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A Closer Look at Belassi's New 320 HP ‘Hypercraft’ Jet Ski

Belassi's New 320 HP ‘Hypercraft’ Jet Ski

Decades ago, the term watersports was usually restricted to a visit to the local beach, lake, or backyard pool. Today, watersports encompass a plethora of recreational activities from swimming to boating competitions. One such activity involves riding jet ski's. Part speedboat and part motorcycle, this hybrid of the sea allows the rider to straddle its back as it voraciously takes on the waves. However, while most jet ski's are built for family fun and entertainment, there is one brand that is built for the those with adventurous souls, those who desire to attack the water, not just simply play on it, and that is the ultimate marine hypercraft, the Belassi new 320 HP ‘hypercraft’ jet ski, the Burrasca.

The Ferrari Among Watercrafts

So unique and special is the Burrasca, that Youtube content creator, Daniel Abt calls it the "Ferrari among the watercraft". Indeed, the Burrasca is not a simple play toy. It's designed to assault the waters, not calm them. This Belassi new 320 HP ‘hypercraft’ jet ski was designed and developed at the Belassi factory located in lower Austria. In fact, this is the only location where the Burrasca is made. According to Belassi's Head of Marketing and Sales Waldemar Pochhacker, “All our know-how gathered in one location to develop the best possible product." (

As you can see, everything on this two-person hypercraft has been designed by the engineers at Belassi. In other words, while some brands may outsource engine technology from another maker, Belassi does not. Everything from the sleek and glossy carbon fiber body to the direct drive propulsion system has been designed and assembled by their own in-house staff of creatives based on riders feedback. All in all, each Burrasca takes around 100 man hours to build, from 2000 individual parts.

Belassi is well aware of the competition when it comes to jet ski's. Otherwise known as personal watercraft, or PWC, jet skis were first introduced to the public in the 1950's. To be exact, the term "jet ski" was actually coined by the Kawasaki corporation. However, the term soon became a generic one, encompassing all brands of personal watercrafts. When Belassi took to designing their own personal watercraft for recreational use, it made sure that the end product would be one without equal, and that's just what the Burrasca is. Now that we know the type of animal this beast of the sea is, let's take a closer look at what makes it so special.

Two Displays Equal Better Control

The first items on our list are the display panels. Whereas other jet ski's have one basic display panel, the Burrasca gives you two. The first display panel is on the Burrasca dashboard. This user friendly digital cockpit has a built-in GPS sensor which alerts the rider regarding position and speed of the craft. Checking the oil pressure, engine and fuel is made super easy with brightly lit indicator lights. When you look at the cockpit, you'll notice that there's not one thing the Belassi engineers missed. The second dash display comes with a large compass screen, g-meter, and system status indicators.

Superior Handling and Ergonomics

You'd expect a personal watercraft with this much power and punch to be designed to provide the rider with a superior handling experience, and you'd be right. First and foremost is the spacing for the riders leg placement. Unlike their competition, the Burrasca places the riders legs close together, making the Burrasca ride more like a motorcycle than a common jet ski. This affords the rider exceptional comfort and control. Further control is courtesy of its large traction mats. These foot mats are textured to ensure you get a solid grip during your ride. As for the saddle, it's an ergonomically designed sport seat made made with durable foam and upholstery designed to provide you with comfortable, long rides. When it comes to steering, you get a 3K carbon handlebar with conveniently placed buttons to make going in reverse quick and easy. The steering shaft is constructed of high quality aluminum, as are the throttle and brake by wire.

Marine Power Unit MPU 320 Engine

When you lift the hood to view the engine, one of the first things you'll notice is the large space employed by Belassi for the engine placement. This was done to provide extra space for specialists to have room enough to make repairs if necessary. The engine itself is a thing of beauty. As previously stated, it's assembled by hand at their Austrian factory. The engine is a Marine Power Unit MPU 320, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke, 320 HP engine, with a displacement of 1602 cc. Features include a turbocharged intake system and multi-point fuel injection, a water cooled exhaust system, and a open loop cooling system. When it comes to speed and acceleration, the Burrasca is unmatched as it's goes from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds, with a top speed of 74 miles per hour.

Receiver of the Prestigious Red Dot Award

In 2021, Belassi won the prestigious Red Dot Award for its design of the Burrasca. The Red Dot Award is an exceptional prize, for it indicates excellence in precision design and craftsmanship. When a company is considered for this award, they must meet the following criteria: Seduction, function, use, and responsibility. The fact that the Belassi design team achieved such an honor cannot be underestimated, and remains another reason why aficionados of adventure and sport should select the Burrasca. Indomitable, dashing with a hint of defiance, the Burrasca build illustrates the best in handcrafted design and purpose.

Final Thoughts

The Burrasca exudes sophistication. Everything from its superior handing to meticulous craftsmanship signals the utmost in personal watercraft design. When it smacks down on the water, the rider is immediately immersed in a world of adventure, exhilaration and speed. The Burrasca is specifically designed for riders who elect to dominate the waves, not be carried along by them. As for price, getting your hands on one of these will cost you a pretty penny, $59,300 in fact. Currently only available in Europe and Asia it is hoped the Burrasca will make it's way to the states soon. One final word of advice, as with all recreational vehicles, this Belassi new 320 HP ‘hypercraft’ jet ski is subject to local regulations. These regulations will depend on whatever region you plan on riding it, and generally involve safety gear. So remember to read up on the regs before you hit the water.

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