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10 Things You Didn't Know About Julian Teicke

Julian Teicke

Julian Teicke is a German businessman and entrepreneur. He is currently the chief executive officer of Wefox, a digital insurance startup that is based in Berlin, Germany. He is a young entrepreneur who has forged a successful business career for himself at an early age. If you're not yet familiar with him, here are 10 things you didn't know about Julian Teicke to bring you up to speed.

1. He is a co-founder at Wefox

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Teicke is not only an executive leader of Wefox, he is also a co-founder. He stands at the helm of the company that he helped to launch with his partner.

2. Julian Teicke is a serial entrepreneur

Wefox is not the first company that Mr.s Teicke has founded. He has made a habit out of launching new startups and seeing them through to success. He has founded four organizations so far, and Wefox is the most recent in a string of successful ventures.

3. Julian Teicke is the founder of DeinDeal

DeinDeal is a company that Julian founded and officially launched on September 1, 2011. This was an e-commerce business that specializes in the sale of home goods and travel products. Mr. Teicke served as the COO of the Zurich, Switzerland-based startup until June of 2015. At this time, DeinDeal was acquired by a company called Ringier. The price and other details of the acquisition were not disclosed. It was at this time that Julian moved on to his next entrepreneurial venture. He built DeinDeal up to a profitable level which made it attractive to other businesses as a good acquisition. This was the first major business success in a record that would show his mettle and skill in entrepreneurship.

4. He is in-demand as a speaker

Because of his extensive knowledge and experience in the business world, Julian Teicke is one of the most in-demand speakers for the conferencing circuit. Although he is still busy taking care of the business at hand for Wefox, he makes time to fly to various business conferences throughout the world to speak to entrepreneurs and give them advice for just starting in their endeavors. Within the past four years, he has spoken at conferences in London, England, Berlin, Germany, New York, New York, Cologne, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark, and many other locations around the globe.

5. He currently holds four board and advisory roles

Julien Teicke is a distinguished businessman and entrepreneur who has a lot of wisdom to share with others. He accepted invitations to sit on four other boards and advisory committees for other companies. He became a board advisor for Doctorly in November of 2017 and still occupies the position. In November of 2014, he became an advisor for EMPAUA. In 2017 he became a mentor for a company called Kenjo, and the same year he became a mentor for a business called HeartSpace.

6. Teicke has won multiple honors and awards

According to LinkedIn, Mr. Teich has received multiple honors and awards for his accomplishments in business. He was acknowledged as one of the top 5 European Insurtech CEOs, one of the top 25 Fintech CEOs in all of Europe, He was named HSG Founder of the Year for 2020. He was also named the number one person to watch in 2020 in the finance and insurance industry. He was also named a Swiss E-Commerce Champion and received the Swiss E-Commerce Award for two years consecutively in 2013 and 2014.

7. He became a powerful leader before the age of 40

Teicke gained recognition as a young executive and successful business owner who reached great heights of success before he reached the age of 40. He received the HSG Founder of the Year award in 2020 and also received a 40 under 40 Award. He has also named the number one insurtech influencer and received a Diamond award. In all, Mr. Teiche has received 15 official awards and recognitions from various business organizations for his success and all the contributions he has made to the advancement of technology in the insurance industry.

8. He is the founder of Healthy Together

Julian Teicke also founded a company called Healthy Together. This is a political company. It is a non-profit European tech alliance that was developed amid the current pandemic to aid Europeans in combating the catastrophe. The business was launched in 2020 and continues through the present. Julian volunteers his time to work with the German Government in building and distributing the Corona-Warn-App that has so far, been downloaded 25 million times. This is just one of his contributions to helping get European countries back on their feet.

9. Julian Teicke is committed to serving his community

Mr. Teicke is a civic-minded leader who gives his time and energy to help those around him. He frequently volunteers for various worthy causes to help others. In 2020 he became a part of the group called Leaders for Climate Action. He is a volunteer at a non-profit organization. He and several other entrepreneurs got together to pool their ideas and resources to deal with the climate crisis. They lobby for effective legislation for policymakers to help protect the delicate ecosystem of our planet.

10. Julian Teicke is an influencer in the fourth industrial revolution

Mr. Teicke is a significant figure in the fourth wave of the industrial revolution to sweep across the globe. The digital age has opened a new chapter in the development and evolution of the industrial age. The tech companies that he has either founded or co-founded have made big contributions to streamlining insurance as well as other industries and ushering in a new digital age. He is one of the main players in the news age that is delivering enhanced technology along with the Internet of Things. He is an entrepreneur to keep your eye on because we don't think Wefox will be his last endeavor.

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