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10 Things You didn’t know About Sina Chehrazi

Sina Chehrazi

Sina Chehrazi is the Co-founder and CEO of Nayya. Nayya is an AI and data science company whose primary goal is to develop new solutions on the way consumers use and choose their benefits through personalization. Their main goal revolves around the benefits of experience. According to Techrseries, choose is a personalized decision support engine that assists employees during open enrollment. At the same time, use is a personalized benefits concierge that assists employees to keep track of their benefits and use them throughout the year to help them save money. So who exactly is Sina Chehrazi? Here are ten things you didn’t know about Sina.

1. Family and Education Background of Sina Chehrazi

Sina grew up in a healthcare family. His father was a surgeon, which made him interested in healthcare, but he was not sure if this was the direction he should take. Sina went ahead and studied Business, Technology, and data at Georgetown Business School and worked for a tiny startup company. He helped to analyze data for insurance companies and healthcare companies in the data space. He later went to Georgetown Law School, where he became more interested in data privacy and security. His interest in data helped him build several data businesses while still in school.

2. How he started his own company

As the years went by, he felt he was being pulled back to healthcare and insurance. Sina was quite assertive and curious, which led him to ask himself several questions like ‘why are consumers always left behind?’ Why do companies not have consumer-centric solutions with so many dollars, so much time, and so much complexity? They teamed up with his co-partner and founded the company Nayya. The company’s main agenda was to help customers make smarter, faster, efficient, and personalized healthcare and benefits decisions.

3. His life as a co-founder

The title of a co-founder does not mean anything to Sina. To him, it’s all about what you do with the opportunity and how you execute your duties. Does your work make a significant impact on the world? His life revolves around figuring out how to execute various strategies to make them work. His mantra is to keep moving and overlook his achievements. He treats every day like a new day, a fresh start to execute his goals. He does not look back or forward but lives a day at a time.

4. The Vision of Nayya

Nayya has a vision of creating great products within the healthcare and insurance fields. The company aims at doing something impactful for millions of Americans. Nayya is a financial wellness company that bridges the gap between managing your health and wealth through data science and financial wellness.

5. The corporate culture in Nayya

Every employee of Nayya goes through an interview of culture for the internet. They are asked to dive into their experiences, background, and what ignites them. This one interview can determine if a particular candidate is suited to work at Nayya. If a candidate fails this interview, no matter how good they are, they will not be part of Nayya. Culturally, Nayya looks for people who demonstrate generosity to teamwork and humility to create space to be successful.

6. How Sina Chehrazi uses Nayya to find great health care that is Cost-effective

The last thing that anyone wants to deal with is the burden of the healthcare system, especially if they have a care episode. Unfortunately, the consumer is required to figure out a lot. Nayya travels the hard yard to give you a personalized experience in the way you choose and use benefits as a consumer. They will offer you affordable services.

7. Sina’s collaboration with Guardian and how the company benefited.

Sina decided to collaborate with Guardian because they share the same drive to help customers navigate the complex health care system. Guardian helps with customer innovation, while Nayya focuses on giving customers personalized benefits. The collaboration gives customers a structured benefit experience that meets their demands. The partnership is a true definition of how innovation solves consumer challenges.

8. His view of AI and Machine Learning

According to Sina’s interview with Forbes, AI, automation, and machine learning have innovated new technologies and services in every field. This makes the consumer market diverse, with various options to choose from. His company, Nayya, gives employees flexible solutions to choose and use their benefits throughout the year.

9. Sina Chehrazi’s Personal Legacy

Sina wants to leave a legacy of a commitment to excellence. He admits that he makes mistakes like any other person, and he does not fear making mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes. His focus is to be the best at everything, which stirs his commitment to excel in every task he is required to undertake. He aims at creating an environment where each person has their position and gets the opportunity to do what they love.

10. His goal and aspirations in the next five years

As much as the future is unpredictable, Sina hopes that his company will be a public company that will be doing something impactful for hundreds of millions of Americans in the next five years. He aspires to grow his company to employ hundreds of employees and hope to be back in New York City, although it might be difficult, but who knows? The future lies in our hands, and it depends on how we create it.


Sina Chehrazi is one of the youngest CEOs who is in the process of transforming the healthcare system. He owns a company called Nayya which is a financial wellness company. His company helps consumers to choose the best benefits plan. Choosing a benefit plan is one of the most significant financial decisions a person can make each year. Nayya has also partnered with Informed Consulting, a company that connects digital products to benefit ecosystem distribution of partners. Both companies are aimed at transforming the way people think about benefits.

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