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How Shania Twain Achieved A Net Worth of $400 Million

Shania Twain

Shania Twain has a net worth of more than $400 million. For more than 25 years, Shania Twain has been one of country music’s biggest stars. Originally from Canada, Shania took country music by storm in the 1990s and has maintained a highly successful career in the years since.

While she has only released a few albums, two of them are among the most commercially successful albums ever released by a female country artist. Shania's hits have endured for decades, helping her build and maintain a significant fortune.

Read on for more about how Shania has amassed her fortune.

Shania’s Early Career

Shania’s earned nearly all of her money through her success in the music industry. However, she didn’t achieve success immediately. Her first album, named after herself, peaked at number 28 on the Canadian Country charts and failed to even make charts in most other countries.

After her first album, Shania partnered with her husband and producer Robert “Mutt” Lange to create her second album. On her next album, Twain and Lange sought to fuse country music with pop sounds.

Shania Twain's Hit Songs and Albums

Her second album, The Woman in Me, led to massive commercial success. The single “Any Man of My Mine” hit number one on both the country and pop charts. Over time, the album would go on to hit double diamond status, meaning it sold more than 20 million copies.

Shania’s next album, Come on Over, was released in 1997. It was a massive commercial success and remains one of the biggest country albums of all time. It was nominated for six Grammys and has sold more than 25 million albums.

Twelve of the 16 songs on Come on Over were released as singles, with “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” “Man I Feel Like a Woman,” and “You’re Still the One,” all hitting number one on both the country and pop charts. The album has served as the foundation of Shania’s career and her sustained success.

Releasing another 2 Albums

Shania released only two more albums, Up in 2002 and Now in 2017. Both went platinum and were successful but failed to reach the heights of her albums in the 1990s. However, she continues to receive royalties and income from all of her albums, contributing to her fortune.

Shania Twain's Other Income Sources

Shania also made money from tourning. She co-headlined a tour alongside John Brannen and Toby Keith in 1993 just after her first album was released. She later went on to headline several of her own tours. 

In 2005 she worked with Coty to release a fragrance called Shania. No details of the financial arrangement for this endorsement were released, but she would have earned some income from this deal. She also released a second fragrance two years later named Shania Starlight.

Shania is also an author. She released her autobiography in 2011. In her book she talked about the difficult upbringing she had and the struggles she faced after her divorce from her first husband Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange.

The terms of her divorce from Mutt Lange are private. However, Lange was a successful producer in his own right and had amassed his own music fortune prior to marrying Shania. It’s possible that the settlement from the divorce added significantly to her net worth.

Shania Twain's Personal Life

Like many celebrities, Shania has appeared in television and movies over the years. She has been a guest judge on several talent shows including American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and Ru Paul’s Drag Race. At one point it was rumored that she would become the judge on the tenth season of American Idol but this role went to Jennifer Lopez instead.

Shania spent much of her early life in poverty, which makes her current net worth all the more surprising.Her mother and stepfather often struggled to make ends meet and there were times when the family had to go without food. In the winter they would put plastic bags around their shoes to try to keep their feet warm as they could not afford new shoes.

Shania has discussed how her parents’ relationship was often very volatile. There were many times when her mother took the children and left home.

She owns several pieces of real estate, and she has been able to do this because of the money she has earned. Celebrity Net Worth reports that she now spends most of her time living in Switzerland. Her husband is Swiss and her son was also born in this country. She also has properties in Florida, New York, the Bahamas and New Zealand.

Like many wealthy individuals, Shania has profited from the sale of properties. She has also been known to rent the properties as luxury accommodations. She used to own a luxury resort in New Zealand where rooms were available that cost $15,000 per night.

After appearing as herself on TV for a number of years, she has recently made the transition into acting. She starred in Trading Paint in 2019 alongside John Travolta. She is also due to play the mother of Jeremy Camp in an upcoming biopic of the Christian music singer called I Still Believe.

Shania’s Life and Career Today: Las Vegas Residency

There is no sign that Shania is thinking of retiring from the music industry any time soon. In fact, she has a new album planned for release in 2023. She recently made headlines by appearing on stage with Harry Styles at Coachella to perform her hit, “Man I Feel Like a Woman.”

Given the timeless success of her music, it appears she will only continue to add to her fortune in the future.

Shania Twain is one of the most successful country artists and female singers of all time. While she has only released five albums, two of those albums made a massive impact on country and pop music.

She's also currently on a Las Vegas Residency and is constantly sold out. 

Given that she is still capable of performing and recording music, it’s likely that we will continue to enjoy Shania’s music for years to come.

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