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10 Things You Didn't Know About Joseph Bayern

Joseph Bayern

It wasn’t so long ago that marijuana took a lot of flak…from pretty much everyone in our society except for those who were considered the ‘lower’ class of society. As a matter of fact, it’s usage, or even association with it, was grounds for the law to give people a lot of trouble.

But as you certainly know by now, the use of marijuana has gone from being considered the mother of all gateway drugs to the go-to medication for just about any ailment. With these changes comes growing popularity, as well as legalization of the plant all over the United States, even for recreational use in many areas.

And the smart ones have gotten in line for the payoff. Investors from around the globe are pouring cash into an industry that is booming and promising to go nuclear. One such individual has managed to make his way to the top of the cannabis chain and keeps going strong: Joseph Bayern.

Perhaps you’re involved in investing but haven’t given a thought to going in this trendy direction, but it’s time to reconsider, if indeed you want to make money. The fact of the matter is that money is being made hand over fist, and one of the companies that is right in the mix is Curaleaf Holdings, the company of which Joseph Bayern is president.

So, to help you along on your educational journey, we’ve decided to familiarize you a bit with Bayern and the company he currently heads. We’ve compiled a list about him which will give you a bit more insight into who he is, what he does, and how he got to where he is today.

1. Who, Exactly, IS Joseph Bayern?

Joe, as he is called, is president of Curaleaf Holdings, Inc., which makes it there business to produce and distribute products made with cannabis. Prior to his move to Curaleaf in 2019, Joe was president of Indus Holdings, Inc. (formerly known as Indus Holding Co., He has a Bachelor degree in Accounting from Adelphi University. Joe also serves as the Chief Operations and Information Officer at Triarc Beverage Group on the side. He is 55-years old.

2. Other Experience On His Resume

The above positions are only his most recent, however. The fact is, Joe has an extensive background in industry. He was also Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Author Solutions, LLC, Chief Strategy Officer at Dr. Pepper and Snapple Beverage Group, and CEO of Voss of Norway, ASA. He has also worn a variety of other hats with different companies, making his qualifications for business quite obvious and convincing.

3. Some Associations In the Business

Some of the individuals Bayern works with at Curaleaf are also others who have the knowledge and experience to back their success, including Stuart Wilcox, formerly of Golden State Foods, Neil Davidson from Bally Technologies and Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, and Everi Games Holdings, Inc., among many others. Seems like there’s quite an impressive group being headed by Bayern at Curaleaf.

4. Some Simple Life Facts

As we stated, Joe is 55, and while Curaleaf is located near Boston, Massachusetts, his LinkedIn profile says he resides in Saint James, New York. Besides the high-profile positions he occupies now and the ones in the past, he was also president of his own small company, Bayern Consulting, and was an active venture capitalist for a little over a year. As of this writing, finding much personal past history information on the executive proves difficult, but we have a feeling that we’ll be hearing more about Mr. Bayern in the future.

5. He’s Married

According to Adelphi University news, Bayern is not only married, he’s been married since right after his college years (he graduated in ’85 and is currently a member of their ‘Profiles for Success’ program He and his wife, Dory Bianco, have been married for 34 years and have three grown children).

He told Adelphi the following: “I remember highly recommending an Intro to Physics class to my girlfriend at the time. I told her how interesting it was, and that it ended up being an easy ‘A’ for me. She took it, ended up hating it, and had to drop the class. She was a little upset with me, but she must have gotten over it because we’re still married today.” He also credits his wife for introducing him to Voss water, which he eventually became a part of.

6. He Likes Rock & Roll

This is always a plus, in our opinion. He also stated, in the same Adelphi article, that the Ramones actually came and played at the college, having been convinced somehow. As it turned out, Joe and the other guys on his lacrosse team ended up working security/crowd control for the show. Sounds like it would have been well work having to work; at least they got to enjoy the show.

7. Yes, He Was A College Athlete

You may have noticed we mentioned that Joe played lacrosse in college. Not only did it give him satisfaction in athletics, but he also states that the experience molded him in many ways for the job he does today. He says that he never thought quitting was an option, a mindset he learned going into each lacrosse game he played with his team. It also taught him strategy, discipline, and teamwork. As most of us know, athletics can be an essential part of training for adulthood and the workforce, but this is certainly a success story to be reckoned with.

8. A Rolling Stone…

…gathers no moss, but certainly acquires a lot of knowledge and experience. Joe has worked in California, Massachusetts, London, and Norway, and even a few places in between. These experiences have provided him with great versatility and a knowledge of the market in other countries around the globe, which has made him a very valuable asset in his particular business.

9. What Will He Do At Curaleaf?

For starters, he will be president, but he will still be operating under Joe Lusardi, CEO, and he will work very closely with the rest of the company’s senior executive. Their main focus will be to move boldly into the company mission, and Bayern will also be directly overseeing the integration of two other cannabis giants, Select and Grassroots, into the Curaleaf family. With his past experience and proven record of driving companies above and beyond, he’s likely the perfect man for the job.

10. A Piece of Advice

In the interview Bayern gave to Adelphi University in 2016, he gives a bit of advice to Adelphi students that we think should be part of anyone’s career foundation if they want both professional happiness and success. “I didn’t plan to do any of the things I did throughout my career. I just came across great opportunities and took them. Don’t be afraid to take chances.”

Good advice from a man who has proven the method to be true. So, there’s some of the information you should know about the president of Curaleaf Holdings, Inc., especially if you are considering investing in cannabis at all.

As in any area, you need to know exactly what, and who, you are putting your money into, and Joe Bayern seems like a good bet, particularly with his history and reputation. Be sure to do further research and know exactly what you’re getting into. But like Joe said, don’t be afraid to take chances. The cannabis industry shows great promise for literally everyone involved.

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