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The Five Most Expensive Pairs of Hermes Boots

Hermes Jumping Boot for Women

Hermes of Paris is one of the most desired luxury brands on the market today. Hermes caters to those who appreciate the finer things in life. They specialize in high-fashion accessories that are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each item produced by the French fashion designer is scrutinized for flawless perfection, made of premium materials and fine workmanship. Genuine Hermes products maintain their value with proper care. They represent an enduring investment. Hermes offers a collection of boots for men and women that feature the signature styling and comfort that is unique to the brand, making a statement of luxury, refinement, and status. Here are the five most expensive Hermes boots for 2021 for your consideration.

5. Hermes Bradley Ankle Boot for Men Price: $1,375

Hermes Bradley Ankle Boot for Men

The Bradley Ankle Boot is a stylish men's boot that features a comfortable ankle height design. The dual-function boots make a fashion statement while providing strong protection for the feet. The Bradley features a confident trekking aesthetic with a rugged and sporty exterior for outdoor adventures and exploration. The upper is made of premium calfskin leather materials, handcrafted by skilled artisans. The snugness of the fit is adjustable via the lacing system. The insole and lining are made of natural calfskin with a smooth finish for the ultimate comfort against the skin. The midsole is made of rubber in a Khaki theme representing masculinity and a nod to the great outdoors. The sole is made of black rubber that provides exceptional grip and traction on most walking surfaces. Notching in the sole provides additional traction and stability to help prevent accidental slips and falls. These stylish men's boots are made in the county of Italy.

4. Hermes Story Boot for Women Price: $2,475

Hermes Story Boot for Women

The Hermes Story Boot is an attractive women's fashion accessory offered in a natural tan color. The upper is handcrafted of premium Heritage calfskin leather in simple yet chic and casual styling. It's suitable for wear with sporty or casual to casual dressy attire. The iconic Hermes buckle stands as a symbol of quality and substance. The heel measures 2.8 inches in height, providing the illusion of height that makes the legs look more slender. The Hermes Story Boot is a wardrobe essential that can be worn with a diverse array of outfits.

3. Hermes Barn Boots for Women Price: $2,425

Hermes Barn Boots for Women

The Hermes Barn Boot is a wardrobe essential for women who actively participate in outdoor activities. The boots offer a modern interpretation of traditional barn boots with a rounded toe for protection and space to move the feet inside. The uppers of the boots are made of premium coated canvas material with accents of genuine calfskin leather. The outsole is made of premium rubber material for durability and stability. A special notching design on the sole adds exceptional traction for walking on all types of surfaces, even those that are wet or slippery. This boot truly fulfills the function of a true barn boot by offering protection for the feet and legs for barn-related activities. Reinforcements where the upper meets the sole help to make the boots easier to clean and keep out moisture with an attractive yellow band of moisture-resistant material. The Hermes Barn Boot for women is a highly functional outdoor boot made for women who enjoy spending time with livestock, but they're also useful for walking through swampy or marshy areas while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

2. Hermes Britney Boot Price: $2,475

Hermes Britney Boot

The Hermes Britney Boot is a dual-purpose boot that is intended for wear with casual attire. Although the looks of these boots are feminine and luxurious, they are also highly functional. They protect the legs and feet from cold weather but do so with style. The heel of the Britney boot measures 3.5 inches to add extra elevation to the height of the wearer. They're ideal for use when the weather is chilly outside. The uppers of the Britney Boot are handcrafted by skilled artisans at Hermes workstations in the country of Italy. They're made of premium calfskin leather material. The leather is firm enough to hold its shape over time, yet soft and flexible enough for natural foot and leg movement without restrictiveness. The material feels soft against the skin for ultimate comfort. The tall heel of these boots is accented with palladium plating that creates a stylish and elegant mirror effect with leather straps to complete the high-fashion aesthetic. The Hermes Britney Boot is one of the brand's most popular and best-selling styles for women.

1. Hermes Jumping Boot for Women Price:$2,550

Hermes Jumping Boot for Women

The Hermes Jumping Boot is the perfect accessory for equestrian riders. Just the name describes the intention of this elegant and stylish boot. This highly stylish boot combines attractive yet simple design elements with full functionality for the active woman involved in the sport. It's also the ideal boot for other related activities with a clean sporty aesthetic. The technical aspects of the construction include a shaft that measures 1.23 inches in height and 12.24 inches in circumference. The uppers of the boot are crafted of premium calfskin leather that offers a smooth aesthetic and a soft feel against the skin. The uppers are rigid enough to maintain their attractive shape, yet flexible enough to allow for natural movement of the legs and feet for engaging in riding and other activities with ease. The calf portion of the boot is designed with additional width to allow for enough room for comfort without feeling tight or restrictive. The heel features a stacked design with a Goodyear stitched outsole for durability and stability. The Kelly strap features ruthenium hardware that is both durable and stylish. The Hermes Jumping boots are handcrafted by skilled artisans at Hermes workstations in the country of Italy.

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