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The Top 10 Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Airport Lounges

Traveling can be hectic, and the jet lag can have you sleeping in for a few days, especially when you are not used to flying for long hours. Luckily airports have seen the plight of passengers, and by offering those with Priority pass access to some amenities that other travelers will not have, the journey becomes less tiresome. You should consider making use of these Chase Sapphire Reserve airport lounges as ranked by the Points Guy, to make your traveling experience much more comfortable.

1. The Club at ATL

Atlanta International airport is among the busiest airports in the world, but surprisingly, it only has one priority pass lounge, which is The Club at ATL. Located at the International Terminal also referred to a Concourse F, the priority pass lounge offers access to business-class, first-class and elite passengers on Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Qatar and Lufthansa. Although the seating is not luxurious, it is comfortable enough to enjoy the food buffet and snacks. Those who are addicted to the internet may have to reduce their phone usage because it only has a few power outlets, and instead read the magazines. If you need some freshening up, it has restrooms but taking a shower requires you to tell the check-in desk agent.

2. Aspire Lounge at Zurich Airport

The Aspire Lounge does not discriminate depending on the class or airline you flew in; all guests departing from the airport can access the private lounge. When you are maintaining a strict diet, then the healthy and freshly-made snacks, soups, and salads will keep your stomach full. Passengers who like to indulge before they travel can choose from the extensive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Working as you travel is also possible thanks to the printer, scanner, and Wi-Fi available and once you want to relax, then the TV is there.

club kingston

3. Club Kingston at Norman Manley International Airport, Jamaica

Members of the Club Kingston priority pass voted it the best in the world. Those who admire the Jamaican heritage will find the lounge worth spending some time in; from the reggae music to traditional Jamaican foods and drinks, Club Kingston is the place to be for any traveler whose flight has been delayed. It also offers sleeping pods and massage chairs; if the winter cold is making you chilly, then the electric fireplace will keep you warm.

sats premier lounge

4. SATS Premier Lounge, Singapore

When you learn that a place has won any awards, that should tell you how competent the services or products it provides are. In 2017, SATS Premier Lounge won the Asia Pacific Priority Pass Lounge of the year award. You should note that the airport has lounges in terminal 1, 2 and 3 but it is Terminal 2 that clinched the award. It is open 24 hours and comprises two sections in a large room with some of the most comfortable seats you could find in any lounge. Power outlets are many in the first section, while the second section is primarily for eating. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, restrooms massage chairs, and a relaxing fountain.

star alliance lounge sao paulo

5. Star Alliance Lounge, Sao Paulo

While it restricts the maximum stay to 6 hours due to space constraints as explained by Collinson Group LTD, the Star Alliance Lounge offers excellent amenities. The Wi-Fi is speedy so that you can catch up on that business report you need to work on, and in case you get carried away and forget about your flight, the monitors strategically located in several areas display flight information. Those who are particular about their food will not be disappointed by the delicious and fresh meals available. If you need to take a shower, then the shower room is well equipped with everything you need whereas the temperature and pressure of the water are perfect.

turkish airlines lounge dulles

6. Turkish Airlines Lounge, Washington Dulles Airport

Travelers who cannot do without a drink will be pleased to travel out of Dulles airport, which offers a wide range of complimentary beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The buffet provides a wide selection of fresh foods ranging from fruits, salads, and hummus while working from the lounge is enabled by the printer and computers.

oman lounge

7. Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge, Bangkok

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport has 13 priority pass lounges, but the Oman Lounge was rated among the top priority pass lounges in the world in 2017. It is open daily from 5 a.m to 8.30 p.m and is accessible to passengers traveling on Oman air in business or first class and also to those with a Silver and Gold Sindbad card. The primary lounge has a high-top counter on which are two Mac- computers and is ideal for charging electronics. Relaxation is best on the secondary lounge, which is much quieter and plays soothing music. Amenities include a printer, scanner, well-equipped restroom, magazines, Wi-Fi, food, and beverages.

8. Star Alliance Lounge, Paris

If you are fond of making long phone calls and want some privacy, then the rooftop patio, which also serves as a smoking area, is the perfect place. Although you would love to sample some of the famous French delicacies, you may not be able to do so, but the French pastries and sandwiches will keep you satisfied. Before heading to the city after a long flight, the functional and spacious bathrooms will offer you everything you need to stay refreshed for the rest of the day.

9. Sky Team Lounge, London Heathrow Airport

Those who prefer to snack as they await their flight will find the Sky Team Lounge's wide range of snacks very pleasant. From nuts, fruits, and salads as well as chips, chicken and pies are in plenty to fill your empty stomach. The selection of beverages is quite robust, and for relaxation, the spa is available. The lounge's décor is beautiful, while its varied seating options cater to the different needs of the passengers.

10. VIP Lounge, Guadalajara Airport

If you are traveling with a couple of your friends, the VIP Lounge allows up to 2 guests to access it. It has comfortable leather couches, and if you cannot stay off the internet, then the power outlets are enough to keep your devices fully charged. The lounge not only extends you the chance to freshen up and have a sumptuous meal, but you can also nap and watch some TV as you wait to board your flight.

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