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20 Things You Didn't Know About CoachHub

Digital Coaching

Today's post-pandemic world is presenting many challenges to businesses from employee retention to stemming the tide of employee gaslighting. When it comes right down to it, traditional training classes just can't cut it. Enter CoachHub. CoachHub offers managers and employees digital coaching to help create a vibrant, fluid and diverse workforce, while bringing out the best in each coachee. With their vision of the democratization of coaching world wide, and belief in each coachee being themselves and having a voice, CoachHub is quickly becoming the world leader in digital coaching. .

20 Things You Didn't Know About CoachHub

CoachHub improves an organizations management and employee relations via digital coaching. One of the benefits of digital coaching is that the coachee receives an outlook from someone who's on the outside looking in, so to speak. and that's just what Vincent G. from Media Streaming in Berlin found out, "It’s great to get an outside perspective on certain problems, and it’s sometimes helpful to ask someone who’s not your direct manager for advice.” Digital coaching is on-demand and that coupled with CoachHubs content rich CoachHub Academy means that no coachee is ever without some form of work/career support.

1. CoachHub Uses Trees to Celebrate Their Coachee's

CoachHub truly values those who receive their coaching. To celebrate their coachees, CoachHub teamed up with Ecosia. Ecosia is a search engine based in Germany that gives away 100 percent of its profits to groups which are involved in planting trees. As such, CoachHub uses Ecosia to plant a tree for coachee's that participate in their digital coaching platform. To learnb more about Ecosia and how you can help populate the world with much needed trees, visit their site.

2. CoachHub has a Dedicated Science Council

CoachHub created its own Science Council to help transform valid research results into data that's designed to zero in on raising the potential of individuals within your business. Members of their Science Council come from all over the world. This diverse stable of educators and other such specialists are determined to assist business owners create star staff members. Included in this Science Council are psychologists, researchers, writers, executive coaches and more.

3. CoachHub Places Science at the Center of Their Platform

CoachHubs coaching methodology is based on the work of some of the world's leading experts in the fields of science and business. By doing so, they left no stone unturned when it comes to utilizing the most recent scientific data as they come up with the best business solutions available. Specialists in both behavioral and positive psychology perform research and collate data in order to create solid, effective and attainable solutions.

4. CoachHub Practices Holistic Business Coaching

CoachHub practices holistic business coaching. Just what is holistic business coaching? In general, it refers to the fact that an individuals personal growth influence their leadership qualities in a positive manner. According to CoachHub, "Only those who grow continuously as individuals can effectively inspire others". In other words, the greater the personal growth, the greater the chance of success in the corporate world.

5. CoachHub Believes Empowerment is a Key to Corporate Success

One of the main principles behind CoachHubs coaching methodology is the concept of empowerment and how it contributes to corporate success. Central to the concept of empowerment is responsibility. Once you show your trust in your employees ability and show it by giving them responsibilities, you're one step closer to creating a positive, stable workforce through delegation, appreciation and collaboration. The act of delegating promotes individuals to seek out solution to issues independently, while showing appreciation for their efforts enhances trust. When people collaborate among themselves, knowledge is shared, to the benefit of all involved.

6. CoachHub Launches Their Own Digital Coaching Institute

The Digital Coaching Institute, or DCI exists to provide CoachHubs coaches with the resources they need, when they need them. In other words, CoachHub doesn't believe that their coaches will flourish in a static environment. On the contrary, CoachHubs coaching staff thrives in a dynamic environment. Here, coaches receive valuable input based on the most recent research data available to assist them to develop and maintain the high standards of professionalism that CoachHub requires. According to Professor Jonathan Passmore, “This initiative sets the standard for our industry, demonstrating our commitment to our coaches’ development, to our clients and to the wider coaching community.”

7. CoachHub Global Expansion Continues with Amsterdam

In February 2021, CoachHub added Amsterdam to its list of global locations. In keeping with CoachHubs desire to transform coaching into a democratic entity where coaching decisions are made via democratic means. all that is required is required for a company to receive coaching is internet access and employees and they're good to go. Amsterdam is part of the Benelux market which includes countries from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. One of CoachHubs earliest investors, Jeroen Arts stated, "I strongly believe in the power of coaching to help employees create their best selves in their private and professional life and cannot wait to further observe CoachHub’s development.”

8. CoachHub Teams up with EMCC Global

EMCC Global sets the standards for the global coaching industry. This professional organization ensures that members retain their best practices by granting accreditation to those coaching organizations which promote inclusivity, diversity and overall ethical behavior. The agreement with EMCC Global is currently set for 5 years. During this time both parties will work to raise the bar when it comes to coaching.

9. CoachHub Teams up with Lacoste

Chances are good that you've come across the Lacoste symbol before. This time honored brand has over 1,200 stores worldwide. Lacoste found they were in need of an increase in interdisciplinary communication among their top managers. This involved taking the concept of collective intelligence and using it to improve the quality of performance among those top managers and how it leads to corporate success. In the end, after participating in the program for 6 months Lacoste found that these managers altered their work behaviors significantly as they learned from one another while developing positive work relationships with one another.

10. CoachHub Launches a Science Council

One of CoachHubs goals is the global democratization of the coaching industry. As such, November 2021 saw them announce the addition of their very own Science Council. The Science Council is comprised of a group of 12 international coaching experts who are dedicated to center on diversity and inclusivity. By doing so they assist companies in devoting energy to upskilling in-house employees rather than hiring new ones. According to Professor Jonathan Passmore, "“The launch of this impressive council will further bolster CoachHub’s leading science-based approach to coaching employees and improving employee engagement, productivity, as well as retaining top talent."

11. CoachHub Believes in the Return of Investment of Digital Coaching

The Return of Investment or ROI of digital coaching refers to the high rate of success returned for the money spent on coaching. According to CoachHubs stats, the ROI is around 37 percent to 560 percent. Areas touched by coaching include: Employee retention, employee well-being, skill sets and talent development. Employee turnover decreases while productivity increases.

12. CoachHub teams with Nexans

Nexans went to CoachHub in an attempt to correct the fact that only 15 percent of their top 100 managers were women. In order to promote gender diversity at Nexans, they instituted the WIN initiative. WIN stands for Women in Nexans, where women formed a network, developed a leadership pipeline and created an inclusive climate for women. CoachHub helped the women of Nexans by digitally connecting to participants and supporting them throughout the process. CoachHub was able to provide the women of the WIN Initiative the support they needed on their leadership journey.

13. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and "Be You"!

"Be You" is the mantra at CoachHub. By empowering individuals to seek out their true selves and creating an inclusive environment ensures that people will have a voice. CoachHub believes that all employees, no matter what their company status deserve dedicated coaching. It is the goal of CoachHub to put their mantra of "Be You" to work for any and all employees no matter where in the world they reside. The uniqueness of the individual enriches the entire environment.

14. CoachHub Takes a Stand Against Workplace Gaslighting

Gaslighting at the workplace can be detrimental to the victim and company as well. In order to protect employees from tormenters in the workplace, CoachHub works with managers in identifying the problem and working out a solution via their personal, digital coaching methods. Digital coaches work with employees who are targeted, helping them deal with their tormenters. Personal coaches also work with management with workable suggestions to help them deal with the issue.

15. CoachHub Acquires Klaiton's Coaching Division

In February, 2022 CoachHub acquired Klaiton's coaching division. Klaiton is a consulting firm in Austria. Their online coaching program was outstanding, so CoachHub scored a big win when they acquired it for their company. Not only that, but Klaiton's coaching program had made great inroads in the Austrian market, which automatically transferred to CoachHub. All in all a great move for CoachHub.

16. CoachHub Acquires French Coaching Organization MoovOne

2021 saw the acquisition of MoovOne, a digital coaching organization centered in France. As each company has their own specific strengths, blending these strengths into one cohesive working model means customers will receive the absolute best solutions for their particular issues. Also, this acquisition helps CoachHub to expand their market reach in Europe, much like the acquisition of Klaiton's coaching platform.

17. CoachHub Introduces It's Own Coaching Academy

In February, 2022 CoachHub announced the launch of its very own coaching academy. The CoachHub Academy is a content library which holds a vast amount of knowledge designed to assist coaches and coachees in obtaining up-to-date data relevant to their situation. This means that coachees have the opportunity to work independently from their assigned coaches by doing their own research on their own time.

18. CEO Yannis Niebelschuetz's Own Experience with a Business Coach Influenced His Decision to Form CoachHub

CoachHub founder and CEO Yannis Niebelschuetz described his inspiration for CoachHub. Once he left university and hit the real world, Yannis realized that text book knowledge needed to be augmented with practical business experience. As a result, both he and his brother decided to hire a business coach. This coach left a measurable impact, so much so that Yannis was put on a journey whose destination would be CoachHub.

19. CoachHub Helps SoundCloud

Knowing that digital coaching techniques provide a higher return on investment for companies than old-fashioned, traditional training courses, SoundCloud decided to reach out to CoachHub for additional help in developing their workforce.The digital coaching offered by CoachHub can be adapted to any of SoundClouds international sites, molded to their cultural needs. Thus, the flexibility of CoachHubs coaching techniques for both management and staff ensures the best for all involved. In the end, SoundCloud found CoachHubs methods to be successful.

20. In 2020 CoachHub was named one of LinkedIn's Top 10 Startups

Established in 2018 in Berlin, CoachHub is still a pretty young company. So when LinkedIn announced the list of their Top 10 Startups for 2020, CoachHub was right there on the list. They were also the youngest company among all 10 startups, now that says something about their work ethics, direction and goals. In today's post pandemic world, worker retention is more important than ever. Digital coaching from CoachHub is designed to encourage both management and employees to reach their full potential and just "Be You"!

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