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How Martin Scorsese Achieved a Net Worth of $100 Million

Martin Scorsese

Most likely, film fanatics out there are familiar with at least one or more of Martin Scorsese's movie classics. After all, he's responsible for a collection of film hits that put him on the map. In this post, we highlight Martin Scorsese Net Worth as well as his successful career for the past five decades behind the camera.

Martin Scorsese Early Life and Career

Martin Scorsese was born in Flushing, New York on November 17, 1942. According to Biography, he was raised in Manhattan by his parents, Charles and Catherine who were both part-time actors of Italian-American descent. Martin had an acute asthma condition during his early years, and this deprived him of many childhood games and sports. Consequently, he turned to TV and watching theaters as his only source of entertainment.

He acquired more insight about storyboards and even came up with one at the age of eight. After creating a 10-minute short comedy film, he was awarded a $500 scholarship to pursue higher education from New York University. He finally graduated with a master's degree in fine arts. Scorsese's first feature film, "Who's That Knocking on My Door" premiered a year later, in 1967 in theaters. While it was not a hit feature, the 1972 Boxcar Bertha unleashed an unstoppable string of outstanding hit movies from the director. Scorsese's career may have taken a sharp turning point after the 1973's "Mean Feat" hit film, and it didn't take him too long to fine-tune his directing skills.

Martin Scorsese’s Personal Life

Scorsese has been married a record five times, first to Laraine Marie Brennan in 1965, a marriage that lasted for six years until 1971 when they divorced. Together, they sired a daughter named after his mother, Catherine. After their divorce, Scorsese remarried Julia Cameron, a writer, in 1976, a marriage that lasted only for a year. Together, they were blessed with a daughter named Domenica Cameron Scorsese. After a year since his divorce with Cameron, Martin Scorsese married Isabella Rossellini, an actress, a marriage that lasted for four years until they divorced in 1982.

Three years down the line, Scorsese married Barbara De Fina, an American film producer, in 1985. After being together, they terminated the marriage with a divorce in 1991. After four unsuccessful marriages, Scorsese tried out his luck again in 1999 by marrying Helen Schermerhorn Morris. She has been his spouse ever since, and the two have one daughter, Francesca, who also featured in The Aviator and The Departed movies.

Martin Scorsese’s Achievements

Scorsese's career spans more than five decades in the film industry, and he's been honored with an AFI Life Achievement Award for his efforts in contributing towards cinema. Additionally, Scorsese has worn many different awards in various film festivals. His resume includes 23 BAFTA Awards, a Palme d'Or, 24 Academy Award nominations, Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award, 29 Golden Globe Award, Grammy Award, Directors Guild of America Awards, Silver Lion, and Emmys Award.

Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, and Raging Bull are three of Scorsese's movies cited as the ever best-made films. For instance, the Taxi Driver film emerged the best in the 1976 Cannes Film Festival and won the Palme d'Or, receiving four Oscar nominations as well as Best Picture Award.

Besides the various nominations he’s received from different organizations, actors under Scorsese’s direction have thrived as well. He’s managed to have 25 Best Leading Actor, 18 Best supporting Actor, 2 Best Newcomer Actors, 7 Best Leading Actress, and 24 Best Supporting Actress in different ceremonies.

Martin Scorsese has won multiple film awards nationally and globally. He is perceived as one of the most accomplished living American directors and filmmakers. He has, on many occasions, collaborated with the same actors and crew in almost all of his movies. For example, Robert De Niro worked with him in nine of his feature films as well as one short film. Many actors dream of working with Scorsese due to his impressive success as a film director and because most of his actors end up winning or getting nominated for different awards.

Martin Scorsese’s Highest Gross Movies

It can be quite challenging to rank Scorsese's movies from worst to best. For this reason, it comes down to whether you prefer crime dramas such as Mean Streets, biopics such as Raging Bull, or gritty character films like Taxi Driver. However, according to The Richest Website, the following are Scorsese's highest-grossing movies at the Box Office.

  • Casino (1995) - $42.5 Million
  • Goodfellas (1990) - $46.8 Million
  • The Color Of Money (1986) - $52.3 Million
  • Hugo (2011) - $73.8 Million
  • Gangs Of New York (2002) - $77.8 Million
  • Cape Fear (1991) - $79.1 Million
  • The Aviator (2004) - $102.6 Million
  • The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) - $116.9 Million
  • Shutter Island (2010) - $128 Million
  • The Departed (2006) - $132.4 Million
  • Not considering inflation, Scorsese’s movies topped Box Office earnings at $1 Billion.

What’s Martin Scorsese’s Net Worth?

Most people know Martin Scorsese as a prominent film director. However, this is not the only role he plays. He is also an accomplished writer who wrote his own movies' screenplay, including Casino, Goodfellas, Mean Streets, and The Age of Innocence. Besides featuring in his movies, Scorsese boasts of many acting credits to his name. He casts in the movie Dream as Vincent van Gogh, which was a 1990 offering from Akira Kurosawa, a renowned film director. Additionally, Shark Tale and Quiz Show are just a couple of his 33 other acting roles. He has also produced several of his movies, including Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wolf Street, The Aviator, and Hugo. Scorsese has held a similar title in the HBO series Vinyl and Boardwalk Empire. Above all, Martin Scorsese's real talent lies in film directing, and he features among the wealthiest Hollywood movie directors that have ever existed. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Scorsese’s net worth as of 2020 stood at $100 million.


Martin Scorsese, an American film director, writer, and producer, has reached greater heights of success in the entertainment industry. He has directed and produced some of the most creative and successful movies to date. He is considered one of the outstanding and accomplished living American filmmakers of all time, and we expect to see even more of his works in the coming years.

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