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The Best Places to Buy Used Luggage Online


High-quality luggage can break or make your trip, preventing you from damaging your souvenirs or keeping you from losing your stuff. It is hence vital to find the right luggage before heading out for a trip. However, it's often costly to purchase brand-new luggage. Most people prefer buying used luggage online as it's more pocket friendly. If you have never purchased used luggage online, don't worry because there are many online sites where you can readily search and find used luggage. From robust outdoor gear to designer luxury brands and from a certified seller, user marketplaces to the simple user, you have endless options as a buyer of used luggage. Here is a review of the best online spots where you can buy used luggage.

6. Gumtree

Having been in operation for more than twenty years, Gumtree is an excellent online platform to find used luggage for sale listed by thousands of users. Today, it's one of the top sites for classified ads and guarantees the security and safety of all transactions. The user ratings enable buyers to know who they are dealing with and cooperate with local law enforcement agencies to keep things secure and safe. Like most marketplaces, the Gumtree website has search filters to find what you are searching for quickly. They also have a unique search function that enables you to search for advertisements with attached images to ensure you can see what you will get when you purchase the used luggage online. By buying used luggage at Gumtree, you will be joining the Upcycle Revolution.

5. Gear Trade

Gear Trade is another excellent place to purchase used luggage online. Unlike other used luggage sites that feature a single central platform or facilitate user-to-user deals, Gear Trade combines the two by connecting with retailers and shops to help them sell their used goods. One of the great things about Gear Trade is the 'Ask A Question' feature. Each page has a section where interested buyers can contact the seller to ask questions and other information about particular luggage. Later, everybody who visits the page will see the questions and answers.

4. Fashionphile

If you want more fashion in your luggage, Fashionphile is the best place to find used stylish and designer luggage. Their online site is dedicated to making used luxury goods available at affordable prices. Fashionphile passion for authentic handbags and designer goods made them develop an exhaustive authentication process to guarantee that everything on their site is entirely genuine. Its experts authenticate every designer piece and brand name luggage sold on Fashionphile. The used luggage on Fashionphile is not only authentic but also very accessible. The platform has a Buyback Program that allows you to try out the products before committing to them. They also feature a Layaway Luxury Reserve, a feature that will enable you to purchase an item with several installments over a specific timeline. If you have any queries about the available used designer luggage, you can inquire about their stuff via online chat.

3. Shop Goodwill

You are probably familiar with Shop Goodwill as a platform to donate and purchase used items like clothing. However, their website is also a great place to purchase used luggage online. Shop Goodwill site allows you to search for used products listed for sale at Goodwill stores throughout the country, so you won't be limited to just what is available at the local Goodwill store. You can also filter the items by availability to pick up in a store near you if you prefer to check out the luggage individually before closing on the deal. Shop Goodwill provides many payment options and allows you to place a bid by setting your price for luggage. You can filter your preferred listing type, whether you want to put a bid or the 'buy it now' option. As an accredited charity with BBB and having a top-notch rating from Charity Watchdog, Goodwill is a reputable organization dedicated to improving the lives of the people they work with. Here you will find great deals on used luggage.

2. REI

Although REI is a reputable retailer for brand new gear, you can also find used luggage for sale on the website. So, if you are looking to find great deals on outdoor luggage and rugged packs, REI is a perfect place to look. You can browse down all the listed used gear or go directly to the luggage and backpacks section. REI team members inspect all the items sold via the used gear program to ensure they are in excellent condition. They also display the price of the used item compared to what you would pay for a brand new one. Purchasing used luggage through REI won't give you their popular warranty policy, but you will still have a 30 days return guarantee to return the luggage for a refund. This way, you can readily try out the luggage and ensure everything is perfect before committing completely.

1. eBay

At the top of the list is eBay, a long-standing and reputable internet institution for purchasing and selling collectibles and an excellent place to purchase used luggage online. According to its website, it features a powerful and robust search feature that allows you to find precisely what exactly you are searching for and at the price you want to pay. You can conveniently find luggage by your price and the category it falls in at the top of the page. You can even narrow down your search further. When you scroll down, the left side of the website page has options: size, guaranteed shipping time, features, conditions, color, brand, delivery options, and more. While the eBay site is popular for its auctioneering feature that allows you to bid against other potential buyers and propose your price for a product. Many items on the site also have a 'buy it now 'feature allowing you to skip the entire auction process. You can even categorize your search on whether a product has an auction feature or a 'buy it now' option.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best online websites selling used luggage. Whether you are searching for something easy and light to haul around, something stylish and fashionable to get attention, or something sturdy and rugged to go to the mountains, having the right luggage is very important. Depending on your preference, you will readily find used luggage on your budget at these sites.

If you're looking for new luggage, consider, with it's large variety of options and benefits.

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