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10 Things You Didn't Know about The Bollinger B2 Electric Truck

 Bollinger B2 Electric Truck

Bollinger Motors' latest 4X4 B2 pickup truck has dramatically reshaped the electric car industry. The company unveiled this new truck earlier in the year after the success it had with the B1 Sports Utility truck. The Michigan-based company has continued to expand its vehicle range with the addition of this full-size pickup truck that proffers an unbelievable fact sheet to match. In this post, we discuss ten things you most probably didn't know about this electric truck.

1. Cargo Floors Designed from Genuine Wood

The Bollinger B2 Electric Truck's front, center, and rear console cargo floors are designed from natural wooden strips. The reclaimed hardwood which forms the door pulls was initially used as church pews in the Detroit Baptist Church. However, most people are still skeptical about whether this source can manage to sustain high production volumes.

2. Contains 2-Speed Bespoke Gearboxes

 Bollinger B2 Electric Truck side

A drivetrain engineer named CJ Winegar is responsible for the design of the rear and front gearboxes on the Bollinger B2 Electric Truck. The two gearboxes provide the truck with excellent low-range rock crawling capability with each featuring three helical gears. Each gear transmits motor power to the main gearbox. Additionally, the main gearbox contains two helical gears missing synchronizers similar to those found in a racing gearbox. The overall gearing consists of a ratio of 1.94:1 at each portal axel. Additionally, it has a 22.5:1 ratio in low range – excellent for 63mph at 15,000rpm. It also has an 11.3:1 ratio in the high range – excellent for over 100mph while driving at limited top speed. For these reasons, the available force at any contact point is greater than 2,700 pounds from rest.

3. Vintage Steering Column

You may have had a chance to experience the familiar column that featured in past GM products or the recent old-school Checker automobiles. However, GM discontinued its manufacture, and an aftermarket company took over its production.

4. Charging, Range, and Battery Life

 Bollinger B2 Electric Truck back

Once production begins, the company promises that the Bollinger B1 and B2 electric trucks with their substantial 120kWh battery pack will achieve a 200miles reach. According to the "official Bollinger Motors website", the battery pack can be recharged using a 220-Volt outlet in ten hours. However, it's also compatible with DC fast charging feature that can reduce this time to just 75 minutes.

5. Can Wade Through 36-Inches Deep

The Bollinger B2 Electric Truck can wade through three feet deep. Drivers don't have to worry about the internal combustion engine. Thus, there's zero need for snorkels or other aids. Also, their heavy 2.5-ton weight offers excellent balance and removes any buoyancy concerns. Drivers can safely keep their electronics and other valuable items safe at this depth.

6. Interior Cargo and Comfort

 Bollinger B2 Electric Truck interior

The Bollinger B2 Electric Truck doesn't have any wiring on its doors, which makes the removal process quite simple. The windows are just manual sliders you can move as well as manual locks and mirrors. All the four doors feature key cylinders too. The pickup additionally has rear and front tailgates and midgates with lockable stowage cubbies on the truck’s bed.

The B2's versatility is on another level, with a hollowed-out interior that can handle up to 16ft-long items. Its cabin features a fold-away rear wall that opens and extends the 5'9" bed by more than 2 feet. Furthermore, this truck has removable roof panels, body panels, windshields, and windows. You shouldn't expect an incredible list of standard/optional features because its highlight is more heated seats and air conditioning.

7. Infotainment and Connectivity

When analyzing connectivity and infotainment features, they are less remarkable and brief. Alongside the standard Bluetooth, the Bollinger B2 Electric truck comes with six, 110V outlets. According to “MOTORTREND”, the audio system is controlled by a couple of knobs located under the dash. Furthermore, all the speakers in this truck are body mounted.

8. Features the Hummer Esque Wheels

Bollinger B2 Electric interior 1

The Bollinger B2 Electric Truck features the 17” 8-lug 12-spoke aluminum wheels. These are similar wheels from the company that manufactured for Hummer. But even after fitting portal axels to the B2, Bollinger Motors showed no desire to provide central tire inflation.

9. Huge Tow Hooks and Removable Bumper Corners

While the Hummer H1 is manufactured and lifted by helicopters, the Bollinger B2 electric trucks have almost the same tow hooks able to support the entire weight of the pickup. Since the rear hooks are located inside the back bumper, having lifting cables attached is challenging.

If you would like to have an impactful approach towards obstacles, the B2 electric truck can assist you. You can easily remove the front and back bumper corners and achieve a more Rubicon-ready look.

10. It’s Highly Priced

Bollinger B2 Electric exterior

Bollinger Motors finally announced the cost of the B2 electric truck. The truck will start retailing at $125,000 – way above the sub-$100,000 margins aimed at when the firm announced its B1 back in 2017. While this price may be quite high, deep-pocketed pickup truck enthusiasts won't feel the pinch. The truck has improved on paper since its original market entry announcement.

According to “The Verge", the $125,000 price is too pricey for an electric off-roading truck, but this may be the way Bollinger Motors accepts reality. Vehicle manufacture is no mean feat, low-margin, and expensive business. The company must be able to raise money and partner with other manufacturers to get production rolling ahead of deliveries in 2021.

10. Driver-Assistance and Safety Features

The Bollinger B2 is designed to be a Class 3 work pickup. Hence this means it avoids various vehicle regulations by the government such as crash- and airbag-testing. Furthermore, its limited list of cutting-edge technology means the truck will most likely have minimal – if any – driver-assistance features.

Final Thoughts

The Bollinger B2 Electric Truck is an all-electric, all-wheel drive, and all-aluminum pickup that is expected to change the motor vehicle industry. The vehicle is a great zero-emission truck for your off-road fun and provides an exciting addition to the auto market.

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