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The 20 Best Things to do in Reims, France

The Basilica of Saint-Remi

Sitting on the banks of the Vesle River, Reims is one of Frances most popular cities for tourists to visit. It's the capital of the Champagne region and believe it or not, the capital of gingerbread making! This historic city overflows with the culture of all things Reims, both past and present. In fact, it may benefit you to take out a Reims City Pass in order streamline your sightseeing. Once there, you'll find there are fantastic things to do in Reims, just waiting for you to experience. As some may notice, the Notre Dame Cathedral, which should be placed at number one in our list of the best things to do in Reims, is not here. Due the the tragedy which struck the cathedral, tourists are not allowed in, except for the parvis.

Parc de la Patte d'Oie Park

20. Parc de la Patte d'Oie Park

Charming and captivating, You'll truly enjoy taking a relaxing day in this park. The landscaping is artistic and designed to soothe the spirit, right down to the water features. Consider taking a bag lunch for a traditional, old-fashioned afternoon picnic with your favorite food and drink, or take a slow stroll among the trees with your favorite pastries.

World War I Tour of Northern France

19. World War I Tour of Northern France

This will really excite those who love a dash of history from time to time. Here, you and yours get to tour the very same battlefields where soldiers fought during WWI. Historical locations such the Argonne Forests will be on the list, along with a knowledgeable tour guide who will entertain you with excerpts from actual diaries kept by soldiers. You'll be taken to actual canon bunkers, campsites and trenches used by soldiers as they fought for their lives and country.

Musee Automobile Reims Champagne

18. Musee Automobile Reims Champagne

If you have around 2 hours to spare, then consider taking in this vehicle museum in Reims. This museum is pretty large, large enough to hold over 230 vehicles. Not all are cars, only about 160. The museum also plays host to 70 or so vintage motorcycles, also with pedal cars and an extensive collection of miniature vehicles, signs and posters. Visitors found the vintage cars of France particularly interesting in design as they've never been sold in the U.S.


17. SENSAS Reims

SENSAS Entertainment is an absolute must for family and friends to have a uniquely fun adventure. SENSAS has these entertainment centers in different countries as well, each with the same goal in mind: Participants learn to have fun while facing their own fears. The object is to get a group together, and solve various puzzles all under the cover of darkness, as can be seen here. SENSAS has been so successful, that businesses have taken to sending their employees there in order to engage in bonding skills.

La Couronne De Bafford Escape Room

16. La Couronne De Bafford Escape Room

La Couronne De Bafford, or Bafford's Crown, is a escape room in Reims. Escape rooms are a booming business today. At Bafford's Crown you pay around 18 to 28 Euros per person in a group of 2 to 9 people, and take 60 to 90 minutes to find your way out of the room. These rooms are extremely popular with both the local population and tourist alike. As all escape rooms carry differently themed narratives, here are some other ones you can investigate until you find a story narrative just for you: include Enigma Reims, Studio Riddle, Get Out, and Team Break Reims.

Circuit de Reims-Gueux

15. Circuit de Reims-Gueux

The Circuit de Reims-Gueux offers tourists a trip back in time, when some of the fastest cars in the world paid a visit to Reims in order to hit this track. Built in 1926, the Circuit's two long straightaways meant for fast racing, which attracted huge crowds back in the day. However, due to financial issues, the track closed, having its last Formula One in 1966. Today, the non-profit organization, Les Amis Du Circuit De Gueux, keeps the place going. A favorite of tourists, only a few sections are left to visit.


14. Escapium

Many tourists agree, that one of the best ways to experience a location for the first time is to engage in a scavenger hunt or other such organized activities. If you're heading to Reims, the hook up with Escapium, one of the foremost such companies. Here, you can engage in a scavenger hunt which takes place throughout the city of Reims, all under the guidance of a friendly and knowledgeable guide who provides you with information about the city as well as answers your questions. A great way to introduce yourself to the culture of Reims, and have some fun doing it.

Les Fêtes Johanniques, the Joan of Arc Festival

13. Les Fêtes Johanniques, the Joan of Arc Festival

For those of you planning your vacation to Reims in early June, you're in for a treat. Early June is when they celebrate the Festival of Joan of Arc. Let's just say, they go all out for this festival. They recreate an entire medieval village and pack it full of actors in period dress. craftspeople, and more. Walk around the village to get an idea of what life was like back in the day. You can even attend workshops to try your hand at some medieval crafts. The main feature of this festival is the recreation of the arrival of Joan of Arc in Reims.

Vesle Canal

12. Vesle Canal

Take some time off from museums and wine tasting, to take a humble stroll along the Vesle Canal.The city of Reims sits on this tranquil shore, one that's seen both soldiers and kings grace it's presence.This waterway has a long and deep history, and has plenty of plant life to keep you busy scoping the beauty of the landscape. In fact, it's considered a zone of 'ecological interest'. Just spending an hour or two exploring this waterway might just be enough to recharge your batteries for your next round of wine tasting events.

Champagne Day Trips

11. Champagne Day Trips

Whether you're fond of the mighty grape, or looking for a convenient and relaxing way to tour the city, you can't go wrong attending one of the Champagne Day Trips. There are many of these tours, all you need to do is find the one or one(s) that taunt your curiosity. For instance, A la Francaise has bus tours that last around 300 minutes, Sparkling Tours bus tour of 3 Champagne growers, Go Go Tours Champagne and Reims Tasting Day Trip, among others.

Reims Street Art--Zi Port Sec

10. Reims Street Art--Zi Port Sec

When looking for things to do in Reims, don't forget to investigate the Zi Port Sec. Zi Port Sec is an area within that's bursting with torrents and torrents of creative, colorful and creative street art. Zi Port Sec is located in the industrial center of Reims, which actually gives the street art a certain type of gritty richness and flavor. Due to the pandemic, many haven't been able to attend art museums and the like. As such, the number of vivid art pieces have increased, giving the residents and tourists of Reims an in depth look into the creative and talented minds of its residents.

Champagne Taittinger

9. Champagne Taittinger

Many visitors consider this a must tour of the city, whether you've relished the flavor of Taittinger wines or not. When you arrive, a knowledgeable tour guide will take you on a sojourn through their cellars. You'll learn about the history of this family and their wines. You'll be introduced to the Saint Nicaise Abbey, then your guide will take you to the Gallo Roman Crayeres. Crayers refer to the chalk caves which lie underground. As the Crayeres maintain a year round temperature of 10 degrees C, much wines are stored here. The Crayeres are 18 meters below ground, and are on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage list.

Noels de Champagne Festival

8. Noels de Champagne Festival

If you love the idea of combining a trip to Reims with Christmas, then this is the time to plan your trip. Known as their winter festival the Champagne Festival comes to you dressed in the splendor of the Holiday season! Highlights of the winter festival are the various wine tasting events offered by wineries such as Moet and Chandon, Pommery, and more.

Fort de la Musee Pompelle

7. Fort de la Musee Pompelle

Fort de la Musee Pompelle is a well-cared for and curated museum dedicated to the First World War. Though small, its collection does not disappoint, as it's filled with memorabilia such as weapons, helmets, artillery and so on. Designed and constructed after the Franco-Prussian war to protect the city of Reims from German attacking forces, the fort went through a much needed renovation to make it suitable for tourists. When you visit this fort, you'll be witness to battles past as it shows the after effects of enemy attacks.

Place Drouet-D'Erlon

6. Place Drouet-D'Erlon

Also known as Erlon Square, this area is of central importance to the city of Reims and its citizens. A beautiful place, it's only used for outdoor events. Named after Count Jean-Baptiste Drouet d'Erlon, whose memory is solidified among the people via a beautifully crafted statue. Visitors are welcomed by the gorgeous Sube Fountain when they enter the square. This fountain of a strong woman is considered the symbol of Reims.

Reims Planetarium

5. Reims Planetarium

Not everything in Reims revolves around Champagne Houses and history. Besides the excitement offered by la Kaberet and local urban art, Reims also has a state-of-the-art Planetarium. The Reims Planetarium is host to some of the best tech in the region when it comes to discovering the night sky. It's modern projector recreates the universe on a dome shaped screen, where you can relax and be amazed at its complexity and beauty. The Reims Planetarium plays host to a variety of exhibits as well as experts, willing to assist you in understanding the universe we inhabit.

Musee des Beaux

4. Musee des Beaux

Musee des Beaux Arts stands for Museum of Fine Arts, and tourists looking into experiencing some of the most fabulous collections would surely wish to attend. The halls are filled to the brim with art pieces ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary art. The museum isn't very large, so you should be able to clear it within a few hours. Current exhibitions include "To Death, To Life, Vanities Past and Present", Gigapixel--Photographs in Ultra HD and more.

Le Kabaret

3. Le Kabaret

Le Kabaret Champagne, located in Reims is thought of as one of the absolute best caberet and dinner shows in all of France. Basically, Le Kabaret Champagne is a place for tourists to grab a delicious meal and be entertained by some fabulous talent. Each caberet is filled with special effects, magicians, singing, dancing, you name it, they probably have it. So stop by and let the Kabaret 'K' Girls entertain you, dazzle you and provide you and yours some of the best memories in Reims. But don't stop there, plan on visiting the other entertainment venues in Reims, such as La Comedie and La Cartonnerie.

The Palace of Tau

2. The Palace of Tau

Definitely a place for history buffs to visit, the Palace of Tau's connection with the development of France over the years cannot be denied. Before a member of royalty's coronation, this is the palace where they'd stay. Once the coronation was finished, they'd return to the Palace of Tau for a ceremonial dinner.Once here, visitors can view certain artifacts such as the Talisman of Charlemagne, Items of interest include the Holy Ampulla, the talisman of Charlemagne, Charles X coronation coat, and the Chalice of Saint-Remi. Worth the trip, this site is certified by UNESCO as a historical site.

The Basilica of Saint-Remi

1. The Basilica of Saint-Remi

When you see this church, you'll be in awe at the outstanding craftsmanship and care that went into its construction. One of the oldest and finest churches in northern France, it houses the tomb of St. Remi. Although it suffered intense damage during WWI, it was restored to its former glory. In 1991 the cathedral became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and entertains around one million tourists each year.

Final Thoughts

When you set foot in Reims for the very first time, you may find yourself experiencing the beauty of the architecture, art, and people of this historic city, at an emotional level. Once situated, you'll be able to center yourself on the richness of its history and contemporary culture. There are plenty of things to do in Reims, so much so that you'll need to be sure to keep yourself well rested during your stay. By experiencing its various theaters, champagne house tours, museums, parks and squares, you'll walk away from this magical place satisfied with time well spent. By the way, don't forget to immerse yourself in the various local eateries and pubs while there.

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