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What Was The Motorcycle From John Wick 3?

Motorcycle From John Wick 3

The "John Wick" franchise gave motorcycle enthusiasts a lot to think about. The chase scene at the bridge was one of the most notable parts of the movie.

The cool motorcycle that Wick rode appeared to have some slick moves and it looked like something you would expect to find in the future.

Those who know Keanu Reeves' background understand that when it comes to motorcycles, he is an expert. He developed his own line called Arch motorcycles and he knows just a little bit about bikes. In case you're wondering what kind of motorcycle he rode in "John Wick 3," here is everything that there is to know about it.

What is the motorcycle that Keanu Reeves rode a John Wick?

According to Screenrant, the motorcycle is a Yamaha MT-09. Yes, it is a bike that is actually in production. This bike was chosen for its sleep presence and avid aesthetic that fits in idyllically with the tone of the scenes that it's seen in.

The cost of the 2014 version that was fused at the time of filming was a mere $8999. It's not an expensive bike when compared with previous motorcycles that Reeves has used in action films such as Ducattti or Triumph, but it's a perfect model for the John Wick character.

What is the Yamaha MT-09

According to ST2, The Yamaha MT-09 is an impressive machine that may be a bit over the top for a street bike. The MT in the description is short for Masters of Torque, which is a descriptive term that tells you that this bike is capable of massive acceleration.

This is enough of an introduction to make it the best-selling model but it's just the beginning. Yamaha wasn't satisfied with the first iteration and it embraced the notion of taking an outstanding motorcycle and making it even better.

They chose the MT 09 for the model that would hit the sweet spot with its medium size in between the MT10 and the MT7 for riders who desired an in-between bike that was neither too large nor too small. They took well-made significant improvements.

Enhancements to the Yamaha MT 09

Yamaha listened to complaints about the previous iterations of the MT to address all concerns made by consumers. They started with the suspension.

Some remarked that it was too loose for the high speeds that the bike was capable of achieving. concerns over forwarding thrusts when hitting a bump revealed that there were changes to the suspension that needed to be made. The suspension was modified to deliver an improved and fully adjustable suspension thanks to rider feedback.

The aesthetics were proved with the addition of Quad LED headlights and taillight that improve the level and range of illumination for greater safety in total darkness. The LED taillights with improved brightness made the bike more visible for city riding at night.

One of the Most Powerful Bikes

The super fast and torquey motorcycle evolved s one of the most powerful bikes in the MT lineup. The slipper clutch completed the profile for experienced riders with a penchant for taking curves at an aggressive pace while looking good in the process.

Seamless downshifting and smooth transitions made it fun and exciting both on the highway and in the city. The Yamaha MT 09 featured a new revolutionary smart brake module referred to as the SBM for short.

This gave the MT 09 the capacity for detecting any lowering of speed whether deceleration or using the brake is the cause of the reduction. the SBM turns the brake light on when it detects a decrease in speed even if you're not touching the brakes. It's commonly used on a variety of later model bikes along with street-ready cafe racers.

Yamaha MT 09 specs

The MT 09 featured a totally driver-centric design. It offered a comfortable riding experience whether you were taking it easy to taking an aggressive position in curve and straightaways.

The MT 09 achieved significantly less in terms of fuel economy but that wasn't a concern for most consumers who would take 44 mpg over 58 for the comfort and high performance of the in-betweener model.

The bike was powered with an 847 cc 4-stroke 3-cylinder inline, ODHC 12-valve liquid-cooled engine with fuel injection via YCC-T technology with a constant mesh transmission, chain drive, for starters.

The suspension was made up of a telescopic fork in the front with a swingarm link suspension in the rear. The front brake was a single 235 mm disc with 2x 298 mm disc in the rear. The height of the set was 32.1 inches, the wheelbase 56.7 inches, and the wet weight of the bike a slim 425 pounds.

Right out of a Ninja Film

The MT 09 looks like something that came straight out of a ninja film with a modern yet menacing aesthetic. It's a super-fast bike with a bare naked sportbike styling.

It offers an adrenaline rush to all who throw a leg over the seat and fire it up. The electric starter offers flawless ignition of the bike with immediate acceleration sounds.

Reviewers remarked at the thrill of the all-LED panel that lights up to reveal everything you'll need to know while riding in crisp and bright illumination. This is just the prep for what is to come when you hit the road. Torque in every gear guarantees a thrill and the comfortable positioning of the seat is the icing on the cake.

Final thoughts

The motorcycle that you saw in "John Wick 3" is none other than the Yamaha MT09. For around $9000, it was a steal for all that is provided.

Add a little CGI and this was one impressive machine. Place Keanu Reeves in the role of John Wick at the controls and a couple of other MT09s in the hands of potential assassins, CGI enhancement and you have a winning combination for intense excitement during the motorcycle chase scenes.

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