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The Five Best Pairs of P448 Sneakers Money Can Buy

P448 Soho Black Sneaker

If you haven't yet heard of P448, it's time to get with the program. Launched in 2014, this Italian maker of luxury footwear is all about fine sneakers, master craftsmanship, and incredible ambition. After capturing the Italian market, they expanded rapidly over Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Since then, they've increased their footprint in the UK and have even started making inroads in the US, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Mexico, and Canada. With its combination of vintage sensibilities and modern aesthetics, the brand is perfect for anyone who wants to give a fresh new spin to their footwear collection. Underscoring each and every one of their designs is a commitment to craftsmanship that goes above and beyond the call the duty. If you're ready to take your sneaker collection to all new heights of glory, just take a look at these five best pairs of P448 sneakers money can buy.

P448 SkateV Jail Sneaker

P448 SkateV Jail Sneaker

As Bustle writes, compared to other types of sneaker, there's none that has as much style, history, and fans as the high-top variety. Whereas other silhouettes come and go, the high top is a permanent fixture of any self-respecting footwear collection. They're easy to style, they make any outfit look effortlessly cool, they come in 101 varieties, and they manage to be both super retro and super contemporary at the same time. Ultimately, they're a classic, and if there's one thing every footwear wardrobe needs, it's a classic. Take these gorgeous pair of SkateV Jail sneakers from P448 as an example of what makes the high top quite so great. Crafted from premium white leather and offering an eye-catching pop of color by way of the contrasting navy blue heel, they're stylish, simple, and possessed of enough street sensibilities to send your fashion credibility skyrocketing. A pastel blue rubber tread offers both function (check out that traction!) and style (who can resist a bit of baby blue?), while the beige suede tongue and toe provide a nice contrast to the otherwise white upper. Last but not least, the black and white treatment given to the lace-up fastening adds interest. Comfort is accounted for by way of a side zip for easy entry, a cushioned footbed for superior support, and a heel protector for maximum comfort. If you want style but aren't prepared to sacrifice comfort to get it, these are the sneakers for you.

.P448 Luke Yeti Sneaker

P448 Luke Yeti Sneaker

Like them or loathe them, chunky shoes seem here to stay. Since coming back into fashion with a bang a few years ago, the classic 90's silhouette just seems to get bigger and bigger- both in a fashion sense and a literal one. As writes, after years of clean, white minimalism and slim, sock-like sneakers, the re-emergence of massive sneakers might have come as a bit of a shock to our systems, but really, it was only a matter of time before the ultimate fashion statement of the mid nighties came back into style. After all, fashion is nothing if not circular. They may not be the easiest piece of footwear to style, but a bit of swagger will go a long way. If you want to jump on board the 'ugly' sneaker bandwagon, you'll find few better ways to do it than with the Luke Yeti. With a chunky rubber sole with white calf hair and white perforated fabric overlay, these sneakers aren't for the fainthearted. They're big, they're bold, and they're going to make a statement, whether you want them to or not. If you're prepared for that, then you're going to love them. The simple cream leather upper manages to counter the shocking effect of the heel to create a silhouette that's clean, modern, and surprisingly balanced. They may have been created in the tradition of 'dad' sneakers, but there's nothing parental or fuddy-duddy about these supremely stylish kicks.

P448 Skate Swamp Sneaker

P448 Skate Swamp Sneaker

We've already waxed lyrical about why your footwear collection deserves a pair of classic high tops, so we won't repeat the message again now. What we will say is why make do with one pair when you could have two? Especially when that second pair is quite so awesome as the P448 Skate Swamp Sneaker. They've got style (just take a look at that sand-colored canvas upper with its contrasting customized camouflage leather heel and its chic side-zip closure), comfort (that cushioned footbed and heel protector aren't just for show, you know), and enough little quirky details and standout features to make a sneakerhead go weak at the knees (the way the grey suede tongue and toe play against the sandy upper, the customized rubber cup sole, the perfect, true-to-size fit... the list goes on). If you want a pair of sneakers that perform as well as they look, these are the ones for you.

P448 John White Royal Sneaker

P448 John White/Royal Sneaker

If there's ever a Hall of Fame for sneakers, the John collection from P448 will make it in for sure. The line features a huge number of sneakers for both girls and boys that manages to cater to just about every taste imaginable. Some of the sneakers have leopard print detailing, others have fur. Some of them have been glittered and bedazzled to within an inch of their life, others have been stripped back to the bare essentials. Some of them are white, some of them are blue. Basically, whatever your favorite color, your favorite embellishment, and your favorite anything else, there's a John sneaker to match. If you prefer a simple style and minimalist aesthetic, you might want to cast your eye in the direction of the John White/Royal Sneaker. Made from a premium, durable white leather upper and featuring the iconic perforated P448 logo, they manage to be both elegantly understated and fabulously fashion-forward at the same time. A white and silver synthetic leather lining reveals a little flash of color, while the branded royal blue heel tab contracts perfectly with the otherwise all-white upper. They're sharp, they're stylish, and they're guaranteed to be your next favorite thing.

P448 Soho Black Sneaker

P448 Soho Black Sneaker

It's hard to find an everyday shoe that manages to be as stylish as it is practical, but with the Soho Black, P448 has delivered exactly that. Everyone needs a pair of low-top sneakers 'with a casual vibe that still upholds a clean sense of style'. These are those sneakers. With a low-top profile that will see you through any occasion effortlessly, these stylish sneakers have a simple, modern aesthetic that's just as chic as chic can be. Expect tumbled black leather uppers decorated with the iconic perforated P448 logo, a black and silver synthetic leather lining, and a white rubber sole that provides the perfect contrast to the otherwise all-black colorway.

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