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How Many Types of Luggage are There?


If you are going on a trip, it is time to pack your items in your luggage. However, people face challenges regarding the type of luggage to use. For instance, you may need to find out the correct size for your luggage. Also, you need one that adequately protects your items, especially fragile ones. Then, you will also need one that protects your items from theft. Thankfully, you can choose different types of luggage based on your needs. There are six types of luggage, and here are their descriptions below.

6. Soft-Sided Luggage

This luggage is flexible due to the materials used to make it. It is usually made from woven nylon. According to Consumer Reports, there are different types of woven nylon such as ballistic, Cordura, and ripstop. Each of them is advantageous on its own. For instance, if you want smooth and shiny luggage, you can opt for the ballistic one. Cordura is the best one to choose in terms of its abrasion resistance. Lastly, if you do not want to pick bulky luggage, you can opt for ripstop, which is lightweight. Besides flexibility, the luggage has several compartments. This luggage has exterior pockets and one or more interior pockets. Due to the several compartments, this luggage is ideal for people who overpack. The major downside to this luggage is that it is not waterproof. So, it would not be the best one for carrying electrical devices.

5. Hard-Sided Luggage

If you have items that need to be shielded from water, this is the luggage you should consider. The luggage contains a hard shell that is not only waterproof but also durable. Some materials used to make this luggage include acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polycarbonate. ABS is a lightweight material, while polycarbonate is durable. So, if you want the right material for this luggage, it would be best to get yourself one made from 100% polycarbonate. According to Trek Baron, it does not scratch easily. Even if it does, it blends with the color of the suitcase; hence not easy to spot it. Meanwhile, ABS and polycarbonate composite scratch easily.

4. Rolling Spinner Luggage

Spinner is a name given to luggage with four wheels. These wheels can be used for both hard-sided and soft-sided luggage. Unlike two-wheeled luggage, this luggage has excellent mobility. Its wheels easily make a 360 degrees turn, so you will not have to help it turn by turning your body. As a result, it can take great corners. Since it has four wheels, they are more stable than two-wheeled luggage. This means you will be able to push it without tipping over. Tipping over is embarrassing when it happens in front of people. However, a major concern is you possibly getting injured. Despite facilitating ease of movement, these wheels cause the luggage to take up a lot of space. For instance, you may need a large car to accommodate this luggage.

3. Wheeled Backpack

Is there luggage that can allow you to drag and carry it on your back? Yes, and this luggage does precisely that. For instance, dragging your wheeled backpack on a staircase is challenging. In such a case, you will carry this luggage on your back and drag it once you are on a flat surface. Also, maneuvering through human traffic can be tricky if you are pulling it. In this scenario, you would also wear it on your back and drag it when there is less human traffic. This luggage contains several pockets for your everyday items like smartphones or pens. That means you will not have to pack them in the same compartment with your clothes.

2. Carry-On Luggage

This luggage is commonly used when boarding a plane. Since the plane is designed a particular way, your luggage should have certain specifications to fit in the overhead bin. According to United, its maximum dimensions should be 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches. These measurements also consider the handles and wheels. Fortunately, most manufacturers know the required measurements, so you will not have to figure out whether it has the proper measurements. This luggage is waterproof since it is made from nylon and polyester. However, its major drawback is that it is small and may not accommodate your belongings.

1. Duffel Bag

Typically, when we think of duffel bags, we think of them as bags for carrying gym clothes. However, these bags have evolved over the years. For instance, some of them have wheels and shoulder straps. You can even get one with back straps. People admire this luggage for its spaciousness. It is roomy due to its cylindrical and unstructured shape. As a result, the person can pack as many items as they want without worrying about running out of space and distorting its shape. Unlike the previous luggage, the duffle bag is the most flexible. Since it does not have a rigid structure, you can squeeze it in small places, for instance, under car seats. If it does not fit in a certain location, you could also fold it so that it can fit. A significant disadvantage with this luggage is its lack of security. First, it does not have built-in locks. That means a person simply needs to unzip your luggage and take whatever they want. Also, the material you choose matters. If you do not choose a durable material, a thief may tear it with a knife and steal the items that fall on the ground. So, ensure you invest in one made with durable materials.


The luggage discussed above meets several needs, so it is up to you to figure out your needs. A feature that is desired in luggage is security. By security, we mean protection from theft or external damage. For instance, if you are carrying a laptop, it is best to carry it in hard-sided luggage. Remember, the laptop can be stolen, and it is sensitive to damage like water. However, if you are not carrying any valuable items, a duffle bag may be the best luggage for you. Even if a thief slashed the duffle bag to steal from you, you would only worry about replacing it and not the items.

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