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How Mardy Fish Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Mardy Fish

Mardy Fish, an American former professional tennis player, has done quite well for himself playing tennis and engaging in other pursuits. He is reported to have a net worth of $4 million. Want to know how he got it? Let's dive in.

Mardy's early life

Fish was born on December 9, 1981 to Tom and Sally Fish in Edina, Minnesota. His father was a professional tennis instructor and his mother was a homemaker.

By the age of two, Fish was able to hit a tennis ball over the net from the baseline. His young prowess was demonstrated on a local TV station in Minneapolis.

It was during his younger years that he developed his amazing tennis skills, including an exceptional backhand and an impressive serve. He is noted for having a fluid motion while serving and continuous arm motion.

In 1986, Fish and his family moved to Vero Beach in Florida. He spent his sophomore year in high school at Vero Beach High School, but then transferred for his junior and senior years.

Career at Boca Prep

Fish graduated from Boca Prep in Boca Raton, Florida.

While there, he was a classmate of Andy Roddick and Jesse Levine. Both would go on to play tennis at the highest levels. While students in 1999, Fish lived with Roddick's family, and the two future stars played on the same basketball and tennis teams.

During his junior year he traveled around the world to play in various tournaments. He played in the LTA International Junior Championships, East Molesey, and the Singapore International Junior Championships.

Not even yet out of high school, he was ranked 14th in the world and 19th in doubles. Clearly, he was looking forward to a successful and lucrative career ahead.

Early career shows signs of success

In the year 2000, when just 18 years old, Fish went pro. During his first few years, he played in the Challenger and the Futures circuits. He also played doubles in the U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championships in Houston, Texas.

The ATP Tour

Two years later, in 2002, he won his first title in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was on the ATP Tour, a worldwide tennis tour for top tier male players organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals. 

After playing and beating exceptional tennis players like Robin Söderling and Carlos Moyà, he was ranked at position 20 in the world. The year 2004 would see him reach the finals in San Jose, California. There he beat Juan Carlos Ferrero and Fernando González on his way towards earning a silver medal. 

An injury slows Fish down

The following year, 2005, Fish injured his left wrist. With the injury, he was unable to compete and only played in 17 professional matches all year long.

A triumphant return to tennis, and championships

2006 was a great year for Fish. He returned to playing tennis and was at the top of his game. In the finals of the US Men’s Claycourt Championships, he defeated five opponents. 

His best finish ever at a Grand Slam came the next year, in 2007. He reached the quarter finals.

Back in a doubles tournament in 2009, he partnered with Mark Knowles. The pair won the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships in Memphis, Tennesee. This was his fifth doubles title.

Down in Florida that same year, he competed in the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships. For the third time in his life, Fish brought home a singles tournament championship.

Another doubles championship

Playing alongside Sam Querrey, Fish wound another doubles championship at the SAP Open. The tournament took place in San Jose, California and they defeated the formidable team of Benjamin Becker and Leonardo Mayer in the final.

Battles with Andy Murray

The 2010 season featured several prominent match ups with Andy Murray. At the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida, Fish beat Murray. Shortly thereafter, the two crossed the Atlantic to play at the Queen's Tournament in London, England.

Fish was victorious in the first set, winning by a score of 6 to 4. In the second set, however, he lost 6 to 1. He returned to the United States having split with Murray.

2011 tournaments

In 2011, Fish performed well in several tournaments but was not able to walk away a winner in any of them. At the 2011 Delray Beach International Tennis Championships, Fish made it to the semifinals. He had just as much luck, but no more, at the 2011 Regions Morgan Keegan Championships

Fish reached the quarter-finals at Wimbledon that year. To get there, he had to defeat a 2010 finalist, Tomáš Berdych. Fish was able to do it in straight sets.

In the next round, Fish was beaten by Rafael Nadal.

More health problems slow Fish down

At the 2012 Australian Open, Fish lost in the second round Alejandro Falla, a Columbian player.

He was scheduled to play in 2012 French Open but decided against playing. He said he was fatigued, but it turned out that his health condition was more serious than this. 

Fish had severe cardiac arrhythmia. He was so sick, in fact, that he was not able to sleep some nights due to the extreme palpitations in his chest.

Fish recovers, and plays at the Olympics

Fish underwent a surgery where the doctors performed cardiac catheter ablation. This corrected the faulty electrical connections that were causing the heart palpitations.

Fortunately for him, the surgery was a success and he was well enough to get back to playing that same year. He represented the United States at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and then at the US Open.

Post-tennis playing career

After stepping down from playing professional tennis, Fish succeeded Jim Courier as the 41st captain of the Davis Cup team in 2019. Stacey Allaster, the chief executive of the U.S. Tennis Association, asked Fish to create a program that would allow his players to receive mental health support if needed. Fish, who previously suffered from mental health problems, took on the assignment with pleasure. 

Fish also took a position working in the finance department of the finance department at Disruptive Acquisition Corp I. The company, as the name suggests, purchases other companies through mergers, stock purchases, asset acquisition, and reorganization.

A net worth of $4 million

Most of Fish's wealth came from his tennis career. He was smart enough, however, to know that it could not last forever and set himself up to take a more traditional job when he was finished with professional tennis. Time will tell what is next for him.

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