20 dollar ride.

That drops your weekly ride cost from $100 to $65 and your monthly cost from $400 per month to $260. How much does that save you in a year? Rather than paying $4,800 per month, you'd pay $3,120, a savings of $1,680. That's just on your daily work rides alone.

Now, imagine the savings you get if you take into account free bike and scooter rides, cheap food delivery from GrubHub, and free car rentals if you are traveling. Those benefits make Lyft Pink a great option if you plan on making Lyft your primary transportation option.

Infrequent Riders: May Not Need Lyft Pink

Do you have Lyft on your phone but only occasionally use it? For example, you might use it when traveling or visiting people in other areas when you don't have a car. Or maybe you use it to take your kids to school when you can't or to handle other infrequent, but pressing, situations when you need a car but simply can't handle driving yourself.

If this describes you, this service is probably not a good option for you. While $20 a month is not a lot of money, that's $240 per year. If you use Lyft once a month and spend $30 per ride, you're staving $4.5 per month. Over a year, that's just $54 a year savings based on the 15% discount rate. That's just over two months of the $19.99 service rate.

That's right, it's not even enough to cover three months of Lyft Pink, let alone the entire year. It still offsets the $240 investment to make it just under $200. Ist hat worth it? Not really and it is mostly money leaving your pocket with no benefit to you. For most people who use Lyft infrequently, it is probably best to simply forget about their Pink service.

Note that it might be a good idea to sign up for the free option if you have a Chase Sapphifer card. You'll get a limited membership time that lets you try out Pink and see if it works well for your needs as a rider.

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