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10 Things You Didn't Know about Minnesota Twins Owner Jim Pohlad

Jim Pohlad

Jim Pohlad is one of three Pohlad brothers who own a number of Minneapolis-based businesses. Each one of the brothers is focused on particular businesses, which is why interested individuals might recognize Pohlad as the man responsible for running the Minnesota Twins.

1. Son of Carl Pohlad

Pohlad and his brothers are the sons of Carl Pohlad, an American financier who made his personal fortune in the banking business before proceeding to turn that into a full-fledged business empire. The Minnesota Twins might be the single most famous component of Carl Pohlad's business empire, but it is by no means the sole component, as shown by the Pohlad family's continuing involvement in the automotive, entertainment, and real estate industries.

2. Brother of Bob and Bill Pohlad

In total, Carl Pohlad had three sons with his wife Mary Eloise O'Rourke Pohlad, who would be Jim, Bob, and Bill Pohlad. The Pohlad brothers continue to be involved in the running of their father's business empire, but each one focuses on particular businesses in that business empire. For example, Jim is focused on the Minnesota Twins as well as both the investment and the real estate development units. Meanwhile, Bob was focused on bottling and remains focused on automotive and real estate services, while Bill is focused on the entertainment businesses plus the Pohlad Family Foundation.

3. Doesn't Like Passive Investments

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pohlad has stated that neither he nor the rest of his family are interested in passive investments. Instead, they want to be active in whatever businesses they are investing in, which explains why he and his brothers are so involved with their father's business empire.

4. Went to the University of Southern California

Education-wise, Pohlad went to the University of Southern California, which was the first of the private research universities founded in the state of California. Besides this, the school can claim a number of other honors, with examples ranging from it being one of the first nodes of the ARPANET to it being the place where people came up with VoIP, image compression, and DNA computing.

5. Studied Accounting

In school, Pohlad studied accounting, which tends to be a very useful field for people who want to enter business. Primarily, this is because people need timely information about the state of their business's finances if they want to be able to make smart and sensible business decisions. Without that information, they are effectively blind with no real means of understanding what is happening either within or without the business. Accounting is the discipline used to put together that information. Moreover, accounting is the discipline by which that information is communicated to interested individuals.

6. Is a CPA

Speaking of which, Pohlad is an actual CPA, meaning that he can claim to be an actual accountant. In short, accountants are entrusted with huge responsibilities, meaning that a lot is reliant on their ability to do their jobs as well as their ability to do their jobs in an honest and upright manner. As a result, there are accounting certifications that exist to make sure that accountants possess the expertise, the experience, and the other qualifications needed to perform in their intended roles. Something that is critical for ensuring confidence in not just individual accountants but also the accounting profession as a whole.

7. Supports Various Minneapolis-Based Nonprofits

Besides business, Pohlad is involved in philanthropic efforts as well. This can be seen in how he supports a number of Minneapolis-based nonprofits. One example would be the Greater Twin Cities United Way, while another example would be the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Other examples include the Minneapolis Foundation, the Melrose Institute, and the Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce.

8. Involved But Not Too Involved in Running the Minnesota Twins

Pohlad is the one responsible for running the Minnesota Twins. However, it should be noted that he isn't too involved with the team side of things but instead leaves that to the people who have been entrusted with said responsibilities. This makes sense because it isn't uncommon for the fans of sports franchises to show hostility towards sports franchise owners who are perceived as being too involved in the team side of things whenever their teams fail to perform as successful as they would like. Often times, this is unfair, but it is nonetheless unsurprising because sports franchise owners are some of the most prominent figures at sports franchises who don't benefit a great deal from the natural loyalty that sports fans feel for their favorite sports teams.

9. Doesn't See Money As Being the Major Concern in Trades

Having said that, Pohlad does still have opinions about various matters connected to the Minnesota Twins, which is wholly unsurprising because he is a fan of the sports team as well. For instance, when it comes to trades, Pohlad doesn't see the effect on the payroll as being the biggest concern for the Minnesota Twins. Instead, he is much more worried about who the team would have to give up in order to secure one of the bigger names that can be found out there, which would very much be a trade-off.

10. Paying Attention to Necessary Upgrades

Pohlad is also keeping an eye on upgrades for Target Field. Essentially, it has been some time since the last round of new installations, meaning that those upgrades are starting to show their wear and tear. As a result, it is time for the Minnesota Twins to start looking into further repairs and replacements to keep their stadium in good shape while also providing their fans with new benefits that they are sure to notice. Of course, while such upgrades are nice, it is the team's performance on the field that will really bring in the potential game-watchers.

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