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How Manny Khoshbin Achieved a Net Worth of $80 Million

Manny Khoshbin has made quite the name for himself, especially for those who are into exotic sports cars. For many exotic sport car enthusiasts, he is essentially living proof that you can make all of your dreams come true. Of course, Manny Khoshbin net worth has risen quite high, as a direct result of all of his successes in the world of real estate.

Some may already be familiar with his flashy lifestyle, as he loves to show off on Instagram and YouTube. However, he is not someone who shares a lot outside of his car collection. There are a number of blanks that need to be filled in when it comes to the Manny Khoshbin story. Let’s take a closer look at Manny Khoshbin net worth and how he has managed to amass his vast fortune.

What Is Manny Khoshbin Net Worth?

At the moment, Khoshbin is said to be worth a whopping $80 million. While the majority of his wealth was accumulated through real estate transactions, he also has a mentoring program called Contrarian Academy.

He supplements the income that he earns through these endeavors with his YouTube page and book sales. Khoshbin prides himself on never serving as a gatekeeper. Instead, he looks to help those who wish to make their mark in real estate like he has.

Manny Khoshbin’s Humble Beginnings

No one starts off on top and Khoshbin is no exception to this rule. His life is a literal rags-to-riches story, an example of what we can achieve when we set a goal and believe in ourselves. Manny lived in Iran until the age of 14. At this time, his parents decided to move to America to provide he and his four siblings with the opportunity for a better life.

This was the family’s best plan to escape their war torn home country and it has paid off handsomely for Manny. Things were not always so easy for him, though. When they first arrived, they did not have a place to stay and had to sleep in their car. Eventually, his father was able to find a job and things began to look up. By the age of 16, Manny was already part of the workforce.

He got his start at K-Mart, mopping floors and chasing down carts for a mere $3.15 per hour. From there, he became a door-to-door salesman. The nuts and candy that he was selling were fine, but he soon realized that he could make more going into business for himself.

Manny Khoshbin’s First Business Endeavors

As soon as Manny started to purchase foods in bulk so that he could sell them himself, he was off and running. That does not mean that he became rich overnight, though. His business was doing well initially, but then he received a visit from the health inspector. He was forced to cease business operations immediately because he could not afford the required permit.

From there, his father’s friends advised him to purchase a gas station. He sank all of his savings into the endeavor but soon was bankrupt when the deal turned out to be a scam. After a brief stint as a loan officer at a mortgage company, he got his real estate license and that’s when things began to look up for him. Within a few months, he started his own mortgage and realty company, where he looked to invest in bank owned and/or distressed property.

Manny Khoshbin: A Modern Day Success Story

Manny did not rise to the top immediately but after putting in three decades of hard work, he has been able to buy and sell $1 billion worth of real estate. Most impressively, he has managed to do so without any outside capital. The Khoshbin Company has now become a force to be reckoned with. The company owns a sizable amount of commercial real estate, spanning 7 states and over 2 million square feet.

He has also been able to amass a number of impressive properties in his own right. The previous home that he used to own in Newport Coast, California is now worth over $30 million. The 13,532 square foot home had 9 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, a poker parlor, a 16 car garage beneath it, a wine cellar that can hold up to 1,500 bottles, a home theater, gourmet kitchen and a sauna.

Khoshbin’s current home, which was once a church, rests on 70,000 square feet. It has a private track where go karts can be driven and there is a “hypercar” garage. As many readers are already aware of, Khoshbin has quite the taste for automobiles….

Manny Khoshbin Car Collection

His car collection is the first thing that you are going to see as soon as you Google him. Manny's car collection is currently valued at over $30 million, which will come as no surprise once you have had the chance to see them for yourself. His collection is enhanced by the fact that he owns some of the rarest cars in the world.

In fact, some of them are even one offs that were made especially for him. Manny even has his own yacht and luxury plane. The car collection is dizzying, to say the least. For starters, he owns 2 Bugatti Veyrons, as well as a Hermes Bugatti. The Bugatti cars are joined by a Koenigsegg Agera RS, Macedonian Bugate Linéa Vincéro d’Oro and a Macedonian Huayra Hermes Edition.

McLaren, one of the most prestigious automakers in the world, is well represented in Manny’s collection. He owns a Speedtail and a P1. He owns a mind-boggling ten Mercedes, with one AMG ONE and 9 SLR McLarens to show off. Of course, what car collection would be complete without some Porsches and Rolls Royces, too? That’s why he has a Carrera GT, a 935, a Ghost and a Phantom Drophead.

Anyone who would like to learn more about his car collection will have a lot of fun checking out his YouTube page. He also loves showing off the vehicles on his Instagram. Supercar Blondies is another YouTube account where Manny is given the chance to showcase his rides, such as the aforementioned Hermes hypercar.

Does Manny Khoshbin Have a Family of His Own?

Khoshbin tied the knot with Leyla Milani back in 2011, a well known Iranian-Canadian actress who has had some success in her own right. She has appeared on Deal or No Deal, WWE programming and Curb Your Enthusiasm. They have since birthed two children, Enzo (who is now 11 years old) and Priscilla (who is now 7 years old).

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