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The 10 Most Expensive Bearbricks Ever Sold

Bear Bricks

Bearbricks are collectible toys produced by a Japanese company, MediCom Toy Inc. Specifically, they are plastic figurines of bears with simplified forms and pot bellies. The toys come in three main sizes: small (35mm), normal (70mm), or large (280mm). Since they are toys, you would expect them to be more popular with children, but that is not the case. American musician, Joe Hahn, considered them adult toys since they sell quickly in auctions. It is easy to dismiss these toys due to their small size, yet some people are willing to spend a fortune on them. Are you curious to find out about Bearbricks that were sold expensively? If so, here are ten of the most expensive Bearbricks ever sold.

10. Mastermind Japan 1000% Bearbrick ($3,500)

Outfits from Mastermind Japan usually look fantastic due to their gothic design. Finally, you can see the company's outfit on a Bearbrick, which happens to be this particular one. Bearbrick and Mastermind Japan collaborated in 2019, and this was the toy they debuted. The Bearbrick was bought from StockX at $3,500.

9. KAWS Dissected 1000% Bearbrick ($7,501)

KAWS is known for depicting dead toys, which are comically expressed with X marks over the eyes. Following the company's collaboration with Bearbrick, it is no surprise that this bear has an X mark on its right eye. Additionally, the Bearbick has been dissected to reveal its internal parts. If this figurine is familiar to you, you may have seen it in Drake's music video, Toosie Slide. This toy was bought from StockX through an auction at $7,501.

8. Emotionally Unavailable 1000% Bearbrick ($7,899)

Most people have considered this toy as one of the best of 2022. This figurine is transparent and has a red heart in the middle. The heart appears to be melting, perhaps to indicate the bear's level of emotional unavailability. Its heart lights up when you insert batteries in it, so it can work as a dimly lit lamp. You can also find other versions with a blue or black heart. It was lastly auctioned for $7,899 at StockX.

7. Daniel Arsham x Snarkitecture 1000% Bearbrick ($8,326)

Daniel Arsham is an American artist known for depicting decayed objects in his paintings. So if you are fond of his paintings, you may like this particular figurine since it is decayed. The bear is white with a gigantic hole in its chest. Although it has a minimalistic design, its price was adjusted to a much higher price. Initially, it was $3,678, but someone managed to buy it for $8,326 from StockX.

6. Karimoku 1000% Bearbrick ($13,000)

This particular figurine is made of walnut wood, which is not the material Medicom typically uses for its toys. The toy is wooden because Medicom teamed up with Karimoku, a Japanese wood furniture company. This Bearbrick has several horizontal lines on it, with various colors like white and black, to mention a few. According to StockX, the figurine was last bought for $13,000, yet its lowest asking price is $40,000.

5. Readymade x Mickey Mouse 1000% Bearbrick ($14,599)

People who desire a familiar character will like this Bearbrick since it is modeled after Mickey Mouse. This piece was made following a collaboration between Fragment and BAPE. They have been able to create Mickey Mouse Bearbricks, which have been able to sell well. This particular Bearbrick is different from the Mickey Mouse Bearbricks they usually make since, in this particular toy, he is dressed in a Ghillie suit. Though its selling price is $4,700 at StockX, it was auctioned for $14,599 in 2021.

4. Readymade x a Bathing Ape 1000% Bearbrick ($20,799)

Shark hoodies have been popular for some time, so you would expect this Bearbrick also to wear a shark hoodie. The unique thing about this Bearbrick's hoodie is that it is real, so it is not made out of plastic. However, that applies to this particular toy since other versions do not use a real hoodie. Even though its selling price is $11,500, someone bought it via an auction in StockX for $20,799.

3. Chanel 1000% Bearbrick ($30,000)

This toy was designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the former creative director of Chanel, in 2006. This bear resembles Coco Chanel since it is dressed in her classic outfits like the Chanel jackets and pearls. Only 1,000 of these Bearbricks were made inside Chanel boutiques, so a few of them were released into the market. Despite the rarity of this toy, it managed to sell quite well at charity auctions. The last time this toy sold was in 2019 through an auction on the StockX platform for $30,000.

2. The Contemporary Fix x Sense 1000% Stainless Steel Bearbrick ($42,575)

This figurine was made possible due to the collaboration of Japan's Sense Magazine and Kyoto's The Contemporary Fix boutique. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is quite heavy at 14kg. Its design is simple since it has no face, yet the toy manages to impress. The Bearbrick was explicitly made to celebrate Sense Magazine's ninth anniversary. The two parties only made one version of this toy, which was bought at the Contemporary Fix locations for $42,575. That means the toy is not currently available for sale.

1. Yue Minjun 'Qiu Tu' 1000% Bearbrick ($6 million)

If you are fond of Chinese contemporary art, you may have heard of Yue Minjin. According to Lanar Story, he is known for depicting people with giggly faces. It is no surprise that he depicts this bear with a laughing look. This toy was auctioned for $6 million, and it became the most expensive Bearbrick ever sold. Part of the reason may have to do with the fact that a famous artist designed it.


Collecting Bearbricks may seem unusual, but they can work as a great investment. For instance, you could purchase one for $1,000 and end up selling it for $100,000 in auctions. That is a good business move when you think about it. However, it would help if you did not consider the move as your full-time job. Let's face it; few people are willing to splash millions on a figurine. It is, however, a different case if you are collecting the toys for the sake of memorabilia.

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