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What Does Salma Hayek Do for Charity?

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While you know her from blockbuster roles and being a graceful image in the movie industry over the last three decades, Salma Hayek is an active donor in the community and even the world.

This well-known actress has generated a significant income over the many years since she got her start decades ago and opened the door for Mexican-American women.

With a current net worth of $200 million, she also likes to give back to the communities where she lives, those she grew up in, and also on an international basis.

Salma Hayek Foundation

In the beginning, the Salma Hayek Foundation had a centralized focus on raising awareness and providing resources for women who were beaten, abused, and needed to get out of that situation.

In more recent years, because of the success of the foundation, it has been able to extend resources to Mexico where children with disadvantages are able to get the education they need and help from drugs and undesirable situations.

While she makes personal donations to her foundation, she also advocates her mission and has charitable donations provided from other Hollywood stars. You can find Salma Hayek working directly with her foundation both in America and in Mexico.

Equality Now

One of the main missions behind the Salma Hayek charity is to provide equal opportunities for women and young girls so that they do not have the same hardships that she had to face as she worked her way through Hollywood.

 Equality Now is an organization that offers resources to women and young girls in all cultures. Experiencing this second-class citizenship in her own culture and then finding it in Hollywood in the 1990s inspired Salma Hayek to assist with breaking these chains.

Salma Hayek has donated an undisclosed amount of funds to this organization annually, with it estimated to be millions currently. She has also advocated and used her platform to bring insight into the injustices women experience daily.

American Foundation for AIDS Research

One of the leading organizations in the country for combating AIDS is the American Foundation for AIDS Research. This organization seeks out new treatments and continues searching for a cure for AIDS so that those living with AIDS can have a better quality of life.

They host several fundraisers each year with large Hollywood celebrities, including Salma Hayek, to donate and help raise awareness for the organization.

Global Green

Working to preserve the Earth's resources and provide a fulfilling planet for future generations is essential to the Global Green mission.

Since 1994, there has been a need to preserve ecosystems, and trees and reduce the excessive pollution that is happening across the world. For Salma Hayek and other celebrities, this mission is essential and is only possible with the help of those who have such a large platform.

Over the years, Salma Hayek charity has donated thousands of dollars to programs for rebuilding ecosystems. She has also taken advantage of speaking on behalf of their mission and sharing with her fans on social media.

Love Our Children USA

Many children in the United States suffer from neglect and abuse in communities everywhere. With the help of Love Our Children USA, parents are given resources and courses to help guide them to positive parenting so that they can eliminate any destructive behavior before it begins or before it gets worse for these children.

Salma Hayek has announced over the years that protecting our children is one of her personal passions, which is why the Salma Hayek charity has been assisting with funding this organization and providing resources in areas where they may be harder to get.


In another attempt to help with the world's conservation efforts, the Salma Hayek charity has also extended donations to Oceana as they continue their work to protect the oceans, keeping them clean and maintaining fish populations around the world.

By restoring and maintaining these populations, the world could have essential seafood to keep them fed and have a great resource for food for many years to come.

This organization is active in both the US and Mexico, benefiting both countries that Salma Hayek advocates for regularly.

Pampers 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine and UNICEF

In 2019, Salma Hayek was the spokesperson for the Pampers 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine campaign that was a part of UNICEF. This campaign has been in existence since 2006, allowing UNICEF to provide the essential Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) Vaccine so that they can have healthy pregnancies and babies.

This has helped new mothers and newborns around the world. Not only did she sign on as the spokesperson, but she also pushed the campaign on her social media and has still continued that to date because of the benefits it provides to women around the world.

Salma Hayek has been an advocate for UNICEF since she became a mother in her own right. While out on a trip to Sierra Leone in 2008, she donated her own breast milk to a local mother to feed her starving baby.

She has made sure to give back her time and resources instead of a check to this organization and the women she has encountered along the way.

Legacy of Hope Foundation

Another organization that tugs at Salma Hayek's heartstrings is the Legacy of Hope Foundation. For the orphans of Honduras, finding a loving family to foster them is a dream that is fulfilled through this organization. 

Salma Hayek charity has proudly partnered with the Legacy of Hope, providing resources that they needed to help pair these orphans with the right families and give them better lives.


Because finding a cure for AIDS is important to Salma Hayek, she has shown support for mothers2mothers. The mission of focusing on pregnant women and new mothers in Africa who are positive for HIV is important for her charity.

She has donated thousands of dollars to help ensure these women have the resources they need moving forward for a healthy pregnancy.

Moving Forward

Since becoming a mother, Salma Hayek has worked to donate her time, resources, and the money she has earned giving back to women and children across the world.

Personally, she wants to see mothers and children thrive and have the resources they need to be healthy and safe throughout their lifetime.

As Salma Hayek's net worth starts to grow, you can expect to see her continue giving back and finding more local charities to help with resources and time. She is one of the most generous women in Hollywood and has raised the bar on charity for those who come next.

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