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A Closer Look at the $1.09 Million Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos

Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos

What would you be willing to pay for the most luxurious stiletto heels in the world? We were amazed at the price tag attached to the Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos. The shoes sold for a whopping $1.09 million. Our first question was one frequently asked. What makes these shoes so valuable? A seasoned collector would have some ideas right off the bat, but we had to do our research to discover the attributes which combine to make these priceless stiletto heels worth a fortune. Here is what we learned as we take a closer look at the Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos.

Who designed the Platinum Guild Stilettos?

To understand the true value of the Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos, we must first take a look at the designer as well as the construction and history of the shoes. Stuart Weitzman founded the Stuart Weitzman shoe company. He's an American entrepreneur and shoe designer who is recognized around the world for his one of a kind creations. He's designed special shoes for the rich and famous including Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and others. When it comes to the creation of collectibles and high-value pieces, he's an expert with a trained eye for value. He once bought a British Guiana 1c magenta stamp for the staggering sum of $9.48 million, which set a world record, back in 2014. Weitzman is the genius behind the shoes which come at a cost well over a million bucks.

Premium materials and quality design and construction

At first glance, you may see that these are extremely attractive shoes. There isn't a lot of material involved and they show a lot of skin, but there is a lot more to them than meets the eye at first glance. It not only takes a close examination of these shoes to understand their merit but also a bit of knowledge about their design, construction, the materials used and the intended purpose. For starters, these upscale and extravagant shoes are made of very precious materials. The straps are made of platinum fabric which is not a textile that you can easily purchase from the local fabric store. In addition to this, there are a total of 464 precious stones from the prestigious Kwiat jewelers, embedded within the straps. Hours of attention to the detail and care go into the decorating of the straps which are the main focal point of the shoes.

A unique two-fold design

The Platinum Guild Stiletto shoes are made with a unique type of strap system that is not commonly seen even in the most expensive footwear brands. This is one of the features that sets the Platinum Guild model apart. Some of the jewels which are used to outline parts of the strap can be removed to make the shoes less dressy and more suitable for casual events. This is quite the innovation in making these ultra-expensive shoes very versatile, but it's just the beginning. The strap portions which feature round and pear-shaped diamonds have been fashioned in a manner that makes them completely removable for the purpose of wearing them as a bracelet or as a necklace. How many people do you know who own a pair of shoes that can be converted into a bracelet or a necklace?

The originals made for a specific purpose

On a final note, these shoes were specially designed and crafted with an event in mind. They were created to be worn by a nominee for an Oscar award. It was the intention that these shoes would make their debut at the gala event and the person who was selected to wear these $1.09 million dollar stilettos was actress Laura Harring, of "Mulholland Drive" fame. Stuart Weitzman hit the nail directly on the head in designing extravagant stiletto heels. The diamonds and their elegant placement, the high value, and the versatility are all attributes which give a nod to the star-studded event that pays homage to some of the most talented and wealthy actors in the entertainment business. It was rumored that Ms. Harring was accompanied by three bodyguards while wearing valuable shoes. This is not the first event specific shoe that Stuart Weitzman has designed in fact, he's kind of making a habit of it. He also designed a pair of platinum and diamond beauties to be worn under similar circumstances at the 2007 Oscars as well. We're not sure if these were commissioned by the Oscars committee or if it was a voluntary offer, but they couldn't have chosen a better professional designer for the task.

Final thoughts

If you were ever wondering how a pair of stiletto heels with very delicate and even skimpy straps could be valued at more than a million dollars, hopefully, those questions have all been answered. Stuart Weitzman is one of the most well-respected shoe designers in the business. Some of the top celebrities and prestigious organizations trust his judgment and with just cause as he maintains an impressive portfolio of former successes in his designer shoe lines. The Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stiletto is just one example of his work, but it's one of the more magnificent. Looks can be deceiving so you cannot really judge its value by the shortage of materials. With the value of the diamonds and platinum fabric and thread used in this unique creation, Weitzman's unique offering and its versatility, loads of expensive diamonds and platinum materials and the fact that it's one of his original designs lend a high value to this example. After reviewing this and other works completed by Stuart, it makes us wonder what he's going to come up with next.

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