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How Asmongold Achieved a Net Worth of $3 Million

Asmongold is proof that you can make a fortune streaming on Twitch. The social media gaming sensation has accumulated a net worth that is estimated to be $3 million. He's found a way to get rich doing something that he loves and this is the hope and dream of many who enter the arena, but how did he do it? We looked into his life and career for some better insights.

His early years

Asmongold, who's real name is Zack is a Twitch streamer who became popular for playing the video game "World of Warcraft" and streaming it for his audience. What we know about Zack is that he is an American who was born in 1991 in Austin, Texas. He is best known to his audiences for streaming his gameplay on "World of Warcraft" and "Dark Souls" He's been active on Twitch since 2014 and he has accumulated more than 1,330,000 followers on the site.

He shares his secret of success

Asmongold was asked how he became such a huge success. While many believe that he's put a lot of time and effort into making his fortune, according to Zack, this isn't the case at all. When Zack is streaming his gameplay and talking to his internet audiences, his goals are to entertain people and to educate them about the game he's talking about. He's a guy who is truly following his passion and doing what he loves and then sharing it with the world. He understands a lot of the technical stuff about the games and when he gives his perspective, he does it in plain language and in a straightforward manner. Zack shared that anyone who wants to be successful needs to just be themselves because that is all that he's done.

Zack wasn't seeking wealth

When Asmongold started streaming, he stated that he wasn't even thinking about how to build an empire. He wasn't concerned about the size of his following or how to get more people to watch. He was all about having a good time and making sure that everyone who was watching him also had a good time. When it comes to content, he simply wants it to be as enjoyable as possible for everyone and he likes doing it. He did say that he is thankful for everyone who tunes in to watch him. Zack plays a lot of other video games but he shared that his favorite is "World of Warcraft."

How he chose his gamer tag

Zack doesn't talk much about how he chose his gamer tag because he's more about playing the game and having some deep discussions about that, but when pushed to explain, he gave in and fessed up. It goes back to when he was a young boy of just six or seven years old. He chose a code name when playing with friends and it happened to be Asmongold. Years later when he had to choose a gamer tag, he was searching through the available names and most of the ones he liked was already taken, so he defaulted back to Asmongold and that is the story of how he came to adopt the gamer tag.

His first encounter with WOW

Asmongold actually started playing "World of Warcraft" for the first time in 2006. He had years of experience before he began streaming. The Warrior class is his favorite. He began streaming in 2011 but lists his active date on Twitch as 2014. Since he first started Zack, under his gamer tag Asmongold has gained more than 1 million followers as well as more than 110 million views. The highest number of viewers that he has had at his peak was 98,500 on a stream with an average of 22,000 viewers per stream.

How he makes his income

Asmongold is attractive to Twitch and its affiliates and partners because of the high numbers of viewers that he brings in for each stream. Zack, along with other streamers who have monetized their sites generates revenue through a few different avenues. One of them is through subscriptions. There is a charge of $4.99 for one of the subscription tiers and Zack has more than 18,000 active subscribers. Twitch takes a cut of 50% so he gets the remaining amount that is close to $2.50 per subscriber, which amounts to a hefty $45,000 per month. It's over a half-a-million a year. This is just one of the income streams that he enjoys from his Twitch streams.

Other sources of revenue

There are a lot of different features associated with high-volume streaming. One of them is the Cheering feature. It costs fans about 1.4 cents to create a "cheer" and viewers can leave tips for their favorite streamers by clicking on the appropriate cheer, which is the same as a pledge. Viewers can give amounts of 1.4 cents through $140 with the Cheer 10000 emoticon and there have been plenty of these sent to Zack. Viewers can also use their Paypal accounts as well as bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum cryptocurrencies to make donations to their favorite streamers. Asmongold has received his share of donations from viewers as well.


Asmongold has earned a small fortune by simply being himself and doing what he loves to do. He is a hard-core gamer with a fascination for "World of Warcraft" and a talent for playing the game. He shares his expertise in the game with some detailed information that is helpful for others who try to conquer some difficult levels of the game, and he has fun while he's doing it. Asmongold is funny and entertaining, but his streams are also helpful for those in the gaming community who appreciate his contributions. He has become a wealthy streamer even though that wasn't his end goal.

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