The 20 Worst Airports in the U.S. in 2019


If you have every wondered about the worst airports in the United States, this is the list that you will want to read through. There are various reasons why each airport made the list. Some of these might shock you, while others will come as no surprise. Here you go:

20. Miami International Airport

Located in sunny southern Florida, one would think that it is all roses at the airport. That is not the case. This airport is plagued by aging buildings, more passengers than it can really handle, and an on-time record that is not something to write home about. These combine to make it the 20th worst airport in the country.

19. Kansas City International Airport

One thing that the Kansas City airport has going for it is that it is not a major transit hub. This means that you might not need to fly through here very often. For those visiting or living in the area, however, you will find a difficult time getting to and from the airport. The amenities are also sorely lacking.

18. Philadelphia International Airport

Here is one of the more established airports in the region, but the cold weather hampers its ability to get flights off on time. It has one of the worst records in that area. You will also want to allow yourself extra time to get her, as the traffic is especially bad.

17. Honolulu International Airport

You might be in paradise when you are in Hawaii, but that does not always extend to the airport. You will find this to be an aging building that lacks the amenities you would expect, particularly if you are on vacation.

16. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Flight delays and much more put a damper on your stay in the Big Easy. The New Orleans Airport is a bit difficult to get to as well, with limited transit opportunities in the area. You will not find much room to eat here either.

15. Logan International Airport

This airport is in Boston and you can almost count on a harrowing experience whenever you need to catch a flight here. The good point about this airport is that it is located very close to the downtown area. This makes it easy to access, particularly for business travelers. It also has some great amenities located throughout the airport. So, you might be wondering why it made this list of worst airports in the United States. It has a horrible on-time record for flights. This has not gotten any better through the years. Part of it has to do with winter weather, making it less than ideal if you have a schedule that you need to keep.

14. Denver International Airport

Here is another cold weather airport that made the list. Located in Denver, Colorado this is an airport that services an impressive 58.3 million passengers every year. The airport is a mile high and there can be a lot of snow. These issues make running the facility quite difficult, but the airport has developed an uncanny reputation for being able to keep its planes running on time. That is certainly a positive. It also has some of the best food prices for an airport. So, what’s the problem? The problem is actually getting to the airport. It was built 24 miles from the downtown district of Denver. The road getting tot the airport is often congested, so you need to allow quite a bit of extra time just to get to the check-in line, and then there is security to deal with.

13. Thurgood Marshall Airport

The Thurgood Marshall Airport is located in Baltimore. It is one of three major airports located within the Washington D.C. making for a crowded air corridor indeed. It might serve both Washington and Baltimore, but it is closer to Baltimore. It serves an average of 25 million passengers a year. It is also one of the 10 best airports in the country from an accessibility standpoint. The downside is that it has less than stellar amenities and it is one of the worst in the United States in terms of on time departures. This puts it as the 13th worst airport in the country.

12. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

This is actually the busiest airport in the world, but that does not mean it is a passenger favorite. It is the worldwide home to Delta Airlines, so that should say something we suppose. Since it is only ten miles from downtown Atlanta, it is worthwhile noting that it is easy to get to this airport. However, it is sorely lacking in terms of amenities. This is troubling since it is such a large facility that services more than 104 million passengers every year. You will also need those amenities because there are a lot of delays coming out of this airport, which puts it as the 12th worst airport in the country.

11. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Located in Detroit, this airport serves over 34 million passengers every year. It is actually quite a modern facility and has many modern conveniences that one would expect when the cold winter months invade the area. However, there are only 44 restaurants in the entire airport, which is not nearly enough to handle the nearly 100,000 people that come through here every day. The flights are also no reliable and the facility itself is located 20 miles from downtown Detroit, making it difficult for business travelers. This makes it the 11th worst airport in the country.

10. Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Many of the reasons that make the Seattle airport the 10th worst in the country are out of its control, but such is life. The fog alone makes this one of the worst airports in the country from an on-time flight perspective. The good news there, we suppose, is that you will find a Starbucks located just about everywhere you look. That being said, there are very limited dining choices at the airport. The good point is that it is relatively close to downtown Seattle and there is a bus and rail service to get you there. Just don’t expect to actually leave the airport on time.

9. San Francisco International Airport

Located in the Bay Area of California, the San Francisco International Airport is the 9th worst in the country for a variety of reasons. It does serve roughly 53 million passengers every year, but it is located more than 13 miles to the south of the downtown area. That 13 miles takes a while to commute, however, because of the congestion that is on the roads at all time of day and night. In addition, San Francisco has delays that are worse than even Atlanta, and that is saying something since Atlanta pushes twice as many passengers throughout its terminals than does San Francisco. Of course, the morning fog has something to do with this as well.

8.Dallas-Forth Worth International

Here is the 8th worst airport in the United States located in Dallas, Texas. It services about 66 million passengers every year, but it is difficult to access from either Dallas or Forth Worth. That is the first troubling sign for the airport. It is 20 miles from Dallas and even further away from Forth Worth. There are also not many transit options to get you there. In addition, this airport is plagued by frequent delays. The upside is that the airport has many amenities to keep you company while you wait for that delayed flight.

7. Orlando International Airport

At least there is beautiful weather in Orlando, Florida because it does not seem to be that sunny inside the airport. This is the 7th worst airport in the country, but the airport is so spread out that it can take ages to get anywhere. There are also not many amenities to speak of and delays are frequent. This is frustrating because the weather should not be an issue. It is also difficult to get to and from the airport as there are limited public transit options. There is a train system coming, but it is still years away.

6. O’Hare International Airport

Getting to this airport in Chicago, Illinois is only half the battle. The upside here is that the airport is able to have more on time flights than Orlando, and the weather in Chicago often does not cooperate very well with air travel. That being said, it is 17 miles to the downtown area of Chicago and the traffic is notoriously bad. Even the train or bus takes a long time, so plan on extra time to be built into your schedule. This is the primary reason that this airport is the 6th worst in the country.

5. Hollywood International Airport

No, this airport is not located in California. In fact, this is yet another sunny Florida airport that made a list it would rather not be on. This is actually one of the most hated airports according to numerous surveys. There are long lines to check in, flights are often delayed, security is notoriously slow, and there are more cancellations than should happen in a location that has such great weather. Many of the 29 million passengers serviced here every here also remark about how slow baggage claim is as well. These are all issues that could be fixed with better management, which makes you wonder what is going on in Fort Lauderdale.

4. Los Angeles International Airport

We are now starting to get to the part of the list that contains airports that will likely come as little surprise to veteran air travelers. This particular airport in California has a set of problems that date back years. It consists of eight terminals that you can not walk between. You are left depending on a tram system that can get you mired in traffic and make you wish you just walked the distance yourself. It also is mired in flight delays, and this area does not have the fog issues that San Francisco has. In fact, Los Angeles still manages to have a worse on-time record than the Bay Area. Go figure.

3. Newark Liberty International Airport

Traveling through this New Jersey Airport has long been a travelers nightmare. It services about 41 million passengers every year, but it is difficult to envision how they all get there. It is difficult to get to the airport, as you have to make it through New York City traffic first. It also has one of the worst on-time records in the area. This is compound by the fact that you will be in a cramped spaced with thousands of other travelers who are extremely tired. It is also rated as one of the ugliest airports in the world as well, so the troubles just keep mounting.

2. LaGuardia Airport

This is yet another of New York’s three major airports to make this list. Here, we have the 2nd worst airport in the country, and there are many good reasons for that. It is actually quite rare to have a flight take off from here on time. Like its sister airport in New Jersey, the structure for the airport is nothing to look at. It is a much-hated airport that needs countless infrastructure related improvements if it is every going to move up on this list, as one doesn’t see it disappearing from the list all together any time soon.

1. John F. Kennedy International Airport

This has long been rated one of the worst airports in the country. It is also an ugly airport, getting to the facility is quite difficult, and the on-time record is horrible. This is like a broken record, as these are the same issues that have reported at this airport for decades now. Travel around the holidays is particularly difficult. Combine the weather with the number of passengers and multiple delays are likely to happen.

So, that’s the list. These are the airports you would love to avoid, but often cannot. At least now you can be prepared for what you are about to face.

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