The Top Five Special Edition Mercedes Models of All-Time

Mercedes- Benz is a brand that is known for manufacturing luxury vehicles, lorries, coaches, and buses. It was founded in 1886 when Karl Benz invented the first car in the globe. It was an invention that pioneered an excellent path for technology and innovation that the brands boast of to date. Manufacturers focus on smart creations that introduce new eras in regards to standards of driving. They are consistently combining technological innovations with intelligent, compact, and chic designs. While there are many models in the market, producers go above and beyond to present special edition Mercedes like:

Mercedes Benz G 500 Limited Edition

It is one of the limited models that the brand produced while closing down the curtains on the manufacturing of the G-Class. The models boast of a 4.0-liter V – 8, 416-hp-twin-turbocharged engine. It also adds some distinct styling cues like a black-painted grille, coat of Margo paint and a spare tire cover. Even though the G-350 model has a subtle exterior look, it is complemented by an exceptional interior. These feature enhancements like black leather plus white stitches, gloss-black trim, and an AMG steering wheel. Harman Kardon sound system round the essential interior features. Owners of the car will also enjoy driving around in an automobile that has 19-inch AMG titanium alloys, brushed aluminum trim, and an additional chrome and stainless steel trim. Production of this model is limited to only 463 units across the globe.

Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Among the most expensive and special edition Mercedes models that the brand has ever released, the 300SL was initially supposed to function as a race car. Its production took place between the years 1953 to 1962 after the variant ten years earlier. Only a couple of thousands were made, and currently, there are just a few left. The masterpiece featured gull wings on the coupe and was categorized to be the fastest vehicle of its day. The direct fuel injected model stands out with its distinctive doors. The car was built around aluminum space frame chassis that was welded to offset is straight six engine. Its main body, however, was steel with the hood, trunk lid, and doors made of aluminum. Its fantastic features, low production numbers, and technological firsts make it one of the most collectible models from Mercedes- Benz.

Mercedes Benz G350d Limited Edition

It is a model that stands tall with a Mocha Black Metallic paint that excellently blends in well with a set of gray 19-inch five-spoke wheels. Interior is nothing short of luxurious with brown leather seats and AMG steering wheel that is available in two color schemes, i.e., black and brown. Interiors also include a dope audio system (Harman Kardon Logic) as well as loading protection and exclusive package. Under the hood of this car is a 3.0 liter V-6 241 turbo-diesel. Its exterior stainless steel package gives the car an incredible sports package. Rear window and side windows have heat-insulating dark-tinted glass. Worth mentioning is that the automobile also has electric sliding and tilting sunroof as well as a heated windscreen.

Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster

Featuring a fabric roof, this is a special edition Mercedes that delivers high-performance and has an open-top. Its roof closes and opens in a record 11 seconds at a touch of a button making it one of the quickest drop tops the brand has ever produced. It is available in three colors, beige, red, and black. It was created as a range-topping member of the convertible family. Its features include rear axle steering, adaptive adjustable suspension, electronic locking differential and active aerodynamics. The model also comes with a luxurious and alluring cabin and pretty amazing uproarious vocals. The vehicle can propel from rest in 3.7 seconds to 100km/h and a top speed of 316 km/h. The hardcore AMG GTR has a twin turbo 4.0 – liter V-8 engine.The marvelous and mesmerizing machine connects to the seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

Mercedes Benz C63 S

Boasting of a powerful engine (4.0-liter twin turbo V8) it is a model that can achieve an output of 700Nm of torque and 510 HP. It is one of the vehicles where the torque remains the same regardless of the gear that the driver is in. In just 4.0 seconds, it can hit 62 mph while sounding amazing at the same time. The vehicle’s electronic differential and adaptive dampers contribute highly to its road demeanor. It is very composed of the road giving riders an enjoyable ride. Its design influenced by motorsport is a reflection of its incredible technology. The interiors only feature a careful choice of first-class and select materials with their precision craftsmanship, sumptuous tactile qualities delivering an exceptional and rare sense of quality,

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