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The Five Best Steakhouses in Nashville, TN


When you're in the mood for a steak that is cooked to your specifications, not just any restaurant will do. Nashville, Tennessee is a city that offers some of the finest steakhouses in the nation. Many folks might think to head over the Memphis for quality meats but we think that Nashville holds up just fine.  In case you are wondering where to whet that palette, here are our recommendations for the top 5 best steakhouses in the city.

1. Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse

This venue is located at 300 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN. The high end steakhouse was founded in 1981, thanks to the collaboration of several professional athletes from Cincinnati. Jeff Ruby's parents were restaurant owners on the Jersey Shore. He learned the business early in life and perpetuates the family tradition through his own chain. Jeff Ruby's is an award winning steakhouse ranked high on the list by USA Today, Food Network, Zagat and Wine Spectator because of its total commitment to serving the finest food with excellence in service and a unique dining experience. Enjoy award-winning U.S.D.A. Prime Steaks, Seafood & Sushi, desserts, and choose from their wine and spirits list. Their Classic Steak Tartare is served with Capers, Grain Mustard, Arugula, Truffle and Shaved Bread, and serves as just one of the many examples of their offerings. They also include a cigar menu, available after the meal. Choose from a variety of steak offerings or seafood. If you're in Nashville and are in the mood for one of the best steaks in town, we highly recommend Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse.

2. Bob's Steak & Chop House - Nashville

You'll find Bob's Steak & Chop House at 250 5th Ave S, in Nashville, TN, but you should make reservations if you want to be guaranteed a fine meal there because of its high demand. Their steaks are all prime and they don't mess around with tiny entrees. They have earned a reputation for serving large portions, and if you have a drink with your dinner, they're known for being on the stiff side. This is truly one of the best steak houses in Nashville, as well as through other areas throughout the nation. They offer the best cuts of meat available, a simple and elegant atmosphere and a wide variety of prime steaks, chops and seafood. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable and you feel comfortable from the minute that you walk through the door. Every customer is served with their famous pickles, and the first item to arrive at your table is a fresh hot loaf of bread to start your dining experience while you choose from the ample menu offerings. The restaurant serves prime filets with extra marbling for enhanced flavor, that are served with their glazed carrots and your choice of the type of potato. Choose from a variety of appetizers including sauteed mushrooms, a large platter of hand battered onion rings or fresh creamed spinach. If you make a selection from their extensive wine list, you'll be served a full 8 ounce glass. Their wines are award winning, but you won't want to forget the dessert. Their brownie sundae is served with a large scoop of triple chocolate ice cream and other decadent toppings. Come with a hearty appetite because the servings are large.

3. Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is located at 2525 W End Ave in Nashville, TN. If you're looking for fine dining on the West end of town, this is one of the most highly recommended venues in the area, found just across from Centennial Park in front of Vanderbilt Stadium. If you're catching a game, it's the perfect way to start or end your evening. The famous Prime steakhouse offers an exceptional menu that features USDA prime steaks, cooked to perfection, along with a hearty menu offering of seafood dishes. They are well known for their Dry Aged Prime Ribeye steak. The restaurant has been updated recently so if you haven't been there for a while, we recommend checking out their new look, while enjoying their chef recommended selections, along with a glass of wine from their collection of 100 wines sold by the glass. Make sure to call ahead for reservations though.

4. Kayne Prime

You'll find Kayne Prime at 1103 McGavock St, in Nashville, TN. This is our top pick for food connoisseurs who are looking for a progressive dining experience. The restaurant offers an artful fusion of chef plus chic in a combined boutique restaurant that happens to be one of the greatest American steakhouses in the nation. They offer a stylish design with fine cuisine, an exceptional wine list and the most skilled mixology offerings for their spirits offerings. Kayne Prime features award winning steaks, farm to table menu creations for tasty dishes with a rustic atmosphere featuring an interior that is a combined rustic and modern decor with rich leathers, sleek woods and walls made of reclaimed railroad ties. Guests enjoy an amazing view highlighting the historic train yards, the downtown Nashville skyline and Union Station.

5. Old Hickory Steakhouse

The Old Hickory Steakhouse is located at 2800 Opryland Drive near the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. They have well earned their excellent reputation for serving exceptional dinner meals and for being open for late night diners. The upscale restaurant offers menu options in the $25 - $80 price range, but you'll need to make reservations. Their menu is designed to meet the needs and preferences of most diners with vegetarian friendly and gluten free offerings in addition to their amazing steaks. Private dining is available with valet parking available. They are family friendly with highchairs available, wheelchair access, free Wifi and a host of amenities. The dining area offers exceptional scenic views, and they also offer a full bar that serves alcohol. It's the ideal restaurant for business meetings, romantic dinners, special occasions, small or large groups.

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