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10 Things You Didn't Know About Noah Kerner

Noah Kerner is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer of a startup called Acorns. The company developed a micro-investing app. Kerner has led an interesting professional life. He has rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous people in the music industry. If you're not familiar with this successful businessman, here are 10 things you didn't know about Noah Kerner to bring you up to speed.

1. Noah Kerner is the co-founder of Acorns

According to Crunchbase, Noah Kerner is not only the CEO of Acorns, but he is also the co-founder of the company. Acorns is a micro-investing app. The business is headquartered in New York, New York.

2. Kerner is a serial entrepreneur

Acorns is not the first company that Mr. Kerner has launched. It is his fourth. This puts him in the category of a serial entrepreneur. He is skilled at developing new businesses and seeing them through to success. Kerner established Noise, a creative agency for young adults. He built the business up with hundreds of products. Noah also launched many marketing campaigns including a top-ranked game in the App Store and more before the business was acquired by Engine. He was in his 20s when he built Noise.

3. He is a co-author of "Chasing Cool"

Noah Kerner was born in New York City in the East Village. He grew up in New York where he received his education and started his career in business. He worked with the former CEO of Barneys to author "Chasing Cool," also with Jennifer Lopez' former DJ.

4. Noah Kerner is a celebrated entrepreneur

Mr. Kerner has been recognized for his significant accomplishments at such an early age. He has been acknowledged by Billboard Magazine in its Top 30 under 30 lists of entrepreneurs. Fast Company listed him among its Impact Council members and on its list of Innovation Agents. He also served as a judge for the Webby Awards. Mr. Kerner was named to AdWeek's Top 20 under 40 lists also.

5. Noah Kerner is an investor

According to The Org, Mr. Kerner is also an investor. Noah has a keen eye for good investments and he likes putting his money into new startups that are growing quickly. He invested in the company WeWork, and also served as its first Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer. He has made several significant investments. One of his more recent investments was in a company called Trust & Will. He contributed funds in a round of Series B funding for the company that was valued at $15 million.

6. He is community-minded and helps youth

Mr. Kerner has a passion for helping others. He has an interest in helping to educate today's youth. Noah was very young when he became successful in business and he encourages and educates young people by lecturing at many colleges and universities such as UCLA, Columbia, NYU, and Stanford.

7. Mr. Kerner sits on the Save the Music Board

Noah Kerner joined the board of Save the Music in January of 2017. According to LinkedIn, he is still a member of the board after 4 years and 5 months, advising the organization that has helped more than 2,000 public schools to launch their music programs. His work with Save the Music has helped to open up music programs for millions of students across the nation. Kerner shared that he is passionate about music as well as education. This organization helps him to be involved with both.

8. He is a founding board member of Give Kids Art

Mr. Kerner is actively involved in a variety of organizations to help kids. He and his fiance founded the Give Kids Art organization in 2019, and they remain involved with the project today. The purpose of the Give Kids Art project is to work with partner organizations including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and others. They help to ensure that underserved children receive art programming as a part of their curriculum and community activities to enhance their exposure to art. He continues to serve on the board of this organization at the present.

9. Noah is a co-founder of Say

Say is a company that Noah Kerner and his partners launched in 2017. This is a New York City startup that has the intention of giving investors throughout the United States a say and unlocking their rights as shareholders. The company so far has raised more than $10 million in early-stage financing. It exists to help bring shareowner rights to the fore.

Say works with a variety of different large companies to accomplish its goals, including Intel, Fidelity, Tesla, and others. This is one of the first companies of its kind and it is helpful for investors who feel that they have no say about the companies that they hold investments in. Say helps to give investors a greater presence and it allows them to share their perspectives with the companies for which they have interests.

10. Mr. Kerner is a Cornell University Alumni

Noah Kerner enrolled in courses at the prestigious Cornell University. He began his studies in 1995. He studied both psychology and economics, which are complementary disciplines that enhance one's ability to understand the economics of the business world, as well as to communicate more effectively with stakeholders.

Kerner earned his bachelor's degree in 1999. Mr. Kerner took the knowledge that he gained in college and applied it to the real world. He is an interesting entrepreneur and investor who has a keen sense of how to establish a successful company and make it grow into a thriving organization. He has successfully launched four startups in his career so far.

Noah remains involved with the community by speaking at various colleges and universities to encourage young people to pursue their dreams. He also supports various youth projects within his local community and beyond. Noah Kerner is a pillar of the community.

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