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The 10 Most Expensive Bowling Balls Money Can Buy

Bowling Balls

The sport of bowling, as a lane featuring a set of triangular-shaped pins located at the opposite end from the bowler's throwing line, has a popularity level so great that there are well over one hundred million players at a worldwide level.

Whether the participants actually use a ball to roll off their hand as they attempt to knock down all the pins on the first try from the location of a bowling alley or as a video game, this game continues to be one of the all-time favorite target sports of all time. As for those bowling balls, they can range in size, weight, and even price as there is a range of amateur bowlers who casually play the sport to die-hards and professionals who take the game very seriously.

Did the ancient Egyptians who are suspected to invent the first example of this sport back in 5200 BC figure this could potentially become an extremely expensive sport? This is especially true among avid bowlers who won't give it a second thought to spend top dollar on an item for a sport they are so passionate about.

10. Hammer Black Widow Bowling Balls ($140.00 USD - $200.00 USD)

According to, this is the best ball for the money, regardless of its cost. At least this was the case according to its 2020 review. The opinion hasn't really changed much since then as there is a reason why the pros and die-hard bowlers like the Hammer Black Widow so much.

Between its sharp appearance and design, bowlers who love to use an angular approach in the sport are bound to love this ball. These bowling balls weigh fifteen pounds and have undrilled holes. If you want the holes, you either need to have them drilled in yourself or make arrangements to have this done for you, for a price.

If you're a beginner, this would not be the ball for you but it is a great choice for people who take the sport more seriously. There are a variety of versions of the Black Widow where the price can range anywhere from $140.00 USD to $200.00 USD.

9. Ebonite Verdict Bowling Ball ($150.00 USD - $250.00 USD)

This fifteen-pound bowling ball is finished with the 2000 Grit Abalone as a means to provide traction in oil as it aggressively speeds down the bowling lane, targeting the pins on the other side to knock them all down.

This hook-heavy ball came as the most aggressive design from Ebonite's production crew in 2021 and remains one of the best and most expensive money can buy. For bowlers looking to improve their game with the right ball to pull it off, this would be a recommended choice as long as they're willing to pay top dollar for it.

8. Motiv Trident Bowling Ball ($260.00 USD average)

Motiv's Trident Bowling Ball is one of the most aggressive and angular bowling balls on the market, as well as among the most expensive. The durable reactive resin cover stock also has incredibly sharp reads and responses to oil patterns ever seen on the surface of a bowling lane.

This monster has an insane hook and a nasty mean streak, which is what bowlers willing to pay top dollar for usually look for as the best money can buy. Since this particular bowling ball model has been retired, expect the current $260.00 USD price tag to go higher, especially on online auction sites like eBay.

7. Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball ($310.00 USD)

The Jackal Ghost by Motiv has a phenomenal hitting power that is worth the money as a bowling ball. The Predator V2 core is its highlight, along with the asymmetrical low RG/high differential. The cover stock is absolutely superb with its strong hook potential and aggressive backend reaction, thanks to the Coercion HFS Solid.

The 3000 Grit LSS factory finish adds even more support to this remarkably performant bowling ball that does well on a variety of bowling lane surfaces. At $310.00 USD for the Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball, this makes it one of the most expensive on the market.

6. Brunswick Kingpin Bowling Ball ($180.00 USD - $325.00 USD)

The versatility behind the Brunswick Kingpin doesn't come in the price but in its performance. The hitting power, combined with the hook potential, allows a bowler to make the best among a variety of a bowling lane's oil patterns. For confident bowlers who believe in their hook shots, the Kingpin may be on the expensive side, but worth every penny.

According to the website belonging to Brunswick, the Kingpin has been retired, making this ball harder to come by. Because of this, expect the price tag to spike, regardless if it happens to be new or used. When going to eBay, they can be fetched for as low as $180.00 USD but they're often listed at $200.00 USD or more.

5. Storm Code Red Bowling Ball ($380.00 USD average)

Perhaps Code Red has something to do with the expensive price this bowling ball is sold at, but it is worth every penny for bowlers willing to fork out the big bucks for it. Storm's impressive bowling ball features the beautifully powerful blend of high RG, high differential RAD4 core, and R2S hybrid reactive cover stock.

Add the 1500-Grit polish finish and the bowler has a powerful beast in the shape of a ball to knock down those pins like a bulldozer. There is a reason why Storm has such a huge fan following in the world of bowling and why Code Red has earned the right to be considered as one of the best and brightest bowling balls on the market. Usually, the best way to get your hands on a Storm Code Red bowling ball is on eBay's online auction site. On average, they sell for $380.00 USD.

4. Roto-Grip Halo Bowling Ball ($130.00 USD - $400.00 USD)

What makes this particular bowling ball so expensive has much more to do with the fact that each one is customized, according to the needs of the bowler, Among the pros who play this sport, anything less than the ability to own a ball that covers all that's needed to cater their needs as an athlete would be unacceptable.

Roto-Grip has established itself as a company with a proven track record of championship-quality bowling balls, thanks to its centrum asymmetrical core, innovative designs, and incredible durability. The 2000 Grit Pad finish adds to the power and beauty of this aggressive bowling ball and has rightfully earned its place as one of the most expensive bowling balls money can buy.

According to eBay, these balls range in price from $130.00 USD to $400.00 USD. It depends entirely on what are all the features you want in what would be your idea of the best bowling ball money can buy.

3. Brunswick Quantum Bias Bowling Ball ($160.00 - $400.00 USD)

For serious bowlers and pros, the feature of the unique ECA-XR factory design gives the ball the potential as a solid hook performer for as long as the bowling lane is not too dry. The cover stock has more than three times the volume compared to other bowling balls of its class, resulting in a superior hitting power by a large margin.

For the money, the Brunswick Quantum Bias bowling balls are among the most expensive money can buy, as well as among the best. Brunswick has a solid reputation in the production of superior-quality bowling balls and has been one of the favorite choices used in the pro circuit and championship tournaments.

Among the group, the Brunswick DV8 Quantum Bias bowling ball has been the most expensive, fetching up to $400.00 USD. Now that the quantum has been retired, odds are the price for these balls could go up.

2. Hammer Gauntlet Bowling Ball ($220.00 USD - $400.00 USD)

Hammer is well-known for bringing forth some of the best bowling balls on the market. The Gauntlet is no exception in this regard and is worth every penny as one of the best balls to use on lane conditions ranging from medium to heavy oil. The Carbon Fiber Infused Semtrex cover stock adds an amazing look to this potent, durable, and sturdy ball.

Exactly as the brand's name suggests, the Hammer Gauntlet bowling ball performs exactly as such by the serious bowler who wants to experience the best game possible and beat their opponents. On eBay's online auction site, a Hammer Gauntlet Bowling Ball usually sells for at least $220.00 USD, but are known to go as high as $400.00 USD, pending on what exactly you want from Hammer's Gauntlet lineup.

1. Storm Crux Prime Bowling Ball ($200.00 USD - $500.00 USD)

What makes Storm such a crowd favorite in the world of bowling is their willingness to listen to customer demands and cater to their needs to the best of their ability.

Because of this, many bowling balls coming from Storm's lineup do not come cheap. This includes the Crux Prime Bowling Ball, which brings forth the highly favored Catalyst core. Between it and the SPEC Solid Reactive cover stock, this is a bowling ball designed to deliver optimal performance, throw after throw.

The 2000 Grit Abralaon finish, which is a standard issue among higher-quality bowling balls, also grants more endurance against friction and better durability. On eBay, it is not uncommon for the Storm Crux bowling balls to sell for over $400.00 USD each. Storm Crux has a series of prime bowling balls that are professional grade and have been known to sell for $500.00 USD each, whether it's from a pro shop or by auction.

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