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How Draya Michele Achieved a Net Worth of $600 Thousand

Draya Michele

Andraya Michele Howard, popularly known by her stage name Draya Michele is a model and reality TV star with a net worth of $600,000. As a renowned actress and model, she has been featured on the covers of several magazines and editorial posts. She is also a cast member of the new VH1 reality series, Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, released after the original hit series Basketball Wives.

These two shows mainly talk about the lives of women who are either married to professional basketball players or have been in a relationship with them in the past. Michele has been featured on the spin-off series Basketball Wives: Los Angeles since its first episode. Apart from her acting and modeling career, Draya owns a clothing line known as Mint Swimwear. In this post, we will discuss Draya Michele's Net Worth of $600,000.

Who is Draya Michele?

According to News Unzip, Draya Michele is an American model, actress, fashion designer, and well-known media personality. She first came to the public's attention after the American rapper Chris Brown announced that she was her girlfriend. As a fashion designer, she owns several fashion lines, such as; Fine Ass Girls, which was launched in 2013; Mint Swimwear, which opened in 2011; and Beige & Coco, which was launched in November 2016. Michele is also a music video vixen and has worked with some celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, and many others. In her modeling career, she has appeared on the front covers of magazines like Black Men, King, Urban Ink, and Lowrider Girl.

Michele also has a successful acting career appearing in movies such as; Real Husbands of Hollywood (2013), The Perfect Match (2015), True to the Game (2017), All In (2018), and many others. She recently made headlines due to a public dispute with fellow "Basketball Wives: LA" cast member Sunday Carter. During the show, the two cast mates got involved in a massively physical encounter while on a Palm Springs Vacation, causing Carter to have a serious black eye. She began her career as a model, where she actively participated in a number of modeling events and fashion galas. She signed contracts with many recognizable magazine brands and agencies thanks to her blooming career as a model.

Early Life and Childhood

According to Famous Face wiki, Andraya Michele was born on 23rd January 1985 and brought up in Reading, Pennsylvania. Very little is known about her family, but her mother is known as Valeria Diaz. She is half Italian and Afro-American. Michele was enrolled at Reading Senior High School in her hometown and later graduated with higher education. After completing her studies, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an actor.

Michele gave birth to her first son Kniko at seventeen, whose father is still unknown to the public. Social media criticized her, and she was even called names as a bad mother for neglecting her seven-year-old son and was allegedly arrested by the local authorities. In August 2021, Michele posted a picture with her eldest son Kniko expressing how proud she was after he graduated college and appreciated him for always being there for her.


She has been rumored to date several celebrities such as; Kenyon Martin (2007), Jay-Z (2008), Paul Pierce (2009), Lil Wayne (2009), Wiz Khalifa (2010), and Chris Brown (2011). Her most recent relationship was with the cornerback player for the Dallas Cowboys Football team, Orlando Scandrick. The two fell in love and eventually got engaged in 2015. Draya then was already a young mom as she had already given birth to her first child Kniko Howard. She has four children, including; Jru Scandrick, Kniko Howard, and her twin daughters, Taylor and Tatiana. Draya started dating Orlando Scandrick while she was still featured in the series Basketball Wives LA. However, the couple was reported to have separated before getting married.


Draya Michele relocated to Los Angeles from her hometown in Pennsylvania to pursue her career as a fashion designer and model. She opened her first clothing brand, Mint Swimwear, in 2011, becoming one of the region's leading clothing lines. Michele later opened two other clothing brands; Fine Ass Girls in 2013 and Coco & Beige in 2016. She is a renowned actress featured in several movies such as Will to Love (2015), Bring Out the Lady (2016), Till Death Do Us Part (2017), We Belong Together (2018), Tales (2019), and The Fight That Never Ends (2021).

She became known to the public after featuring in some music videos with well-known music artists like Usher, The Game, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj. This helped her advertise her clothing brands and increase her customer base. Being an outstanding actress, Draya made a guest appearance for the show "The Arsenio Hall" in 2014 and was also featured in the fourth season of Basketball Wives: Los Angeles in 2015. Besides her acting career, Michele is also a model and has appeared in several magazine and editor's posts, such as Urban Ink and King.

What is the Net Worth of Draya Michele?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Draya has achieved her net worth through her successful acting career, clothing lines, and modeling career. Since making her first appearance as a cast member on Basketball Wives LA, her salary has been doubled due to her main acting role in the series. She is also active on various social platforms like Instagram, with 8 million followers, and Twitter. Most of Draya's Instagram posts get an average of 120,000 likes.

Unlike YouTube, Instagram does not pay influencers based on their number of viewers. However, Instagram influencers with plenty of followers often receive sponsorship deals where they market the brand's products. Michele has also increased her net worth by featuring in commercials, launching new products, and advertising her clothing products. In addition to her modeling career, Draya is a music video vixen and has increased her net worth by appearing in several music videos. Michele is a car enthusiast, owning various luxury cars, including Porsche, Range Rover, and Lexus.

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