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The Five Best Vodkas To Use in an Appletini


The apple martini, popularly known as an appletini, is a delicious and sweet cocktail with a vodka base. Appletinis are listed among the most preferred fruit martinis in modern-day bars and restaurants. Many variations are made on the apple martini based on different recipe approaches. For example, the fruity flavor in the cocktail may be from brandy or an apple liqueur; other people opt to use orange-flavored Cointreau, green melon Midori, apple juice, or cider instead. Whether you are looking for a true apple flavor cocktail or a sweet and sour electric green cocktail, there is an apple martini recipe that is well-suited to your taste. Here, we will take a closer look at the best five vodkas to use in an Appletini.


The Apple Martini was initially known as Adam's apple Martini because it was created by Lola's West Hollywood bartender Adam Karsten in 1996. The invention of the Appletini was a year after Lola's restaurant was opened. The restaurant's manager Dunsworth asked Adam to blend a drink from a Sour Apple Pucker schnapps bottle that had been gathering dust on the shelf. Once the glass was made, the restaurant's manager claimed it tasted pretty good and was later approved by the region's locals. They decided to name the drink after its maker- Adam, who made it with equal parts of schnapps, vodka, and a splash of simple syrup. The drink later became a trendy drink among young women, who claimed it was easy to drink. By becoming a favorite drink in the area, the Adam's Apple achieved a certain degree of popularity among many bars. Within months, the Appletini had started making its way to various bars and restaurants around Los Angeles. However, in the late 80s, the Apple Martini was limited to a less sophisticated audience to prevent irresponsible drinking. Having taken over Los Angeles, the Apple Martini spread to most parts of the world, with each bar having its version of the classic drink. The apple martini taste is usually associated with that of a light apple jolly rancher due to its crisp and fruity apple flavor. Here are our favorite apple vodka picks for the apple martini.

What are the best vodkas to use in an apple martini?

According to Acommunaltable, below are some of the best vodkas to include in your apple martini:

5. Effen Green Apple Vodka

The Effen Green Apple Vodka is best-known for adding a clean, refreshing taste of juicy green apple flavor. Made from the Holland-based brand Effen, this green apple vodka will instantly make your cocktail tastier. This vodka blends perfectly with the classic Moscow Mule and the Apple Martini.

4. New Amsterdam Apple Vodka

The New Amsterdam Apple Vodka is a five-time distilled vodka that is made from the most refined grains. It is so smooth to help you create a perfect cocktail. This California-made vodka is best known for its crisp and refreshing profile with subtly sweet, fruity apple flavors. The New Amsterdam Apple vodka is the perfect vodka for your cocktail if you want to add a nice touch of sweetness and depth.

3. Absolut Juice Apple Edition

The Absolut Juice Apple Edition is a vodka brand best-known for its intensely crisp, juicy flavor and ripe apple aroma. This vodka also features some decent vanilla hints, making it a well-rounded vodka and ideally refreshing for cold and hot fall cocktails. Absolut vodka is a Swedish vodka often termed "clear vodka ."It contains 40% alcohol and is usually available in 750 ml bottles. One notable feature of Absolut vodka is that it is vegan; thus, they do not contain any animal derivatives.

2. Infuse Spirits Cinnamon Apple Vodka

The Infuse Spirits Cinnamon Apple vodka lines between whiskey and vodka due to its darker tone. The cinnamon and apple-flavored vodka is made by Infuse Spirits and is best known for its fresh cinnamon and apple slices that add a unique punch of tasty flavors. This vodka blends perfectly with your favorite ginger beer or Apple Martini.

1. CÎROC Apple Vodka

CIROC is an award-winning vodka brand as it was named as one of the World's Best-Selling Vodka at the 2020 Drinks International awards. According to Cîroc, the CIROC Apple Vodka is distilled five times to ensure high vodka quality. This vodka is perfectly infused with a decent blend of apple and other natural flavors, resulting in a unique taste experience that is distinctively rich and smooth. The CIROC Apple Vodka is the perfect vodka for a weekend Appletini or a fun twist to your classic vodka soda.

How to make the perfect Appletini

According to, below are some quick steps on how to make the perfect Apple martini:


  • Ice cubes
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 1-1/2 ounces of sour apple liqueur


  • Step 1: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice
  • Step 2: Add lemon juice, apple cider, and your preferred vodka into the cocktail shaker
  • Step 3: Shake thoroughly for 20 seconds until chilled and diluted
  • Step 4: Strain the content into a martini glass
  • Step 5: Garnish with an apple slice

If you want to sweeten your Appletini, you can opt to add a splash of simple syrup. Consider adding a dash of cinnamon over the line or top of your martini glass. Serve your apple martini cocktail in a chilled glass for an ultimate flavor experience.

Bottom Line

Apple martinis are among the most popular fruit martini cocktails in the modern bar. This classic cocktail's recipe often uses vodka as the base, but pretty diverse variations are added to the drink. The distinctive fruity flavor in the Appletini usually comes from the apple liqueur, while some recipes have substituted it with apple cider or juice. Sour apple martinis are usually made using green apple schnapps and are considered a favorite for many martini lovers. The sweetness of the apple schnapps usually depends on the vodka brand used. For example, pear and citrus-flavored vodka blend perfectly with the fruity apple flavor, while non-fruity vodka like caramel-flavored vodka would also prove to be an excellent blend.

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