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10 Things You Didn't Know About Russell Glass

Russell glass

Russell Glass is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has found success in his recent business venture. He is the chief executive officer of a company called Ginger. It's a mental health company that provides services for clients on-demand. The company has thrived during the recent COVID pandemic and has achieved outstanding success. Mr. Glass has achieved a remarkable level of success in his career. If you're not yet familiar with him, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Russell Glass.

1. Russell Glass is also the owner of Ginger

According to his LinkedIn profile, in addition to being the leader of Ginger, Glass is also the founder of the company. He launched Ginger in September of 2018. The startup is just approaching its third year in business. He has a talent for providing top-notch leadership for new companies that are just getting off the ground.

2. He is an engineer

Russell Glass attended Mountain Lakes High School from 1990 through 1994. Upon graduating from high school, he immediately enrolled in college courses. He was accepted into the BSE program in mechanical engineering and economics at the prestigious Duke University. He started his program in 1994. Russell Graduated with his bachelor of science in engineering in 1998. During his time at Duke, he was actively involved with the Sigma Nu Fraternity.

3. Glass began as a computer software engineer

The first job that Russell landed after college was at a computer software company called Trilogy. The company was located in Austin, Texas. He was hired as a computer software engineer in May of 1998. He remained employed with the company for one year and one month before leaving in May of 1999, to pursue other career interests.

4. Russell was a serial entrepreneur

In addition to founding Ginger, Mr. Glass has launched other companies as well. In May of 1999, he established a company called the AGEA Corporation. He remained as founder and CEO of the startup for 3 years and 8 months before leaving to pursue other interests in December of 2002. This was a wireless middleware and messaging software company that was acquired by Avalon Digital Marketing Systems. He also founded a company called Bizo, Inc in May of 2008. He served as founder and CEO of this B2B marketing and data platform until August of 2014 when the business was acquired by LinkedIn. Mr. Glass was with Bizo, Inc for 6 years and 4 months after successfully leading its more than 150 employees to achieve a more than $50 million revenue run rate.

5. He stayed on with Avalon Digital Marketing

After Avalon Digital Marketing acquired the AGEA Corporation, Mr. Glass remained with the business for a time to help the parent company make the necessary transitions. He served as the vice president of enterprise solutions with Avalon Digital Marketing from January 2003 through September 2003. He left after 9 months to move on to other professional pursuits.

6. He worked for LinkedIn after selling them his company

We see that Russell Glass had developed a career pattern that worked very well for him. He would establish a successful startup build it up, then sell it to a new parent company, making a tidy profit. Just as with the AGEA Corporation, he also stayed with LinkedIn for some time after the company acquired Bizo, Inc. He stayed on with LinkedIn as the vice president of products from August 2014 through June 2017. After 2 years and 11 months, he left the company with its headquarters in San Francisco, California to once again move on to other business endeavors.

7. Russell Glass serves on multiple boards of directors

Russell Glass is a seasoned professional with years of leadership and other business experience. He is highly respected in his niche in the business world. As such, his opinions are desired by others who are building up their startups. He serves on multiple boards of directors in various capacities, but mainly as an advisor. He's been an advisor for Reforge from 2017 to the present. He is a board member for Rock the Vote from 2018 to the present. He joined the Breakthrough Collaborative organization as a board trustee from September 2019 to the present. He is on the board of directors for CollegeSolved from March 2011 to the present. He joined the board of Vendor Registry in January 2017 through December of 2020, helping to guide the strategy and business direction of the organization located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

8. He is also an investor

Russell is also an angel investor. According to Crunchbase, he invested in a company called Siftery on February 2, 2016. The investment of an undisclosed amount was made in a seed round of venture capital fundraising. The startup was valued at $4 million at the time that the investment was made.

9. Russell Glass works two jobs

We also learned that Mr. Glass is a busy man who wears many different hats. He serves on multiple boards of directors, but he also has two full-time executive leadership positions. He still works at LinkedIn as the head of products, marketing solutions. He also works a the chief executive officer at Ginger. He is good at multi-tasking and doing an exceptional job at bother.

10. Russell Glass is a solid role model

Russell Glass is a professional businessman to keep your eye on. If you're a new entrepreneur and you're looking for strategies for success, he is a good role model to consider. He started by completing his education, then he used his talents to launch his own very successful companies. After selling his businesses, he stayed on with the parent companies to help them get established and transition to new leadership. He has made a habit of launching and growing companies, then selling them for an undisclosed amount of money, at a profit. He does have a natural talent for launching new startups, but he has been consistent in applying his formula for success.

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