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The 20 Most In-Demand Jobs Heading into 2020


High school students are looking at their options for future careers. Many are being counseled to pursue their passions, but to temper the things they enjoy with a realistic view of what will be available in the future job market. The forecasts rely upon statistical and demographic data along with social trends to determine which career paths will have the highest number of openings. With technology on the rise and automation becoming more commonplace, many of the jobs which existed in the past are being phased out and replaced with operator positions for tasks that were once manually accomplished. Here are the 20 most in-demand jobs as we're heading into 2020.

20. Physical Therapist

The increasing life expectancy and the growing number of senior citizens have increased the need for physical therapy technicians. Many seniors are in need of some form of therapeutic treatment as they progress in age. There has been a steady increase in the need for more trained and certified physical therapists and the need increased to 147,000 more position openings for 2018, suggesting that we're a long way from meeting the numbers needed in the profession to meet the demand.

19. Software Developer

With the increase in computers running the bulk of our business, financial and industrial operations, there is a great need for more software developers to create new and innovative programs. This need will only increase and it's one of the best career choices for 2020. It is estimated that there will be nearly 1.2 million openings in this area by 2026. The average salary for an experienced developer in a little over $100,000 per year on average.

18. Digital Content Specialist

The digital world is expanding at a rapid pace and we're struggling to keep up with the workload. There is a need for more digital content specialists The number of digital services being offered to consumers is growing on a monthly basis. There is a need for workers both on-site as well as for those who work remotely. Jobs will open up in the entertainment sector in the arena of on-demand media adn there is going to be a need for fresh content. There will be many different types of jobs within this arena.

17. Computer Systems Analyst

With the rise in computing systems throughout the world, there is also a growing need for computer systems analysts. It has been estimated that by 2026, the need will blossom into nearly half of a million job openings in this field. Information technology is becoming more pervasive in business as well as in our private homes. Companies benefit from assistance in selecting and installing the most beneficial hardware and software systems and in addition, with the growing field of AI and robotics, the need is going to increase yet more.

16. 3D Printing Technician

3D Printing technology is becoming more common. We're already using this new technology to create prototypes and products for commercial sale. There is a forecast for more job openings in this area as 3D printing becomes more widely used in industrial design, in the biomedical fields, in aviation, the automotive industry, and in many other disciplines.

15. Smart-Building Technician

The new smart-home technology requires the use of qualified technicians. More home and business owners are converting their buildings to smart buildings. There is an increasing need for the installation, maintenance, and repair of smart systems. These jobs are similar to HVAC technicians with the exception that there are many more systems involved as homes now feature control over most electronic and electrical appliances and devices in the home remotely.

14. Physician Assistant

As long as there are people in the world, there is going to be a high demand for medical professionals. There is a shortage of physicians in the world today and Physician Assistants are also in high demand. It is estimated that the need is only going to increase as it has not yet been met, and the demand continues to grow with an aging population growing larger with each passing decade.

13. Wind Energy Technician

There is currently a growing demand for wind energy technicians. Due to the changes in climate, there is a growing urgency for clean energy sources and there are more wind turbines going up all over the country. Wind energy will be a big part of our future and the job openings for technicians is steadily growing. Predictions are calling for an estimated 14,000 new job openings in this field in 2020.

12. Solar Energy Technician

More and more people are looking for ways to save money on electricity as well as finding alternative power sources which are more eco-friendly. There has been a growing need for solar energy technicians in recent decades and this is only going to increase as there are more solar panels being sold and installed. A need for technicians to install, maintain and repair these units. The demand for this profession is going to continue to increase within the next decade. An estimated 30,000 new jobs are expected to open in this field.

11. Dentists

Another job that is expected to increase in demand is for qualified dentists. There is currently a shortage in the number of dentists available in many portions of the United States. On average, dentists earn approximately $150,000 per year. This is a necessary occupation and the need will only decrease when the population does. It is projected that there will be 25,700 new positions opening in this field, for dentists who join established practices and this is not inclusive of those who may opt to start their own private practices.

10. Plumbers, steamfitters, and pipefitters

As long as there are buildings and sewer systems, industrial piping systems, home, and business plumbing systems and municipal water and sewer infrastructures there will be a need for plumbers, steamfitters and pipefitters. This is an industry that is expected to grow by 75,200 new positions in the near future. The only education requirement is a high school diploma or the equivalent and specific training and certification in the chosen area of practice, which in many cases, can be learned on the job as a plumber in training.

9. Construction managers

With a steadily growing population in the world, there is consistently a need for new construction to take place. Both residential, business and commercial growth means that new building projects will commence. It is estimated that there will be an increase in the number of new positions for Construction managers that will exceed 44,000 in the near future. A bachelor's degree is generally required in business management with some construction experience on the side. The average earnings per year are around $90,000.

8. Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives

It's estimated that there will be over 75,000 new positions opening for wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives. With commerce picking up at a steady rate. It is estimated that around 76,000 new positions will be opening between now and 2026. The average annual salary for experienced sales representatives past the entry-level is $56,000 per year. In most cases, the only educational requirements are a high school diploma or the equivalent, and training provided by the hiring company.

7. Secondary School teachers

Secondary school teachers are in high demand as there is a serious lack of them available for teaching grades 9 through 12 in the public school system. It's estimated that around 77,000 new positions will be available in the near future. Some school districts are so desperate for staff members that they are willing to employ those with a bachelor's degree and allow them to work on gaining their teaching certificates while on the job. The average annual income for this position is around $59,000 per year, but some specialized positions pay a lot more. In addition, the salaries may vary from one region of the country to another. One of the reasons why there are so many teaching jobs open is that the profession requires ongoing education at the expense of the teacher, and public school politics is listed as another factor that discourages some new teachers from continuing on in this career path. It's a challenging job, and more people are needed to fill the gaps.

6. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers

The truck-driving profession is one that has always been in high demand, but never as much as now. It's estimated that there is going to be room for nearly 110,000 new positions in the next few years. On average, truck drivers working for a trucking company earn roughly $42,800 per year. There are certification requirements for driving trucks. Most operators undergo a series of courses at approved and accredited truck driving school in order to earn a CDL.

5. First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers

In addition to high demand for construction, managers are a need for more people to fill the position of first-line supervisors. It's estimated that there will be just under 76,000 new openings by 2026 for people qualified for this trade. The annual earnings potential is estimated at $64,000 per year. A high school diploma or equivalent is generally required along with experience in the construction industry, preferably, as a worker prior to being advanced to a supervisor.

4.Services sales representatives

With the service industry booming and new companies starting up left and right, there is a growing need for service sales representatives. This is one of the ways that service providers spread the word about the products and services that they have to offer. In most cases, a high school diploma or equivalent is all the education that is required, as most companies train their services sales representatives in-house. On average, the annual salary is around $52,000. It is estimated that the number of jobs in this area will rise to 94,900 new openings by 2026.

3. Accountants and Auditors

Big business is on the rise and whether it's eCommerce or brick and mortar businesses there will always be a need for financial accounting. This is a field that has recently experienced an increase in the number of jobs being advertised by nearly 22%. This also includes auditors who review business financials and forensic accounting which goes more in-depth.

2. Post-secondary (College/University/Training) Teachers with a Doctoral Degree

There has been an increase in the demand for post-secondary instructors who possess a doctoral degree. There are many adjunct professors who teach a stray course here and there, but universities and colleges value a doctoral degree as it makes the employee more capable of fulfilling not only the role of an instructor but also some administrative roles. The demand for these professionals has increased by 15% over the past few years. Because of the cost of post-graduate education, many academics are opting to forego the doctoral degree. The most in-demand academic doctoral requiring posts are in the IT or Information Technology discipline, in Accounting and in Healthcare

1. Aerospace manufacturing jobs

The aerospace industry is positively booming and there is an increase in the need for skilled and professional workers in this industry. As technology continues to advance, so will the number of job openings in the industry. Space exploration and aerospace business ventures are increasing in numbers. There are fourteen major employers in the aerospace industry currently. These include Lockheed Martin, UTC Aerospace Systems, Northrop Grumman , Pratt & Whitney, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Raytheon, UTC Climate Controls & Security, GKN Aerospace, Honeywell, SpaceX, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Planetary Resources, The Aerospace Corporation, and Orbital ATK. We can thank geniuses like Elon Musk and Richard Branson for their daring ventures to take paying passengers into outer space aboard recreational shuttles. There's a race taking place right now to be the first to accomplish this feat. Engineers, mechanics, flight specialists, technicians, and many other positions within the industry are going to open up within a year or two.

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