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10 Things You Didn't Know About Rob van den Heuvel

Rob van den Heuvel is a businessman and entrepreneur who serves as the CEO of a tech company called Sendcloud. Mr. van den Heuvel is a solid example of how to build a successful business even when the economic situation looks bleak. We were interested in learning more about him and the factors that have influenced his high achievements in a competitive niche of the technology industry. We made some interesting discoveries after looking into his personal and career life, that are worth sharing for other entrepreneurs who are looking for role models and examples to consider. Here are ten things you probably didn't know about Rob van den Heuvel that you might find interesting and inspiring.

1. Rob is also the founder of Sendcloud

According to Crunchbase, Rob van den Heuvel is not only the chief executive officer of Sendcloud, but he is also a co-founder. He and his partner established the startup in October of 2012. The company is heading into its ninth year of successful operation and it is continuing to grow and expand.

2. He's a native of The Netherlands

According to his LinkedIn profile, Rob van den Heuvel is a citizen of The Netherlands. He attended schools in this country and his company Sendcloud is headquartered n Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands.

3. He is a college graduate

Rob completed high school then enrolled in classes at Peelland College Deurne in 2004. He spent four years at the institution to hear a Havo degree in Economics, completing the program in 2009. He continued his education immediately enrolling in Bedrijfseconomie at Fonty's University of Applied Sciences. He was enrolled from 2998 through 2013 when he earned his bachelor of business administration degree. He started his professional career with a solid educational background in business administration.

4. Rob was a sales representative

Mr. van den Heuvel started his professional career as a sales representative. He held down this job while he was still a college student. he was hired at T-Mobile Netherlands BV in March of 2011, and he remained at the job for 3 years and 1 month before leaving in March of 2014. His job was to sell contracts to the customer and help them solve any problems encounters.

5. He was part of an award-winning team

While employed at T-Mobile, Rob and his team members won several awards from 2011 through 2012. Some of these awards included Top 10 Sales for both years consecutively, and All-around customer service and sales recognition. This shows his dedication to giving his all to any task that he is given.

6. He is a serial entrepreneur

Rob van den Heuvel co-founded his first business in November of 2011. He and Bas Smeulders established PhoneGadgets, a company that marketed phone and tablet accessories imported from China. They built the company rapidly earning high revenues within the first year of operation while both co-founders were still college students. They shipped all orders out themselves each day, without hiring anyone else to help. They continue the operation for 2 years and 6 months before moving on to other business endeavors. The company was located in Deurne, The Netherlands. It opened the door for them to launch Sendcloud. This makes Rob van den Heuvel a serial entrepreneur. While PhoneGadgets was still in operation, the pair decided to turn the operation into a larger scale company, and in October of 012, Sendcloud was born. This was a remarkable feat for two young men who were still busy studying for their academic degrees.

7. He believes in teamwork

Rob and Bas joined forces with a third co-founder for launching Sendcloud. They brought Sabi Tolu on board to form a dynamic trio. The three built Sendcloud up as a company that provides smart shipping services for e-commerce customers. The platform provides online stores with a range of shipping options to meet customer needs. Soundcloud integrates with online stores to print shipping labels and streamline their daily shipping processes. It's an automatic system that keeps customers informed about their order status

8. His business is thriving

Rob is doing very well as the leader of Sendcloud. The company started in The Netherlands, and it has grown and expanded to include offices in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Austria, and France. It has become a global operation that serves more than 20,000 online retailers currently. This is just the beginning for Sendcloud. The three co-owners have plans to further expand their reach and enter into more parts of the world. This is an exciting time for Rob and his partners as their business is continuing to expand and add new customers daily. Sendcloud is thriving under Rob's leadership and he plans to continue the forward march into other countries of the world.

9. He's a young entrepreneur

According to Tech Leap, when Rob ad his buddies first established PhoneGadgets, then a few years later, Sendcloud, they were just in their early 20s. They stand as solid role models for young entrepreneurs with a good ideas. They show the world how three young people with a concept for a business that provides services that are needed can establish a successful company.

10. Rob and his friends are humble

In an interview, Rob shared that he and his two friends are very modest people who feel no need to be in the limelight. They're humble guys who didn't give themselves big fancy titles when they first launched Sendcloud. Instead, they adopted the titles of an account manager to make it seem like the company was the star of the show and not them. Through the years, Rob eventually adopted the title of the chief executive officer as the company grew and it became a necessity. These are just three regular guys who had a good idea and worked hard to build a thriving business. Rob is a humble person and he pays due respect to the two partners who helped to make their company a success.

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