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A Closer Look at MB&F's Legacy Machine FlyingT

MB&F's Legacy Machine FlyingT

Launched in 2019, the Legacy Machine FlyingT was the first-ever MB&F watch designed for women. Choosing to embody the vitality and elegance over the softer conventions of complex femininity, the MB&F's Legacy Machine FlyingT features a flying tourbillon dramatically rising above the dial plate. The launch of this intriguing timepiece was positively received by the public, mainly due to its various amazing features. For example, the case is elegant and agile, even with the enormous bubble-shaped crystal on top. The watch's movement features a vertical architecture and perfectly highlights the flying tourbillon. Unlike many previous Legacy Machine models with a suspended balance wheel, the FlyingT features a flying tourbillon supported by the signature double-arched bridge set with diamonds and complex column construction. True to Maximilian Busser's mission of representing the major roles that women have played in his life and creating a complex kinetic watch, the women's LM FlyingT has an eye-catching dial placed at an angle over an intriguing 20mm sapphire crystal dome. Another notable feature of the MB&F Legacy Machine is its overall design that decently highlights a feminine nature in a unique way. Simply, the LM Flying T is a badass timepiece for ladies that is quite as impressive as any of the male MB&F watches. Here, we will take a closer look at the Legacy Machine FlyingT.


The MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT is the first feminine creation by the iconic watch manufacturing brand. The new ladies' FlyingT is a limited edition timepiece by Max Busser. The most notable feature of this watch is the cinematic flying tourbillon rising from a hole in the middle of the dial. This impressive dial display for the watch movement has become a prominent design element for new MB&F watches. A pair of serpentine hands on a 50-degree incline dial indicates the hours and minutes. This only allows the watch wearer to read the time, creating an intimate connection that decently highlights the personal nature of the ladies' LM FlyingT. For Max, the watch's designer, the idea and inspiration behind the LM FlyingT came from the women closest to him, who were his mother, wife, and daughter. That said, this MB&F FlyingT watch is not for men; on which a few diamonds have been set atop the upper tourbillon cage to give the watch more of a feminine look. In addition to the 50-degree titled dial, the new MB&F FlyingT watch has a sleek case adorned with gorgeous white diamonds. A sun-shaped rotor powers the flying tourbillon projects on the dial with a power reserve of 100 hours. This amazing articulation of feminine nature was awarded the Prix de la Complication pour Dame award at the 2019 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve. The MB&F Legacy Machine Flying T was first released in three editions, available in a black lacquer dial plate and case set with diamonds, a white gold dial set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and a dial and case both set with baguette-cut diamonds. Another model of the Legacy Machine FlyingT features an appealing Tiger's Eye plate and dial set in an 18k yellow gold case with diamonds.

Case and Dial

Like the previous LM FlyingT watches, the new MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT has a case that measures 39mm in diameter. However, this new case is now presented in 18k yellow gold to match its tiger's eye dial. Unlike the outgoing MB&F models that prefer white metal cases, this new yellow gold distinctively sets the ladies' FlyingT watch apart from most of the brand's other models. Moreover, this yellow gold case uses the same core design as the other models in the FlyingT series and comes with two crowns – one located on either side of the case. One crown is placed at 3 o'clock to set the time, and the other at 9 o'clock is used for winding. Like previous FlyingT models, the case of the new LM FlyingT is fitted with a heavily domed sapphire crystal that perfectly highlights the flying tourbillon and 50-degree inclined dial. When it comes to the dial, the MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT uses a two-part design structure with a dial plate placed parallel to the wrist. The dial is also inclined to about 50-degree, allowing only the wearer to view the time. On the women's FlyingT timepiece, the inclined dial and dial plate are designed from a tiger's eye. Hours and minutes are indicated by a pair of gold serpentine hands over a natural stone surface. In addition to the MB&F tiger's eye dial, another defining feature in this new LM FlyingT machine is the flying tourbillon on the dial plate. The feature on the ladies' FlyingT dial is a clear indication of the brand's mechanical creativity.


The new MB&F FlyingT watch has a vertical baguette movement placed in the center of the dial. This three-dimension vertical movement construction provides this watch with incredible transparency and lightness. The movement of this watch is fixed under a heavily domed sapphire glass, creating a stunning visual effect and a better angle for the observer to view the watch's flying tourbillon movement. According to Monochromewatches, challenges were experienced during the development of the women's FlyingT model, such as designing the shape of the upper tourbillon cage that created an uneven mass of the cage, and displaying time on the inclined dial also proved challenging. Nevertheless, these problems were solved, and the new LM FlyingT was fitted with a 2.5 Hz frequency and a 100-hr power reserve.

Final Thoughts

For a number of years, the most common argument in the luxury watchmaking industry was that they did not release many appealing timepieces for women. However, all these changed with the release of the ladies' MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT watch. According to Chronopassion, it will be sold at a retail price of $150,000.

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