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How Darcey Silva Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

As a popular television personality, budding entrepreneur, clothing designer and well known actress, it is safe to say that Darcey Silva wears more than a few hats. Thanks to her hard work, she has managed to craft a thriving career for herself in several different fields.

Let’s take a closer look at Darcey Silva net worth and how she has managed to get herself to this point. The route that she has taken here is rather unique, that is for sure.

What Is Darcey Silva Net Worth?

Thanks to all of the hard work that she has put in, Darcey Silva has been able to amass a net worth of $2 million. She and her sister Stacey are each worth $2 million, in fact. The steps that she took to make it to this point may be surprising to some but her work ethic cannot be underestimated at all. Be sure to read on and learn more!

Darcey Silva Early Life

Silva, now 48, was born in Middletown, Connecticut to Mike and Betty Silva. She was raised alongside Stacey and her brother, who unfortunately succumbed to cancer in 1998.

Once she completed high school, she went on to study at the University of Houston and Marshall University, so she has been well traveled from a fairly young age. In 1998, she enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City. She would attend the institute until 2001.

How Did Darcey Silva Get Her Big Break?

While Darcey first came to prominence when she was cast in 90 Day Fiance, this was not the first time that she had dabbled in the world of television. She and Stacey attempted to create their own reality show back in 2010. It was called

The Twin Life and while it was never picked up, she has spoken positively about the experience in the past, discussing the creative process during an appearance on The Sarah Fraser Show.

“That took about three to five months to film, [and] they edited it into that small little sizzle reel,” she said. The pilot may not have been picked up but Darcey remembers the experience fondly. “For us, it’s a memory…Those were special times in our lives,” she continued. What she did not know was that her true big break was not far away.

How Darcey Silva’s 90-Day Fiance Stint Became a Springboard

Silva made her big debut in 2017, appearing on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The newly minted TLC star starred on the show alongside of her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Meester. Darcey remained a part of the show up until 2020 but that was not her last appearance in the 90 Day Fiance universe. The show spawned a number of spin offs as well.

Darcey also made her presence known on Self-Quarantined, Pillow Talk and B90 Strikes Back! Once 2020 rolled around, this is when Darcey started to go into business for herself and that is where things started to get even more interesting.

Darcey and Stacey Silva: The Twins Become Power Players In Their Own Right

A number of reality stars would have been content to coast on these achievements and try their best to subsist off appearance fees. Darcey, alongside of her twin sister Stacey, did not want to take that route. Back in 2010, the sisters founded their own clothing brand, called House of Eleven.

In addition to the clothing line, which has taken off significantly in recent years, the sisters were also given the chance to star in their own reality show. Darcey and Stacey premiered on TLC not long after he run within the 90-Day Fiance universe. The show, which is still running in the present day, has allowed the sisters to present themselves in a very wholesome light.

It is focused on their professional endeavors, their home lives and of course, relationships. After a freshman run that broke records, the show has been renewed every season since.

In fact, the fourth season is already currently underway and the show is not expected to stop anytime soon. It has been a major ratings success for TLC and they have earned the admiration of super fans like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

The Success of House of Eleven

Darcey has been able to amass some of her wealth due to her stints on reality television but House of Eleven is her true breadwinner. When she was on 90 Day Fiance, she was paid $15,000 per season and also received $2,500 for each appearance on reunion specials. That’s what makes the success of House of Eleven so crucial.

The boutique clothing line has been consistently expanding its operations since its inception. There are no shortage of items currently available, as shoppers can choose from various forms of lounge wear, active wear, bodysuits, robes, dresses, jackets, swimwear, jewelry and fragrances. The sisters are also regularly seen wearing items from the clothing line, using their platform as free advertisement for their latest goods.

Celebrities Support Darcey Silva’s Brand

In addition to promoting the brand alongside Stacey on their reality smash, other celebrities have been more than happy to offer their support for Silva’s clothing line.

House of Eleven received a massive boost when pop star Demi Lovato decided to rock House of Eleven garments on the cover to her single, Really Don’t Care. Lovato is not the only one who has shown their support for their brand, either. Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj and Jeannie Mai have also been photographed in House of Eleven clothing.

What’s To Come For House of Eleven?

Darcey Silva net worth should only increase during the years to come. In fact, she is currently in the process of formulating partnerships that should allow House of Eleven to become even more popular. Just last month, Darcey made a major announcement. House of Eleven would be making a partnership with luxury jewelry designer Effy Jewelry.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Here’s my Darcey collection from only the best in the world!” she shared with all of her Instagram via her Story. “More to come.” This collaboration follows her recent partnership with Impossible Kicks, which was showcased on the sisters’ current show.

The Impossible Kicks story was also a good showcase for Darcey’s impeccable work ethic. While she was initially sent back to the drawing board when it came to Impossible Kicks, she kept at it and the brand was eventually released to the general public. With this type of effort and willingness to stick with it, the sky is most certainly the limit going forward for Darcey Silva net worth.

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